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A story about the day the queen became a giantess.
It was a very cold winter, the kind Anna hated the most. She had to be on her room the whole time, because, unlike Elsa, she felt winter's cold. The fire was lit, and she was sitting by it like an old lady. She heard knocking on the door. "Come in" she said.
"Hi Sis" Elsa closed the door. Anna looked at her. How could Elsa be wearing only a dress while Anna had to be all covered in winter clothes? "I was experimenting with my frost magic and I was wondering if I could try something on you"
"You're not freezing me" Anna said.
"No, don't you worry. It's a new type of magic" Elsa replied
"New? What is it then?"
"A surprise" Elsa touched Anna's face, her hand was hot. Elsa was clearly made for cold weather.
"Come on, if you're going to experiment on me at least you could tell me what you're doing" Elsa retired her hand.
"Ok, it's hard to explain, I'm going to... Shrink you. It isn't permanent, it lasts like a week or so." Elsa waited for Anna to talk.
"How... How much. I mean, how tall I'm going to be?" Anna asked worried
"Oh, like... Shorter than my knee, kind of like the size of my foot, I think less. It depends. Ok so, ready?" Anna jumped back
"I never said yes..."
"Oh right sorry. Yes?" Anna stared at her afraid.
"Only lasts a week" she said, Elsa nodded in approval. "You are taking care of me" Elsa nodded "You won't crush me"
"Ah yes! Forgot to tell, when you're that size you become preetty strong so I couldn't crush you even if I wanted." Anna stared at Elsa and accepted. "Awesome! By the way, you're my first test subject so, don't let it go to your head" Anna was still as a statue "Now, look at me" she did, Elsa put both hands on Anna's cheeks and then on her shoulders. She suddenly felt an intense tickling all over her body. She started laughing, the tickling became more intense the more she laughed. Nearly reaching torture. After a while it stopped, she was eye level with Elsa's chest, her clothes had shrunk along with her, surprisingly. Before she could say anything, the tickling came back. This time intensified, so much she couldn't understand her sorroundings, she even became dizzy and fell to the ground. The tickling stopped, she could hear her sister talking.
"Anna? Are you ok?" looking up, she saw Elsa, her sister was simply enormous, titanic to say the least. So big Anna could hardly see her head. "Oh god, you are... Tiny. I mean, I expected you to be tiny, but this is too much. You are hardly the size of an ant! I could crush you with my little toe. Well, anyway, you'll grow back with time... I expect so." this last part she whispered. "I will lift you now, ok?"
Before she was grabbed by her sister's hand, Anna's attention was focused on Elsa's crystal shoes. Through the clear glass, her feet could be seen, white, sweaty, and with constantly wriggling toes. The way hell looked to Anna, she knew her sister very well, at least enough to know that inside that shoes, the strongest, horrid, putrid smell was being fabricated. Not only that, but the sweat, the force applied every step, everything inside that shoes meant hell for Anna, and at her size...
She was grabbed and softly left on Elsa's open palm. "Oh, you look so cute!" Anna covered her ears. "Sorry" she said lowering her voice tone. "But you are a cutie. So, how was the view from down there? No, don't answer, I can't hear you anyway. I bet I looked gorgeous, I must look like a goddess to you right now. Oh, I'll pay just to see that. By the way Anna, we're going to my room." she closed her hand, Anna's world became darkness.


"Ok Anna, since you're so little. I will have to put you somewhere safe." Elsa said opening her hand, talking to her sister, barely visible from her perspective. "I could put you in a little box, but I think you will feel more comfortable in one of my old shoes, the ground is smoother than that of a wooden box you know." Anna gulped, there was no way of telling her sister how bad that option was. "I have a pair of flats that I don't use much, don't worry, I'll get you out when you're bigger" Elsa closed her hand again. Then Anna found herself inside the shoe.
The shoe was like a building to her, she was at the heel, and the toe section seemed so far away it was barely visible. Elsa's footprint was marked on the ground, and it was gigantic. Unfortunately for her, Elsa moved the shoe, throwing her down to the toe section. There it was pure darkness, the opening seemed miles away, it was imposible to reach it at her size, perharps, when (if) she grows bigger she could reach it. Then, she felt the strong smell, the remains of Elsa wearing it in the past. It wasn't as strong as Elsa's actual foot smell, but it was strong enough, it was even mixed with the shoe's scent.
There, Anna spent an hour, but she felt she had to get out, she had enough of her sister's foot smell. So, she started to walk to the opening, another hour passed since she was able to get there. By that time she was big enough to climb it, so she did, finally getting out.
She began to look for her sister, but Elsa was nowhere to be found, until a gigantic shadow covered her whole. Elsa's shoe descended so fast, Anna couldn't even react. Her sister's shoe was over her enough to let her see Anna's representation of hell again. Only this time, closer.
The constantly moving toes, the ever sweating skin, the dust, the toejam, the grime acumulated over weeks on Elsa's foot. The years of usage those nasty pieces of glass had. Anna wondered how horrible would it be to be stuck inside one of those.
"Oh, another bug" Elsa said, stepping on her sister, grinding her foot, smilling in success. "I love stepping on these" she continued walking to her bed. Anna's pain was over, somehow she survived being crushed by her sister. She looked at her, Elsa was kicking her shoes, stretching her legs, that was her oportunity to get her attention. Anna walked to her sister, waving her hands, but Elsa couldn't see her, she screamed, but Elsa couldn't hear her, she was bigger now, but not enough, there was only one way.
She approached Elsa's feet, the smell was insane, unbereable, just horrible, she punched it, but it wasn't enough, she could see the drops of sweat going all the way from the top of her toes to the heel, there was only one thing she could do for her sister to feel it, she had to bite it. So she approached the gigantic mass of flesh, opened her mouth, closed her eyes, prepared to feel the most horrible taste on her whole life, when suddenly... *CRUSH*
"Another bug? There must be an infestation" Elsa said grinding her foot, unaware she was crushing her sister. Anna kept enduring the nightmare as long as her sister kept applying pressure, the sweat stuck to her like a goo, the smell made her want to vomit, the simple thought of her sister's feet disgusted her, and now she had to have it over her like a god. "The only reason I let bugs be is because I love squishing them" The queen said lifting her feet, leaving her sister flattened on the ground. "I wonder what it feels like to be crushed by these beauty" she said referring to her foot. Anna stood up, she knew it was her oportunity to get her sister's attention, now she was not looking at her. "I wonder if crushing a tiny person feels the same... Maybe I'll ask Anna to crush her... Just once... Or twice... Maybe" While her sister was still over her head with her fantasies, Anna bit the sole of her foot. The cheesie, rancid, horrible taste of foot sweat entered her mouth so swiftly she swallowed a bit. She tried not to think about it. "Ouch!" Elsa yelled, standing up, shaking her left foot. "Another bug? How dare you bite my foot like that! I promise I'm going to crush you so slowly you'll wish you w- wait a minute" she said, still hovering her foot over the tiny figure, slightly bigger than her big toe. "Anna? What are you... You where to stay in my flats! What are you doing running around biting my feet like that? How dare you disobey me?" she was clearly angry
"Wait... Sis I-" Anna tried to answer, but was cut over by her big sister yelling at her.
"I told you to stay in my flats! I give you a cozy and warm place to stay until you grow to a safe size, and you escape! What am I supposed to do then? Keep you as my insole? And why? Why in the world did you bite me? Do you think that's funny? That hurt! And I nearly mistake you for a bug! I could have crushed you like those two before you! You could be dead!" there was a prolongated silence. "Ok then, since you seem to like biting my feet, you might as well massage them while I read" she said picking her up, leaving her on her bed, in front of her feet. Elsa grabbed a book from her night table and lied on her stomach. "I better feel you down there sis..."


Elsa was angry, very angry. And Anna knew it was best not to push her anger anymore, so she climbed on to her right foot, her toes constantly moving, making the climbing more complicated than what already was. Anna was nearly grabbed by the moving toes more than once, and fell on them a few times, but she finally could make it to the sole. Stepping on the flesh she noticed two things. One, the smell was not so strong there. Two, the foot was still more than four times her size.
It seemed her walking on it tickled Elsa, because she scratched the spot where her sister was with her other foot. Anna dodged it by a miracle. She sighed, not keen on having to do the climb all over again. She started to rub Elsa's sole with her hands.
"Sis, I can barely feel you, you should rub harder" Anna, angry at this response started to punch the sweaty flesh of her sister's foot. "Still not enough" Elsa said, slightly lifting her feet, causing Anna to fall on it, pushing the slippery surface with her whole body. "That's it, do that again, that works" Elsa said, keeping concentration on her book.
"No way! I'm not jumping on your foot sis!" Anna yelled, but Elsa didn't seem to hear her, so she ended up doing it anyways. She kept like this for nearly an hour on both feet, by the time Elsa stopped reading her book her feet wheren't wet anymore. The whole time Anna thought about Elsa's favorite shoes, the smell, the sweat her feet produced when she wore them, and how worse that would be compared to what she was doing.
Elsa turned over, letting Anna fall on her bed sheets. "Anna... I should tell you, I think I was too harsh... You didn't really deserve all that. I'm sorry, I was just tired, I shouldn't have screamed at you that way. I promise when you grow I'll pay for all of this." she felt bad for her sister. "Still... I can't trust you to stay in one place while you're tiny, I know you, and since I'm not able to figure out any other way, tonight you're going to be sleeping with me. I know you are not going to like the idea, but it's only tonight, tomorrow you'll probably be big enough to take care of yourself. And since there's no other place besides my... Underwear... You're going to sleep at my feet, inside my sock" Anna let out a high pitched yell that Elsa was able to hear, though barely. "I know, but it's the only way I can think of"

4-The only way

After both had dinner (Anna ate part of Elsa's meal), they both went to bed. Elsa kicked her shoes (she wore them without any kind of socks) and grabbed a pair of stockings. Anna was rapidly left inside one and met by the menacing toes of her sister's right foot, still hot and covered in sweat. She couldn't help but think how worse could it be if her sister had chosen her favorite shoes instead of a pair of stockings.
Anna could barely sleep, the smell was too strong, drops of sweat kept falling on her and Elsa moved her feet the whole night, even crushing Anna's head between her toes.
At last, the night came to an end. Anna was eager to get out, and started punching her sister's foot. "Come on Elsa, the sky is awak-" she was cut out by her sister stomping her against the bed. Elsa moaned, rubbed her eyes, and sat on her bed, still sleepy enough not to feel her sister. She started walking to her bathroom.
"Elsa I'm do-" Anna said between steps "please sto-" "you're crush-" "Elsa!" she bit her foot.
"Ouch! What was? Anna!" she said grabbing her foot, looking at her sole "I'm so sorry! I promise I'll repay you... Hey! Look how big you are!" in fact, Anna was now the size of her sister's foot.
"Sis, could you stop shouting and get me out?" Anna said trying to cover her ears.
"Sure I..." she took her sock out. "There, you can go- wait, where are you? Oh god, you're stuck to my sole!" she covered her mouth "sorry, it's just too funny, you need help getting off?" she giggled "well... Maybe I could help you, but what do I get in return?"
"Are you serious?" Anna said shocked, wriggling against her sister sole. "Well, I'll... I'll rub your feet, just get me out"
"I was just kidding" she laughed "there, you can go." Anna stood up "Although, sis... Since I shrunk you I wanted to do something with you..."
"What is it?" Anna said, afraid
"You won't like it if I told you. But I promise I will do anything you want after it."
"Anything" Elsa concluded
"Ok then, I'm up for it, what is it?"
"I want you to be my insole"


"What?" Anna screamed "no w-"
"I told you you wouldn't like it" Elsa said grabbing her sister. Almost laughing. "Now, stay still." Anna was shoved inside her sister shoe. Her crystal one. Her favorite. While Elsa acommodated her with her hand, she could see all the grime, all the sweat that was left in the shoe since who knows when. It already smelled bad.
Anna's nightmare was made real when her sister's foot entered the shoe. "Elsa please!" she screamed "Don't do this! No! No!" The fleshy appendage that was being deposited over her was already sweating. The smell filled her nostrils without any mercy. "Sis! It stinks! It reeks! Help! Please! I'll die! No! N- mphfpfh!" she was pressed against the crystal. Face to foot. Unable to move, to talk, to breathe anything other than the stinky air of her sister's foot sweat.
Elsa turned her foot over to look through the glass. Her shoes where thight enough so that Anna was still unable to move. "Oh dear! Your head is right under the ball of my foot! That won't be good." Said Elsa as she got her heel out to move her sister around. Anna's head ended up under her toes. "There better, now you can at least breathe." she wriggled her toes and stood up.
Meanwhile, Anna was experiencing the worst pain she had ever felt. Her screams where muffled by the shoe, and the coughs produced every time a drop of sweat fell into her mouth. Then, her sister started walking. The pain was now tripled, and the heat intensified to a point where it was difficult to breathe. Her toes crushing her head like a pebble, over and over, every step she made. Anna fainted.
When she woke up, Elsa wasn't standing anymore. In fact, she was dangling her shoe. However, little Anna, it seemed, was stuck to her sister's sole. Flattened like a piece of paper. This was bad, she couldn't move, she couldn't scream, she could just breathe the horrible scent of Elsa's filthy toes. She tried to scream, to fight, but it was simply impossible. It continued to be like this for nearly an hour until Elsa stood up. And she started walking again. And this time, Anna didn't faint. This time she endured the pain the whole walk. Inside the shoe there were pools of sweat forming where Anna's head was. The smell was so strong it hurt Anna's nose. But finally, it came to an end.
"Goodness, my feet are so hot I could boil water with them" Elsa said as she kicked her shoes. "You can come out now Anna" she said picking up her shoes searching for her sister. However, she wasn't there. The only thing inside her shoes was foot sweat. She was about to stand up when she felt a tingle on her sole. "Oh" was the only thing she said when she saw her sister plastered under her foot. "I suppose that wasn't a very nice experience. Do you need any help? You seem quite stuck."
"You think?" Said Anna unpeeling herself from her sister's foot. "Try being inside a giant oven for a week and you're only getting half of it. I hope it was worth it Elsa."
"Oh, it was, thank you. You are quite the person to step on" she left her foot on the bed so Anna could get off. "You seem tired, is there anything you want?"
"I'm not wasting that favor yet, dear sister. However I wouldn't mind a good nap." She said falling on the bed.
"Well, I guess I could give you that. You are big enough so you don't get lost." In fact, Anna had grown quite a bit since she was left to herself inside her sister's stinky shoe. "Is there anything else you want?" Anna snored "I guess not."

6-Growing back

Anna woke up to the sound of her sister entering the room. She was quite loud. Anna looked around to see giant Elsa kicking her shoes and sitting on her bed right next to Anna. "Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?" She said, a bit worried.
"No... I mean, yes, but it doesn't matter" Anna said standing up. She was surprised to see she was eye level with Elsa's chest. "Wow, how much did I sleep?"
"Not much" her sister said, also surprised by her height. "But you couldn't fit inside my shoes anymore, I guess."
"I could try. Not that I want to, you know." She let out a smooth laugh. "Want me to do something before I finally grow up?"
"Well, if you're up to, I could go for a friendly foot rub..." She playfully dropped her feet in front of Anna, wiggling her toes.
"Fine, I'll do it. Anything else, your highness?" She said bowing to her jokingly. "Just remember it will come back to you." She approached Elsa's feet, it still where big enough to get up to her waist. But it wasn't that intimidating.
"For now, that will do." She patted her sister on the head with her big toe. "Oh, and Anna..."
"Yes sis?"
"Thank you."
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