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adj. 1. having no particular interest or sympathy. 2. neither good nor bad.
"bonjour, comment allez-vous?"
I may reply with a "ca va bien, or pas mal"..
If I come right out and shout it out,
you would probably run away and hide,
from what I would objectify.

contemplating that I would say nothing at all,
at times it takes nothing except silence,
to express it all.
the falls and leaps,
the coolness and heat,
the life's grip that's slipping away from under my feet,
with every breath, step and occurrence that takes place..

I am aware that life is crushing down the shoulders of each one of us,
therefore, tell me why I would weigh you down more with my junk?
i'm no skunk, attempting to stink the bright lights in your eyes..
more like a pretty rose, that adds to that excitement,
however, roses die overnight.
You wake up and see that you've put in 100% effort,
it did no better,
because your rose still waited until night time,
to show you that your effort was nevertheless not enough.

isn't that empathetic?
for, see, the kid at school debating which suicide act to pursue,
runs into you,
and you miss all your classes,
to talk them from becoming missing in action.
you look on the news two days later,
and find that your communication didn't matter,
for their parents found them hanging from the 17 foot ladder,
that was usually stored in the attic.

how does this relate to indifference? not caring?
because, that's just us... pretending.
a sociable person comes along,
you're ready to pour it all into their cup,
as you would a fresh picture of lemonade that you're proud of,
but for the person who you just talk to from time to time,
you'll smile and pronounce, "I'm fine."
though your inner being and mind,
is everything but nonchalant.
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