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Rated: 13+ · Preface · Fantasy · #2075470
A brief introduction to the background and setting of 'The Lone Traveler' and sequels.
The Lone Traveler

The Lone Traveler is a story of Fantasy. Although written in an ostensibly medieval setting, the precise terminology, though Medieval in basis has been changed due to the futuristic setting of this story.

SETTING: This story takes place 37,000 years in our future, but, it is not a Science Fiction story. Here is how it was explained to our major character, a young farm girl with an extraordinary destiny.

Thirty seven thousand years ago, mankind lived in great cities, like the one you witnessed in your dream. They were like gods in their abilities, and in their science, medicine, the arts, and war, they were unparalleled. They even reached for the stars in their mighty ships. Their pride and disdain turned them away from love and beauty and peace and they undertook a great war.

Most of the world was covered with fireballs like small suns, all life almost perished, few were left. The war was so terrible it split open the cosmos and released creatures and beings from parallel worlds and other dimensions, leaving them free to roam the earth.

That is where your dragons came from, and many others creatures you have yet to note. The inimitable war also created a rift in space and time, opening a portal to the old gods who once were powerful on earth but only remembered as legends and in myth. They will also never allow mankind to become like gods again. Your world will forevermore live in the dark ages ruled by kings and conquerors.”

Mankind has always produced injustice and inequality, they are traits learned from jealous gods. No system has ever been perfect. A system called democracy once existed in the land where you now live thousands of years ago. It was as corrupt as many systems of royalty and the empires that mankind built. Instead of passing power to those educated into the ways of being good rulers, they elected unqualified, evil, and corrupt people with silver tongues, who used the power entrusted in them to obtain greater wealth and more power. Democracy has never and will never work because of it. It is the path that leads to humankind’s ultimate destruction again, and again and again, if not by their hand, than by the hands of the gods.

IN ESSENCE, a great nuclear war took place almost forty thousand years ago in the history of this story. One of hundreds of nuclear wars that have destroyed mankind over hundreds of thousands of years. The devastation was so powerful, even the tectonic plates were shifted allowing land masses to move and combine or separate.

This story takes place in North America in that future. Camalund, for example, is located where Cleveland, Ohio once existed; Angalund is in New England and Virginia with the capitol city of Havenhall on Long island, Manhattan was destroyed. The great lakes suffered in the upheaval and turned into one great freshwater ocean and Long Island now touches part of Connecticut. Alataria is located around Pittsburg, Vituria south of there, and Lugdunum south and west of Vituria. The Khelti and Sidhe in Illinois and Indiana and Nordlanders in eastern Canada.

Many other geographical changes were also made, The American Continent moved much closer to Europe, Ireland is now part of Scotland, England and Northern France have joined, even the Mediterranean is very narrow and sealed at the Pillars of Hercules. Book two will cover much of this area.

THE SURVIVORS only know what they have learned from their holy books (collections of medieval and ancient history) allowed by the universal caretakers, and there is no knowledge past our historical medieval era and even that is somewhat different. The caretakers of the universe (Gods to the people in this story) will never allow mankind to gain advanced knowledge and destroy the earth again. Their knowledge is naturally limited and slightly twisted due to the time difference and the different locations, experience, and interpretations of each Kingdom.

YES, there is magic, and dragons, and sorcerers and wizards, also knights and ladies and kings and lords. No good book of fantasy would work without such. Our story starts with our Heroine who goes off to find herself and her travels and experiences take her through many incredible and exciting adventures. This story also connects to our own long forgotten past, of myths and legends in a delightful way.

I am in the process of editing the story, and at the same time I am writing the sequel because I have found I enjoy writing fantasy. Your recommendations and comments are welcomed and encouraged.

This book is a delightful blend of Irish legend, medieval splendor, and adventurous fantasy with well-crafted intrigue gradually reveled in a delightful fashion. Mystique and charisma add a flavor to this fast-paced story describing destiny’s journey and the unknown fateful happenings of a young peasant girl cast out from her family and society to face a bold new world. The consistent olde world feeling and the ancient ambience of the story is the hallmark of great fantasy. The mannerisms of the era, the created world feeling and supporting details highlight the feelings this imaginative story portrays. Colorful and typical human characters, common sense actions, solid structure and a realistic setting flesh out this absolutely must-read tale.

Enjoy - Oldwarrior

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