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A simple letter from a dying man. With a big secret to reveal.

Dear Alec,

Greetings to you my old friend. I regret it has been so long for you to receive any word from me. As you have certainly heard from many colleagues that I have been quite ill the last several years. I felt the need to contact you to let you know that my time here is very short as I have entered the final stage of the Cancer that will soon end my life. I have lived a good and full life. Made many friends along the way to this final journey. The last year confined to this bed, enduring treatments no Human should tolerate I reflected back on my work and fondly remember the projects we worked on together. I remember returning to Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in 1969. The team there was fantastic, the best I ever worked with. You should be very proud of the work you accomplished.

I recall during one of the meetings you asked me specifically about a rumor you had heard about a person called “The Caretaker”. I hope you remember the question and how shocked I appeared that you asked it. I avoided the question entirely at the time, but never forgot it. I feel I should answer the question now. While I still can. Please keep this information very close as it comes with a heavy burden to bear. Some your aware of, most you have speculated over the years. But this is from the beginning of the project to just recently.

I was working at Hughes Aircraft at the time of the first contact. That was the summer of 1947. And part of the first working group involved with Secret Compartmentalized Information, (SCIF), that was established by President Truman and the Majestic Twelve committee. The SCIF was as you can imagine was the data that was recovered by the Roswell crash in New Mexico. Yes that actually happened and I can see the smile on your face as you read this. The SCIF is indeed “Nationally Archived Information, (AI). From the very start it has only been hand written. And always will be.

The Caretaker has sole procession of the Archives. All data is there. The entire project over these many years. He was an Air Force General who was highly trusted by Truman, Living in Dayton Ohio very close to the small air field that would become Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He held total command of all SCIF and developed a team of scientists and Engineers to begin the tasks of unfolding amazing and unknown secrets. More on this later as there are a few points I feel you should know.

The First Caretaker lived until 1979 he selected his successor before he died. The second Caretaker is still alive and well continuing his work everyday. From my work with the project in the SCIF I can lend you some insite as to who indeed knew about the project and who didn't know.

Truman knew of course, and he knew a great deal of it, but unable to grasp the technical side. He was terrified of any Alien (EBE) or tech we developed from it. Remember there was a very real fear of what the next steps would bring. Eisenhower was briefed and had a very stable concept of the project lending it the status and funding it needed. Being a military man himself he saw the potential in research and development. It was during this time the Caretaker assumed a larger responsibility for release and disclosure of the SCIF information.

President Kennedy was briefed on some of the information but not all of it. He pushed for disclosure of what he did know right up to his assassination. The main problem came with President Johnson who just knew too much. He gained the SCIF tidbits through bribery and sheer force. The Director of the FBI, (Hoover) knew. This gave him the Directors spot until he too died. Nixon was not briefed for pure political reasons and was considered a major security leak by the Caretaker.

President Ford, not being elected to the White House was never briefed. It was clear he was really unsure about what NASA was for it was deemed to wait. President Carter was eager to get the briefing but was told very little as he had stated many times that he had actually seen a UFO when he was younger. Carter threw an absolute fit about not being briefed, he was at odds with his own administration. And he actually went to Congress about it...So he was in the dark most of the time, never trusted with full disclosure.

Reagan was fully briefed. The whole ball of wax, he grasped the project and fully funded it, as it was in dire need of cash. He also used certain information with the Caretakers permission to explain a few items to Micheal Gorbachev the head of the Soviet State on our new capabilities with the “Star Wars” project in the mid Eighties. That stopped the arms race dead in its tracks and lead to the economic breakdown of that country over the next several years. It was during the Reagan administration that a second contact was made with the EBE. Again more on that later.

President Bush (Sr) knew. As the Vice President under Reagan he too knew all the SCIF and been fully briefed. As former Director of the CIA he could be trusted with a great deal of tech data as well. However Clinton was completely shut out. Again a giant security risk due to his behavior before and after he took office. However by then the SCIF research was hidden deep in the black budget and still remains safely funded. George Bush (Jr) was also never briefed by the Caretaker and as long as his Father knew all acted as a firewall to the SCIF information.

The current President shall not be briefed, however he is aware there are many projects that are ongoing at the current time and absolutely furious about being kept out of the loop.

There is much, much more to tell you about my friend. I shall give you the choice to decide what you wish to know from this point on. Contact My Granddaughter Gale. She has provided me with divine support over the last few years and transcribed all my notes and documents. However if you decide to step away from the issue I certainly understand and will respect that always.

After these many years, I hope you join me in the truth, hoping we will meet again soon. I regret I'm unable to travel anymore or I would have delivered this message to you in person. Until Then.

Your Friend
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