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After serving as City Manager for 15 years, Jeannelle decides to retire.
For the past few months, life has had me in a whirlwind. So much happening so quickly it seemed like there was no end in sight. However, the truth of the matter is that everything has an ending. We may not like the ending; really don't want to accept the ending; or even agree with the ending, but end it will, and on July 1, the end of an era will come to the great City of Mount Rainier, Maryland -- Jeannelle Wallace will no longer be taking the lead.

Under her astute management and leadership style, she brought a fledgling City to its current place of prestige as a destination for many in the DMV. She will be leaving behind some rather big shoes to be filled, but the City, the Mayor, and the Council are up to the challenge. Residents are also up to the challenge in that many of them over the years have pitched in and worked under Jeannelle's leadership on committees, task forces, commissions, and boards. Because of their love for this great City, they will continue to work to keep our City moving forward.

Congratulations Mrs. Jeannelle Wallace on a job well done. Thank you for the many hours; the work on so many holidays and snow days, and so many other days when residents, Mayor, and Councils were sound asleep. Thank you for the foresight and the vision for our City. Thank you for the hiring of staff that worked with you to move that vision forward. You are leaving behind a legacy that you worked very hard to create, and one that will not be soon forgotten.

You will be missed, but thank God, you will only be a stone's throw away. Sometimes, you just have to know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away, and yes, when to run. Your time has come. Your health is good. You have years in front of you, and a lot of life to still live! I applaud you and wish you continued success on your journey and WELCOME TO THE LIFE OF THE RETIREES!
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