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by brom21
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An ambitious spirit yearns for true purpose.
The spirit looked at the clear lake waters that gave a reflection of the white glow of her face and emerald-green eyes. She wondered who she was and her true purpose of existence. She wished she was more than just a being that took care of the Great Forest. The spirit longed to see what lay outside the forest in the world of men, the creatures of imperfection. A light gale grew into a whirling wind behind her. She turned around as another spirit appeared.

“Why do you seek for a more important life when you have contentment here in this beautiful place Ithia?” said the spirit with mystifying blue eyes and white hair that was set in locks that went to his shoulders. He glided to Ithia with the grace of a dove as his light green robe fluttered in the wind. “We were not brought forth to be here by chance but by the gracious election of the eternal spirit of all forests who has thrived since the beginning. This is your purpose. Why do you long to be elsewhere?”

“Euricle, we have kept this forest for five-thousand years. Do you ever wonder what lay outside it?”

Euricle put his hand on Ithia’s shoulder. “All that lives in the human world is suffering and confusion.”

“What if there are other sprits out there?-greater and wiser than us?-or what causes men to be evil?”

Euricle frowned. “They are mortals with limited understanding doomed to die.”

“What if they could be changed?”

“Look around you.” Euricle said.

Ithia beheld the moonlight illuminate the leafy forest floor. A nostalgic, effervescent gust moved the branches of the still tree trunks. Above her a large light-brown owl pruned its feathers then hooted with a sound that made her complacent and at peace. Far away a wolf howled that echoed throughout the trees.

“It is beautiful and very serene, but surely there must be more out there.”

“Speak no more of this. The eternal Forest Spirit that rules over all forests forbids travel between them. It would be an abjection to do so. For your own good, forget this.”

Euricle disappeared in a flash of light. Ithia would not settle with living in ignorance of the rest of the world. She would go to the head forest sprit and make her case and she would do it immediately. She rose from the ground in mid-air and then flew forth like an eagle to the shrine of the Spirit of all Forests. A male marble figure dressed in a robe with stork’s wings stood in the center of a round fountain pool with spouts curling over the water from the pool rims. She raised her hands and a burst of blue light shot forth from her chest and hit the head of the statue that glowed with her power. The azure glow resonated down the statues’ body. It was completely engulfed and came to life!

“Ithia, why have you called me?” The voice was like a rushing wind.

Ithia gathered all her courage and presented herself. “Great forest spirit, I come to ask you for permission to explore the outside world. You forbid it, but I beg you to consider my plea.”

“Why are you so insistent?”

“I seek to know my true place in the world. Simply tending a forest, no matter how glorious, does not fulfil me.”

“None have ever desired this. I will not stand in the way of freewill. You may leave. Be warned, great beauty and great horror lies without.”

“I give you thanks.” immediately the being became a statue again.

Ithia flew delicately to the western border. She stopped and took a deep breath and glanced behind her, then left in search of whatever was out there. She soon came to a small village. Ithia was amazed at the happiness and friendliness of the so called “Barbarous humans. She sought to meet one without scaring them so she transformed into the form of a fair woman. The disguised spirit approached a teenage boy.

“Hello, I am Ithia,”

Curiosity filled her heart and she smiled brightly with rosy cheeks.

“I’m Lucas. I have never seen you before. Are you a traveler?”

“I am.”

“I’ll take you to the inn. Follow me.”

The boy led her to an inn with a cheerful, pudgy fellow. “Greetings milady,” he said. “I’ve got a good room for one dinero.”

Ithia was confused as to what a dinaro was and was squeamish.

“I’ll pay for it.” said Lucas. “I can see you have no money.”

Suddenly there was a cry and Ithia ran out of the inn and saw a man walking into the village with a staff and a blue cloak.

Nephaal the Terrible has come!” yelled man.

Panic broke out as people ran into their homes for safety.

Ithia went to the man oblivious of the stranger’s power. “Who are you?”

“You must come from afar. I am a great sorcerer who is feared everywhere.”

Nephaal’s staff erupted with a bolt of lightning that sent Ithia reeling backwards onto the ground. Pain was a horrible sensation. She stood up quickly. “I have powers like you as well.” Ithia stretched her arm forward and a circle of blue fire surrounded the evil wizard. He waved his hand and the flames at his feet were extinguished.

“You are a sorceress. You know, with our combined strength there is much we can do.”

Ithia ignored him and with the flick of her wrist a small tornado engulfed Nephaal and he was carried very high into the air up to the clouds. Ithia collapsed.

“Just as I was told, great happiness teems in the world of men, but malicious evil lurks about as well. I have also discovered a purpose for my life; to protect the innocent and sustain peace. I will live forever as a guardian spirit against those like Nephaal the Terrible. I will live as defender of truth and life.

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