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Ol' Joe Bob shore ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...
Word count - 391

So this here is a story - well, it ain't actually a story - it really happened to my friend ol' Joe Bob Crawford, bout ten years or so ago...

See, Joe Bob, he weren't the smartest feller to begin with. But this here happened to be sumthin' that sorta sticks in yer head, so to speak.

Ya see, one day Joe Bob asked me to take him down to the corner store, so he could buy him some soda pops. He went in the store, and I was just'a sittin there, when I seen Joe Bob come out the store and git into another yeller car that was parked next to mine.

Puzzled as to what he might be a'doin, I looks over at Joe Bob, and he gimme this surprised look and a big ol' grin, and waved at me.

Alls a sudden, this feller with a cigar stickin' out his mouth gits in the other car and says to Joe Bob, "Where to, buddy?"

Joe Bob laughed and says, "Shucks, my name ain't Buddy, it's Joe Bob."

"I don't care if your name is Captain Kangaroo. Where ya goin'?"

Now I'm over here in my car just a listenin'. I don't rightly know what war that Captain fought in, but I reckoned it musta been Australia or some place like that.

So Joe Bob, he says, "Well, I'm goin' home I reckon, unless there's someplace you wanna go fetch somethin' at."

This feller in the other car, his face got to turnin' red, and he yelled, "ADDRESS??"

"Ohhh, I see what yer gettin' at," says Joe Bob, and tells him where he lives.

They take off, with me right behind 'em, til we git to Joe Bob's house. As Joe Bob gits outta the car, he grins and says to the feller, "Thank ya kindly!"

The feller yells out, "Hey! My fare?"

Ol' Joe Bob looks at him, scratches his head and says to the feller, "Yep, you shore are mighty fair, takin' me home like that seein' as my friend there was in the wrong car!"

Long story short, Joe Bob wound up with a black eye, the feller wound up with all of Joe Bob's pocket money, and I wound up with a purty good story to tell all the fellers down at the feed store.
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