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a children's story in which a little girl learns a lesson in sharing.

571 Words

Jessie May Young Chung
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

There once was a little girl, all wide-eyed and free.
She went by the name Jessie May Young Chung you see.
Jessie May loved to play and her best game was make-believe.
She would pretend to be all sorts of things from all sorts of animals to an astronaut.
One day she would pretend to be a nurse, the next she was a doctor or Lawyer, but
Perhaps her favorite thing to pretend was that she was a school teacher, that way she
Could be the boss of all of her pretend students; which consisted of her teddy bears
And baby dolls. She would line them up on her bed and play school for hours and
Hours, this was also a good way for Jessie May to learn her lessons from school.
She would have Math, English, Choir, History, all of the same classes of which she
Would bring homework home to do. She’d do her homework while teaching the
Pretend class how to do the work. She would always have a bear to disrupt the class
So she could discipline it. She loved being in charge.

One day a friend from school came home with Jessie May and wanted to play school
With her. Jessie May was determined that she would be the teacher and the friend
Jody be the student. Jody didn’t like the idea because she too wanted to be the teacher
But she obliged Jessie May. The two children were warm friends and always got along
Marvelous together. Except on this day, Jessie May became bossy, you see they had never
Played school together before, and Jessie May kept trying to force her will on Jody, wanting
Her to do all of the homework, not just Jody’s work, but also Jessie May’s work.
“This isn’t fair” pouted Jody, “I shouldn’t have to do yours too, I should be the student in
order to do mine and then you be the student and me the teacher so you can do yours.”
Jody wrapped her arms around her own body to pout.
“But I am the teacher and it is my house so I say what goes,” quipped Jessie May.
“Well if you’re not going to play fair, then I’m not going to play anymore,” said Jody.
“Jessie May Young Chung,” a voice called.
“You play right with your friend or she won’t come to visit you again”, said Jessie May’s Mom.
“Do I have to let her be teacher, mom, I’m always the teacher”, she said with disgust.
“You had your turn, you have to take turns let her be the teacher now, besides I don’t want any
one else doing your homework, besides it is only fair,” Said the mom.
“Well OK if I have to,” shrugged Jessie May.
Jessie May Young Chung don’t slouch, sit up straight and I do hope you understand that sharing
And playing well together is what creates good friendships, that is all I am trying to teach you--
Well that and to do your homework on your own,” said the mom.
Jessie May and Jody continued on with there games and the two had a wonderful time laughing
And learning. Playing make-believe for them was educational in more ways than one, not only
Did they learn their school lessons, but they learned a valuable life lesson on sharing and friendship.

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