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A free verse poem reflecting life.

                                                So here you are, cast down  like a shell on the sand.
                                          From lofty heights you fell, onto this desolate sphere.

                                  You scream through myriad souls and empty vessels of flesh.
                                        Into deaf ears, you play the game called "forget me not."

                                        Trying to poke a blind eye into seeing what is invisible.
                                      Your heart is open ... its tar flows ... and touches minds.

                                              Stunned by the traffic of thoughts, you freeze,
                                          they run over you but you forget them like names.

                                              It's the psychos that want to pull you under,
                                                "Join the club, read the book, call today!"

                                          The closet feels good ... It's dark like the womb.
                                                          No one to judge ... ESCAPE!

                                          Wrinkles carve in by days of sun and angry spats,
                                                  leaving no choice but to ready the pod.

                                      Time's toll is unpaid as you roll through the quagmire.
                                  The sea of passing words reveals only three that are worthy.

                                    Your beasts caress you with comfort and wanting eyes.
                                    Daily they greet with wild languages, until their pods sail.

                                          We were all born with the same name ... "I AM",
                                        until the voyage that folds us into "he / she was."

                                                              I think I'll close my eyes.
                                                              I think I'll stop breathing.
                                                                    I think .......  *Boat2*
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