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A man avoiding his past chases a man who isn't associated with his past
I ran along the stone encrusted pathway as one by one the ground became more engulfed by the transparent snowflakes that represented the essence of winter and signified the cold nights that were to be, an icy blast of wind fluttered past me making the branches sway back and forth like the hypnotising movement of a metronome. I looked back at the track that I had just bolted my way down only to find that the once recognisable smooth surface had been replaced by a thick blanket of crystal white snow and was covered in scarce grooves that matched the shape of my leather jet-black boots. I stopped walking mid-step as the sound of bells ran through the dark abyss, I listened as the low hums of the 'Ferryport' church bells filled every corner and alleyway of the sleepy town with life and I counted each chime until it reached the twelfth stroke.
"Midnight..." my slow wheezy breathe trailed off into the midst and the sound was replaced by the cocking of a gun, I slowly turned around to see the anonymous assassin that had been chasing me, his body was covered by a thick brown turtle neck and brown stained overalls, his husky boots crunching the snow underneath them as he took a step towards me, his face was rugged with what remained of a five o clock shadow, his nose and mouth were covered by a olive green scarf and his short half-shaved head protected from the falling snow by a black wool cap.

"Time to die" his eyes locked contact with mine and that's when I realised that his showed no true emotion, no remorse or reconsideration just anger that stemmed from the demons that surrounded his thoughts. He steadied his aim so the shotgun was level with my forehead, This is it, he's not going to stop!,
My body started to tremble and my palms started to feel sticky with sweat, tears rolled down my cheeks as I allowed my eyes one last chance to beg him to reconsider. Finally I stopped crying I stopped shaking and looked him in the eye with a stern sense of urgency.
"Go ahead, shoot me" I tried not to yell as I spoke these words but I did not have any control over my voice anymore, it was my emotions talking and right now I was frightened.
"You can go back after this, you can tell my wife that her husband's dead, tell my kids that daddy's never coming back. You can kill a man but you won't stick around when the family and police start asking questions, you good sir are a sad excuse for a human being, If you kill me your only killing yourself". He adjusts the gun so it is aiming for the centre of my head. I shut my eyes and a final thought flashes through my brain. I think of my two children and how they will both grow up without a dad and I think of my wife and my unborn son that I will never hold. Bang. A gunshot brings me back into reality, I open my eyes and am presented by an oozing puddle of blood, as it drips the taste of copper fills my mouth and makes me want to gag. I collapse to the floor and as I do a second gunshot rings into my ears, I tilt my head in time to see the assassins tall figure fall beside me, his hand now releasing the once threatening item he presented to me. His deeds can never be undone, but he is undone. That's when everything went black.

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