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Rated: GC · Fiction · Adult · #2076137
Chapter 3 in the story of a sad young Asian girl who needs diapers
Chapter 3
Party Time

I woke up around three in the morning and was having trouble getting back to sleep. I tried telling myself boring little stories to ease myself into a more relaxed mode, but it was no use. I eventually got up and waddled downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. I was feeling a lot better now, nowhere near as sick as I was back around dinner. I quietly sipped my water when I heard someone else coming into the kitchen too. It was Lin. She was in her pajamas and her hair was messed up. Even though I was topless, I made no effort to hide my nudity. Lin had seen my naked body hundreds of times before. She had even changed my diaper for me a few times in the past. None of this was new to her.

“Hey, little Shenny-Shen, what are you doing up so late?” Lin asked.
“I can’t sleep so I got a glass of water.” I said.
Lin yawned.
“You looked really shitty yesterday. Feeling better?” She said.
“Lots better.” I replied.
Lin poured herself a glass of water too.
“So, what are you doing up this late?” I asked.
“Eh, same as you, I guess, just different reasons. I got some texts from the boyfriend a little while ago. He’s been binging Vonnegut novels so he can feel like an intellectual, but now they’ve given him an existential crisis or something. I sent him a couple texts back to try and help him, but he’s still whining.” Lin said.
“Huh. It must be nice having a boyfriend.” I said, almost sarcastically.
Lin sighed.
“Ah, little Shen… Uh… Um… Ah, little Shen.” Lin stammered.
She was too tired to say whatever it was she wanted to tell me. She was dozing off at the table.
“Okay, goodnight.” I said.
I got up and started waddling back to my room.
“Goodnight, little Shen.” Lin groggily said.
I got back in bed and before I knew it, I was asleep again.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. It was Friday, last day of school before the weekend. As I got up, I noticed my diaper was wet.
“Ah, not this again.” I said to myself.
I had peed in my diaper. I didn’t wet the bed very often. Usually, I was able to get up in the middle of the night, pull down my diaper, and pee in the toilet. Sometimes, but not all that often, I wet the bed, though. On the upside, at least I went a night without shitting myself in my sleep, so I suppose something went right.

I peeled off my sticky urine soaked diaper and got into the shower. I went about my morning routine, although I was a little hungrier today, probably because I hadn’t eaten much the day before. I had a bagel and a half for breakfast and saved the uneaten half for my lunch at school. Speaking of school, nothing much happened until lunch when I sat down with Luke and Sarah.

“Hey, Shen…” Sarah said with a grave look on her face as I sat down.
“Yeah, what is it?” I said.
“I don’t know the details, but I think someone’s planning something for you. Luke found this in the boy’s room.” Sarah said.
I was surprised she wasn’t calling him “Hoe-bag” like usual.

Sarah passed me a small picture of my face from my yearbook photo. It was marked up with brown and yellow markers and had the words, “Poo-poo pee-pee” written on it.
“What the fuck?” I said.
I looked over it again.
“Sarah, this doesn’t mean anything. It’s probably some dumbass’s idea of a joke. You’re bein g paranoid.” I added.
“I don’t know, I’d still be on your guard.” Sarah said.
“Right. Whatever.” I replied.
I took my pills and started eating.
“So, you guys, I have some joints. You want to go get high?” Luke asked.
“Fuck no.” Sarah said
I politely shook my head.
“What is with you and joints lately anyway? Every day this week you asked us about it. Where do you keep getting all that shit?” I said.
“It’s actually the same three joints I stole from my dad. I haven’t smoked them. I was just waiting for the day one of you would say ‘yes’.” Luke said.
Sarah put on a fake smile.
“Oh, that would be so sweet if I were a dumb pot-smoking hippie.” She said.
“Um… Thanks?” Luke said, confused.

I ate my food for a while. Near the end of lunch Sarah said, after thinking it over for a while,
“So, my mom and dad are out tomorrow and the cool kids won’t party with me. Do you two want to hang with me for some video games and shit? We can start around, I don’t know, six PM I guess since they leave at five.”
“I’d love to!” Luke shouted.
“Hmm… Okay. Why not?” I said.
“Cool. See you tomorrow then, hoe-bag, Shen.” She said.

The rest of school went smoothly at first. I only shit myself and had to go to the nurse’s office once. It was on the way home from school that things got sort of odd. Some boys shook their fists at me and chanted,
“Poo-Poo! Pee-Pee! Poo-Poo! Pee-Pee!”
I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I flipped them the finger and tried to ignore them. They must’ve been the ones who defaced my photo.

Lin greeted me at the door when I got home.
“Hey, little Shen, come on in. It’s cold out there.” She said.
I rushed in and took off my coat. I then went to my room and removed my skirt and pants. Mama wasn’t home yet, so I wanted to enjoy a little bit of no-pants time. I dusted off our video game system and booted it up. Normally, I wasn’t really into video games, but Dad was addicted to them, so they were always around. I wanted to practice a little so I could do all right against Sarah tomorrow. Sarah was really into fighting games, especially Street Fighter. I was merely okay at them, but I thought if I practiced a little I might be able to actually win one or two rounds.

Lin walked over to me and saw me losing against the game’s AI.
“Hah, wow, you suck.” She said.
“You want to try?” I asked.
I knew Lin was awful at fighting games too. She held out her hand and took the controller. She promptly got her ass kicked.
“Shit, this game is hard. Maybe you don’t suck. Maybe Street Fighter is just bullshit hard.” Lin said.
She took the other controller and battled me. I actually managed to beat her in two of our three matches before I heard Mama’s car pulling up. I turned off the games and went to my room to put some pants on.

When Mama arrived, she immediately went to see me in my room.
“Shen, I got a message from the doctor today. She said your disease is not worsening and has not spread.” She said.
“Oh, thank goodness.” I said.
“Well… but…”
I could tell she was trying to say something difficult.
“Shen, they can’t really do anything to treat it other than what they’re doing right now, and it’s not working so good.” She said.
“I know, Mama.” I said.
Considering how often I shit myself, I knew all too well.
“And… Shen…”
She looked like she was ready to cry.
“What? What is it?” I said.
“Shen, they’re saying it’s having a very bad effect on your long term health now. If your disease stays on its current path, you might not live to be 40 years old. It’s shortening your lifespan.” Mama said.
While I had already suspected this for quite some time now, the news had hit Mama like a truck full of bricks. I leaned in to give her a much needed hug.
“It’s okay, Mama. We can handle this. We can do it together.” I said.
She stroked my hair for a moment.
“Shen, I never knew you were so strong.” She said.
“Mama, I’ve thought about this for a while. I’ve had plenty of time to accept it.” I said.
“It’s so scary, isn’t it? I might still be alive when you die. That’s just not right.” Mama said.

I let her go, and she took a step back.
“Shen, I scheduled a visit with our therapist this weekend. Do you want to come too?” Mama asked.
“No thanks, I’m okay.” I said.
Mama and I shared a therapist, but I didn’t like him. He was an annoying old man that tried to tell me I was autistic because I didn’t feel like talking to him much when I was twelve. I was pretty sure I wasn’t autistic, and everyone who knew me knew this.
“Yeah, I guess it’s more for me than you.” Mama said.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I did my homework, I watched TV, that sort of thing. We had leftovers for dinner. I only ate a little. Lin left to go hang out with her friends and was gone for the rest of the night. Around nine while we were watching TV, I felt that familiar pain in my stomach.
“Ooh… Ooh.” I said, holding my stomach.
Before anyone else could say or do anything, diarrhea exploded all over the inside of my diaper. Mama patted my shoulder.
“You okay?” She asked.
I nodded.
“You don’t think it’s too early to just change you into your night diaper now, do you?” Mama asked.
“Fine, whatever.” I said.

Mama took my hand and led me to the changing pad in my bathroom. It was not uncommon for me to get changed into my night diaper a couple hours early sometimes. When I took off my sweatpants, I saw a thin line of diarrhea dripping down my leg. My ass had exploded so hard I had sprung a leak. In no time I had stripped myself naked and Mama had my night diaper ready. Diligently, she wiped all the shit from my body. After that, she rubbed my tummy a little.
“You’re so thin, Shen. I can feel… no, I can even see your ribs. You need more meat on your body.” Mama said.
I did not respond. She added,
“We need you to grow strong and healthy so you might… so you might…”
Mama couldn’t finish her sentence. She just kept rubbing my tummy.
“It doesn’t hurt right now, does it?” Mama asked.
“No.” I said.
“Good.” Mama said.
She stopped rubbing my tummy and resumed diapering me. She rubbed baby oil on my ass, she sprayed me with a soapy scent, she taped up the diaper, and she felt around for possible leakage spots.
“You can stay up and watch TV with us a little longer if you want.” Mama said.
I sat up and followed her to the living room.

I had no qualms about my family seeing me dressed in only my night diaper. They had seen it all before, even my dad, who usually kept a “hands off” approach to that sort of thing. It is a little surreal to be the only one in a room with your tits hanging out like cabbages while everyone else is still fully clothed. Yep, just a typical Friday night for me, sitting in nothing but a diaper around the TV with my parents hoping I don’t shit myself. I was so pathetic.

I watched about an hour’s worth of shows with them before I got tired and stood up to go to bed.
“Goodnight, guys.” I said.
“Goodnight, Shen.” Dad said.
“Sweet dreams!” Mom called out as I waddled into the hallway.
I had that dream about being covered in filth again that night. I laughed about it this time, hoping that would make me clean. Then I remembered it was only a dream and suddenly woke up.

I was up late in the morning on Saturday. It was one of the few days I could sleep in. I checked my diaper and saw that I was all clean and all dry, a rarity.
“Nice.” I said to myself.
I had a little while to myself before I had to really get my day going, so I lounged around my room in my night diaper for a little while. I got on my computer and checked my e-mail. I read a chapter of a book I’d been reading. With so few friends and so much time on my hands from being sick, I went through a lot of books. Finally, the urge to pee in the morning hit me, and I decided it was a good time to take a shower. I pulled off that bulky, awkward night diaper and sat on the toilet. I peed a lot, and even though I pushed for it, I couldn’t poop. I shrugged my shoulders and got in the shower. In no time I was clean, dressed, and ready to go.

I got up and found the house empty. Mama and Lin were working today, but it was Dad’s day off. He must have been out running errands or something. I sat down at the table and had my usual bagel and a ginger ale for breakfast. I also remembered to take my pills, too, since I nearly forgot about them before I took a shower. I was all alone for a few hours; I guess everyone was busy. I did a little studying, washing the dishes, and found small ways to amuse myself until someone finally got home. It was Lin in her work uniform. Doubtless, she was only here to change before she went out.
“Itty-bitty Shenny-poo, shouldn’t you be in school?” Lin said, mockingly.
I couldn’t believe she was saying that.
“Lin, it’s Saturday.” I said, matter-of-factly.
She thought for a moment.
“Oh yeah. You’re right. Silly me.” She said.

Lin went into her room and changed into a blouse and jeans. When she came out she went to the kitchen to fix herself up a snack. I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I joined her. I didn’t eat much, though, just some warmed up canned soup.
“So, got any plans for the weekend?” Lin asked.
“Just hanging out with some friends tonight, maybe tomorrow too.” I said.
“Oh, that’s good. You don’t get out enough, you know that?” Lin said.
Soon afterwards, Dad came home and made Lin and I unload all the groceries from his car. He told us Mama was working late tonight too. Not much happened after that; just a typical lazy Saturday. Eventually, I told Dad that I wanted to go hang out at Sarah’s house today. I packed up a bag with some extra supplies, you know, wet wipes, a couple extra diapers, that sort of thing. I took it with me just in case. I hadn’t shit all day and had the feeling it might come out soon.

Dad drove me down to Sarah and dropped me off.
“Me or your mom will be here at eleven to pick you up unless you call and have to go home earlier.” He said.
I waved.
“Thanks, Dad. Bye!” I said.
I went into Sarah’s house.
“Ah, Shen, the gang’s all here!” Luke said as I entered.
He had already arrived earlier, apparently. Luke and Sarah were at the table eating some frozen pizza.
“So, like I was saying, what’s the edgiest thing you ever thought about?” Sarah asked to Luke, who I now noticed was smoking a marijuana cigarette.
Actually, Sarah had one too. I guess Luke had been persuasive enough this time. I sat down and joined them. Luke thought for a moment.
“I fantasize sometimes about going to the beach and burying a bunch of jerks from school up to their necks in sand...” He said.
“What? You can do better than that!” Sarah said.
“You didn’t let me finish. Then, I’d take a World War Two era tank, preferably one of those badass Panzers, and drive over them while their heads go pop!” Luke said.
Sarah laughed.
“That’s fucking sick!” She said.

I took a small piece of pizza. I wasn’t sure if my stomach could handle it, but it looked so good. Luke offered me a puff of his joint.
“Shen, you wanna try this? It’s good stuff.” He said.
I thought for a moment.
“Eh, I already smell like it from being in the room with you two. Why not?” I said.
“Yeah! I got Shen partying! Now we know it’s getting good!” Luke said.
I took the joint in my hand and inhaled slowly. Hot, irritating gas filled my lungs. I coughed fiercely, so hard my throat hurt. I decided then and there that smoking wasn’t for me. Luke patted me on the back and handed me a glass of water.
“You all right?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said, taking a sip of water.
“You want more?” He asked, offering me the joint again.
“No thanks, I’m good.” I said.

Sarah got us back onto the conversation.
“All right, my turn now. The edgiest thing I ever thought of was this time I wished I had psychic powers so I could use people like meat puppets and make them kill themselves.” Sarah said.
“That’s terrible. How the hell did you two get to talking about stuff like this?” I said.
“We played the alphabet game and got edgy results, so we’re seeing who’s edgiest.” Luke said.
He got out a half-sheet of paper. It read, “A: Adolf Hitler. B: Bloodletting. C: Clusterfuck. D: Damnation E: Exterminate…” It went on and on like that.
“So, Shen, you ever think of edgy shit?” Sarah asked.
“Well, of course I do. Who doesn’t?” I said.
“Then what’s the worst?” Sarah asked.

I thought about it for a few moments and said,
“Well, when I was younger, I used to fantasize about being a dictator of a little island, and slaughtering everyone who opposed me with a band of secret police. Actually, sometimes I still do.”
I saw Luke shrug.
“Fair enough. That’s probably a common one.” He said.
We talked about other stupid stuff and ate for a little bit. I finished my slice of pizza. I only ate one. Luke and Sarah had about three each. Then we went to Sarah’s TV to play some Street Fighter.

I did pretty well, for me anyway. Sarah still kicked both our asses pretty consistently, though. I did good against Luke because he was clearly stoned and had to stop to eat a bag of chips he brought. I actually won a couple matches against him. Things took a bad turn some time into the night, though. We were just talking about switching games to something else when I felt like my insides were on fire.

“Oh… Oh god, I don’t feel so good.” I moaned.
Sarah and Luke, unfortunately, had seen me like this before. They were very much aware of my condition, so this didn’t faze them much.
“You going to be okay, Shen?” Sarah asked.
I sat back.
“I… I don’t think that slice of pizza agreed with me.” I said.
Then, I vomited all over my shirt.
“Ew… Um… Why don’t you go to the bathroom. I’ll go get you a spare shirt from my room.” Sarah said.
She helped me to my feet and, being careful not to let me drip puke on her mom’s carpet, led me to her bathroom. I took off my puke-stained shirt, leaving only my bra covering my small breasts, and kneeled in front of the toilet in case I needed to puke again. I gagged a little, but nothing came out… from my mouth, that is. I did, however, gag so hard that I farted and leaked a little bit of diarrhea into my diaper. Sarah came in with a clean shirt just as I was pulling off my sweatpants. She ignored my state of undress, and handed me one of her extra shirts. She was a lot taller than me, so it was big, but it was better than nothing.

“Here, Shen. I’m sorry. You don’t need to ever return it.” Sarah said.
“Thanks, Sarah.” I said.
“Do you want me to call your mom to give you a ride home?” She asked.
“Yeah, I think so. Also, you know that bag I carried in with me? Can you bring it in here?” I said.
“Sure.” Sarah said.
She brought it right in and proceeded to call Mama. I took that time to remove my dirty diaper, clean myself up, and put on a new one. When I was all dressed and ready to go, I got my stuff together and waited by the door.
“You know, Shen, if you’re feeling up to it, my folks are still out of town for most of tomorrow. You’re welcome to come over again if you feel good.” Sarah said.
Luke added, “Yeah, and if you can find any weed bring some of that.”
“Shut the fuck up, hoe-bag.” Sarah said.
“Oh shit, the weed! Mama would kill me if she smelled it on me.” I said.
“Gotcha covered.” Sarah said.
She got out a canister of air freshener and sprayed me down from head to toes. I gave her a quick hug.
“Thanks, Sarah.” I said.
“Don’t mention it.” She replied.

Before I knew it, Mama came by to pick me up. I was feeling really bad, so I laid down in the back seat.
“You doing all right, Shen?” Mama asked.
“I think so.” I said.
“Did you have fun?” She asked.
“Before I puked my guts out, yeah.” I said.
Mama laughed.
“You got such an attitude sometimes. What do you want to do when you get home?” Mama asked.
“I think I just want to go to bed early.” I said.
Mama nodded her head.

I was feeling very weak when we got home. Mama helped me out of the car and carried my bag for me. I practically collapsed when I got to my bathroom. I quickly got out of my clothes and got in the shower. I still felt a little slimy from when I puked. I washed my mouth out too, since I could still taste it a little. I farted in the shower, and a little bit of diarrhea came out. My insides were still burning. I curled up in a pathetic little ball and cried for a bit as the warm water washed over me.

When I was finally done, I grabbed a towel to dry off and went out to my room. Mama was waiting for me with one of my night diapers in her hand.
“Ready?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said, weakly.
I dropped my towel and laid down on the changing mat in the bathroom. I was still a little damp from the shower. Mama took a hand towel and dried off my diaper area a little extra before she started. As she applied a bit of baby oil onto my butt, I let out a pained moan.
“What’s wrong, sweety?” Mama asked.
“It hurts.” I said.
“What hurts?” Mama asked.
“My insides.” I said.
Mama rubbed my tummy a bit. I think it made her feel better somehow. It didn’t really do anything for me, though.
“Do you think you have to poop?” Mama asked.
“I don’t know.” I said.
I was ready to cry now.
“Oh, Shen… Oh, Shen…” Mama said.
She rubbed my tummy a little more, and then folded and taped up my night diaper. She checked around my legs for potential leakage spots, and then helped me to my feet.

Just as I was about to get to my bed, a sudden urge hit me. I rushed to my trash can and puked again. Mama came over and patted me on the back.
“Honey, did you remember to take your anti-emetic today?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I squeaked.
She looked at me up and down for a moment before saying,
“Shen, you’ve probably lost a lot of water. You might be dehydrated by now. Before you go to bed, you should drink some fluids.” Mama said.
I wasn’t particularly thirsty, but I knew there was no use arguing with her. I just nodded my head and weakly ambled with her to the kitchen.

“What do you want to drink, dear?” Mama asked.
“Just water’s fine.” I said as I sat down at the table.
Mama set down a glass of water in front of me, and also pulled a trashcan nearby too, in case I still had more puke in me. I calmly sipped my water for a while; although it was so cold it hurt my gums a little. I had almost finished it when I suddenly felt even worse than before. I bent over the trash can and puked again. Mama came over to hold my hand and keep my hair out of the vomit stream. Upon holding my hand, she noted,
“Oh, you’re burning up. Let me get your temperature.”

I swished some water in my mouth to get the taste of vomit out. Mama came back with a thermometer and stuck is under my armpit.
“Oh, honey, you’ve got a fever of 102.” Mama said.
She patted my head sympathetically. I drank a few more sips of water, and then slowly walked back to bed. Mama called back to me,
“If you need anything, just say so.” I replied, weakly,
“Thanks… Mama.”

I woke up to Mama checking on me in the morning the next day. I was still very tired and feeling weak. My insides still hurt, especially my ass and my tummy. I smelled awful too. I had both wet and messed myself pretty badly over the night. Mama sat down next to my pillow.
“Feeling better?” She asked.
“No.” I said.
“Do you want to get up?” Mama asked.
I cried a little.
“No.” I said.
“Well, then, I’m going to change you.” Mama said.
I started to sit up.
“I can do it myself.” I said.
“Don’t be stupid, Shen. You’re too sick. I’ll handle it.” Mama said.
She took me out from under the covers and pulled me by the wrist to the changing mat in my bathroom. Mama got out the wet wipes and a fresh night diaper.

I wiggled a little in protest as Mama un-taped my diaper and started cleaning all the mess I had made. For some reason I was really humiliated by this right now, even more so than usual. Mama softly slapped my thigh.
“Quit squirming. You’re not ten.” She said.
I rubbed my eyes and cried. So much pain. So much humiliation. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just laid back and cried.

Mama cleaned me up thoroughly, sprayed soapy scent on me, and taped up a fresh diaper. She gave my ass a short squeeze to feel the extra padding my night diapers were known for.
“Come on, Shen. It’s time to take your pills before you go back to bed.” Mama said.
I waddled over to my bed and got out my pills. I was still crying a little. Mama handed me a glass of water, and used a tissue to wipe my eyes for me.
“Th… Thanks Mama.” I said after she wiped my eyes.
Mama smiled.
“Not a problem.” She said.
I took my three pills, as useless as they were, and got back under the covers of my bed. Despite all the pain I was in, I quickly fell back into a deep sleep.

I woke up again in an hour after having some disturbing fever dreams. I was dry and hadn’t shit myself, thankfully, but my insides were still killing me, and I was very thirsty. Carefully, I waddled out of my room to get a ginger ale. Mama and Dad weren’t home, but Lin was. She was wearing her favorite party dress and loading some beer into the fridge. I felt so pathetic next to her. My sister was so tall and beautiful and well-dressed. Here I was in the same room as her, short, plain, sickly, and wearing only a thick ugly diaper. I felt so ashamed, even though she saw me like this all the time.

“Little Shen, Mom told me you’ve been really sick lately. Are you feeling better?” Lin asked as I grabbed a ginger ale.
“No.” I simply said.
“Oh, that’s too bad. Mom and Dad said they were going to the pharmacy to get something for you.” Lin said.
As I waddled back to my room and got back under my covers, Lin followed me.
“Little Shen, you’d better get better soon, or else.” She said, threateningly.
I whimpered a little. I was genuinely afraid of her. Lin was terrifying when she was angry. She added,
“Mom said that if you don’t get better I’ll have to watch you for the night, and I’ve got a party to go to. Whatever the fuck they’re buying for you had better work.”
She made a fist and slammed it into her hand to punctuate this. I whimpered again, and took a sip of my ginger ale. Lin left and closed my door behind her.

I slept some more, although my insides still hurt like hell. Later, Mama came in with a small bag from the pharmacy in her hand.
“Shen, wake up. Are you feeling better?” Mama asked.
“A little.” I said, sitting up.
Mama made a disgusted face.
“Oh, Shen, you pooped again, didn’t you.” Mama said.
I felt the cold diarrhea on my butt. I nodded ashamedly.
“Well, I have something that I hope will help you. Here, take this.” Mama said, handing me a pill bottle.
I read the label. It was a suppository.
“I have a theory, Shen. You usually go into pain like this when you have to poop, so I got you this to see if there’s something in there that needs to come out. Try it.” Mama said.

Mama helped me to my feet and led me to my bathroom. She closed the door, although there was no real reason to. Any sense of reservations over nudity I had around her had been dead for years. I took off my dirty diaper, sat on the toilet, and pushed one of the capsules into my ass. It was a large capsule, and was very uncomfortable to insert. On the upside, once inside me it melted quickly.
“Is it working?” Mama called out.
I didn’t answer her. I just sat on the toilet in silence. Then, it hit me. A sudden urge swept across my body and my ass practically exploded. I farted loud and long. At first, nothing came out, but then a small, thin, squishy, but solid turd splashed into the water. It was the first time I had shit a solid turd in years. My eyes went wide, and I almost immediately felt better.

“Mama? Hey, Mama?” I called out.
Mama rushed into my bathroom. I moved to the edge of the toilet seat so she could see.
“Look, it’s solid.” I said completely puzzled.
Mama looked just as surprised as I did.
“Well, maybe your body just had trouble moving it because it was solid. Maybe you can’t poop solid anymore.” Mama said.
I frowned.
“Yeah, probably.” I said.
It kind of hurt to think that I couldn’t poop solid anymore without some kind of drug assistance. I didn’t like thinking about it, but I knew the odds were I would have explosive diarrhea for the rest of my life.
“I’m feeling a lot better now.” I said.
Mama patted my head.
“Good girl. Why don’t you take a shower and get dressed, then.” Mama said.
I nodded my head and went to my dresser to pick out some clothes.

I took a quick shower, diapered myself, and put on a shirt and sweat pants. I checked the time and saw that it was only 3 o’clock. I still had some time to hang out with Luke and Sarah. I went to go get a snack first, though. I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I ate a quick toasted bagel and asked Mama about getting a ride to Sarah’s house.
“I don’t know… I guess if you feel up to it, sure. If you need to go home earlier, go ahead and call me. Otherwise, I’ll come pick you up at ten.” She said.
Right, my bedtime was ten tonight. Tomorrow was Monday, a school day. I packed up my bag full of supplies, grabbed Sarah’s shirt I had borrowed yesterday, and headed out.

When I got to Sarah’s house, she and Luke were in the middle of taunting her pet cat, Sergio, by whacking him in the face with a feather duster.
“Shen, glad you could make it.” Luke said.
“Here you go, Sarah. Thanks, again.” I said, handing Sarah her shirt back.
“Anytime Shen any… Hey, this sort of smells. Did you remember to wash it?” Sarah said.
“Oops…” I said.
She wasn’t mad at me in the slightest, she just sort of wished she didn’t have to go through the trouble of doing the laundry.

I sat down to pet Sergio the cat, but he ran off as soon as I approached him. I like animals, but they generally fear me for some reason.
“So, Shen, did you bring any pot?” Luke said.
I glared at him.
“What do you fucking think?” I said.
Sarah decided to pile onto the Luke abuse with me.
“Yeah, hoe-bag bitch boy? What do you fucking think?” Luke stammered a little.
“Ah… Uh… I’m being optimistic?” He suggested, smiling.
I smiled back, but it was an evil smile. I was going to take out all of my sadness and frustration on him that I had accumulated over the past many hours.

I drew my foot back and started viciously kicking Luke’s shins.
“You burnout hippy dumbass! Why the hell would I have pot on me? Where the hell would I even get it? Is stupid drugs all you fucking think about?!?” I screamed, smiling like a demon.
It was all in good fun, of course. I wasn’t actually trying to hurt him.
“Yeah, Shen! Kick his ass! You tell him!” Sarah shouted.
I kept kicking Luke’s shins until he tried to get away and I accidentally got him in the balls. It wasn’t very forceful, but it was enough to make him kneel.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry.” I said, faking sincerity.
Actually, kicking his balls was just as fun.
“It’s… It’s all right. Apology accepted.” Luke gasped.

We mostly just goofed around after that. We played some Street Fighter, we took turns throwing things at Luke, we talked about stupid shit, I ate some crackers and Sprite when I got hungry, and all in all it was a lot of fun. Around eight thirty we had to start cleaning up before Sarah’s parents got back. It was mostly a matter of taking out the trash and vacuuming while Sarah sprayed the place down with lemon scent to get rid of the lingering marijuana stench from yesterday. Luke just sat around on his fat ass while I did most of the work. Finally, at nine, a little bit earlier than I would have liked, I had to call Mama to take me home. Sarah’s parents would be back any minute now, and I technically wasn’t supposed to be there without their permission.

I went home and hung around my room reading one of my fantasy novels until Mama came in.
“Bedtime, Shen.” She said.
I put down my book and went to the changing mat in my bathroom. I took off all my clothes, and noted that my old diaper was still dry and clean. Usually I’d mess myself at some point before getting changed into a night diaper. Maybe after all I’d been through that day there just wasn’t any shit left in my body?

Mama diapered me up pretty quick this time. She even rushed through checking my legs for potential leakage sites. After she was done, I awkwardly waddled over to my bed and laid down. Mama sat next to me and stroked my hair.
“You know, Shen, I was really worried about you today. Your father and I were afraid we’d have to take you to the hospital again.” Mama said.
I shuddered a little at the thought. I hated the hospital. It was always cold and they wanted to poke me with needles and put in IV’s all the time. For a long time I had a scar on my arm from a botched IV insertion from when I was twelve. Also, the hospital gowns were itchy and nurses tended to treat me like a baby because of my… diaper problem.

“I’m glad I feel better too, Mama.” I said.
Mama smiled. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and a hug.
“Good-night, Shen.”
“Good-night, Mama.” I said.
She turned out the lights and left. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up for a glass of water around two in the morning. I waddled my way over to the kitchen and found Lin there with a glass of water of her own. She was still wearing her favorite party dress, but it was wrinkled now. Her hair was messed up, her makeup was splotched, and she apparently wasn’t wearing a bra, since her neckline was showing a lot more cleavage than I would ever be comfortable with. She also smelled like beer and sweat. She slurred,
“Hey, little Shenny-sh… Shenny-shit! Ha, that’s a good one.”
“Go to bed, Lin. You’re drunk.” I said.
She became offended at this for some reason.
“I may be drunk, but you’re a naked ass bitch!” Lin said, poking her fingernail into my bare nipple.
She dug in a little, and it hurt, but I didn’t show it. She added,
“And I’ll be sober tomorrow, but you’ll still be a naked ass bitch! Ha!” Lin laughed.
“Don’t you have to go to your classes tomorrow?” I said, taking my glass of water to my room.
“Aw, this is nothing. I was drunk all last semester and I made the fucking Dean’s List! I can get as drunk as I want, and I’m still a damn genius, you know that?” Lin said.
I grumbled at her and went back to bed. I sipped my water one last time before falling asleep, and I wondered just how smart she was and what Lin would be like if she applied herself one-hundred percent at school instead of getting drunk every weekend.

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