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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Other · #2076156
Two friends, a pact that has lasted a lifetime. But is it time to break it?
It finally happened, the pact we had made when we were children was about to be honoured. We stood hand in hand staring down at the concoction we had caused, through our line of vision it seemed we were positioned right next to a black hole, ready to punish any stupid person who shall lose their grip.
We listened to the mixture of conversations, people wailing frantically; mostly family or people we've been raised to love, their commercial words falling on deaf ears.

Lights from paramedics and police cut through the silence of the dark pastel-coloured sky, it seemed they were expecting a show, waiting till they hear the splat before pointing the finger at random innocent people.

I closed my eyes in preparation for what would happen next, a bright light appeared.
At first I saw nothing, then suddenly I saw everything.
My best friend stared back at me, her eyes sparkling like sun clearing a path over a smoky stream of water, her auburn hair dangling next to her ears like wires hanging from a lose cable.

"Jess, I don't want to go through life alone, promise me we'll always be together"
"I promise Maisie"

I didn't see her lips move but the echoing words billowed around her, I reached out my hand in reassurance to comfort her aching soul, no sooner had I done this then the white light had appeared to disconnect us. It carried the image of our past selves away with it and instead replaced it with the memory of a few years ago.

Maisie lay dying in a hospital bed, beside her were neither her mum nor dad, just me. The doctor announced that the overdose had worked it's way into her bloodstream and she would die from septicaemia within 24 hours, again no movement whatsoever. Of course the diagnosis was incorrect, Maisie did suffer from low case of septicaemia but recovered within two months.
I watched my friend's stiff body as she lay in a coma, on the verge of death.
The bright light appears again, it carries me away from my best friends side and drops me off on Maisie's 18th birthday, the only gift she receives from her parents are vicious beatings and low self esteem, that is however until I turn up at her house bringing with support...and an iPod.
However it turned out that Maisie's parents did have a present for her, a final goodbye to her younger self. That was the day that Maisie lost her home and her family, a child off the streets with nothing but a small bag of clothes, from their family to ours, we welcomed Maisie.

The white light appeared again, this time lasting longer then usual. It passed with the memories and unfroze time once more, it took a minute for me to work out what was happening.
"You ready?" I would have probably sounded unsure, but Maisie had been planning this day since her 8th birthday.
"NO, I can't let you do this" The pact wasn't what was holding us together.
"Jessica please, don't deny me this, as my soul mate don't deny me my wish" her pleading eyes the size of a child's when pleading to get a new toy or puppy.
"I can't....I just can't"
"Fine then I'll do it myself" with a quick tug she unleashed her grip and jumped.
"NO" I tried to grab her but it was too late, she was already on the ground... Ten feet below. I watched as people crowded around the body relieved to finally see some action. People to size of ants buzzing around, the body being strolled into an ambulance and away from my life.
Whenever I close my eyes now the bright light takes me to that partial memory...and only that memory.
Throughout Maisie's life it appeared she had no one to love her, well she was wrong. Since that day a new pact has been made, a promise to love myself.
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