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My vocation
In levitation
Is amazing
And I can't get off this ceiling

Pashsmashing artex
Lionel Ritchie's voice is screeching

To me,
Gravity has been defeated,
Laws of science cheated
Body aching from the over-use of expletives
Oh fuck if this house went convertible, heavens only where I'd float to?

Is there life on Mars,
The truth is beyond the chimney
Cannot bear,
In the air,
Oh God please keep the filling between me and the sky from mould and mouth!

Door slams. You reverse in.
Please do not ask me what is up,
The irony will induce physical harm
And torture!
Lots of torture,
To me,
To you,
For asking a lost tourist if they are lost,
From asking a sheep if it is a sheep,
From asking

Oh your stupidity makes me hiss!
As you stand underneath me
Asking what am I doing up here,
I don't know,
As you ogle my rump. I wish maybe.
To me, to you
Sightseeing under the Grand Canyon,
I'll just put you behind me not literally maybe and grit my teeth as always oops

I wish to mute on you, my vacant critique-in-chief! Eat that rich feedback, leech!

Now I know how Icarus felt
(No I don't. He liked it.)
Is it YOU who put me up here,
But skewiff, hung all wonky
Like a picture of sand and sunset that was hung up by someone who had absolutely no notion of keeping picture frames parallel to the floor? Dolt
Was your face lopsided, your thoughts one-sided, as you
hung me up for exposure - but for whom? And did you?

Last time I dream while becoming nude; Sister warned me about resulting accidents. (Yes, but I liked them. AHA Icarus is appropriate!)

So if you see any sand on the floor,
It's all your fault.
I am blameless u cunt,
Hope it's quicksand and you go through the floor,
Earth's core.
Highs and lows
Get down!
Going down

If I ran East and you swam West, if we did not perish then we would renew again one day,
In a flash, in a crash
Of fate and hate
This is better, much better!
If I float through the ceiling and you fall through ze floor, give my regards to Beelzebub,
because I can't take your questions herbivore
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