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A children'spoem about cats at night
What Cats Do at Night

I was walking under twinkling starlight,
suddenly I see them, so lit up and bright!
Look! I see four cats sitting under a tree
while they drink a cup of English tea!

They are enjoying yummy scones and jam,
with tiny sandwiches of cucumbers and ham!
Wait! I see two more over to the right
having fun playing ball in the moonlight!

One, with a bat, hits the ball so high,
another, with a glove, makes a nose dive!
Oh my! I see a single cat near the house
he is nicely playing with a bold mouse!

They are playing a game of hide and seek;
the mouse is happy and not at all meek!
Goodness! I see two cats near the brook
it looks like they are reading a book!

The little cat is reading carefully aloud,
Mama listens to baby and is so proud!
Mercy, there are six cats in tutus in a line,
twirling in precision in pirouettes so fine!

Three cats are in that clump of grass,
playing small instruments made of brass!
One plays flute, one a French horn,
one a piccolo, they will play until morn!

Now you know the cats' special secrets,
as to where they dance, where they sit,
what they eat and what games they play,
during dark nights when they are away!

(28 Lines)

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