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What I'm looking for.
There she is. Look at her. She doesn't need to wear jewelry. She is a jewel. She doesn't need to wear make-up. Her skin glows with natural health. She's the same age I am give or take a few years. She might need to use a little blush or concealer but never excessive. She has natural beauty.

There she is. Look at her. She's wearing her long hair tied back in a scarf, not to cover it but because she doesn't need to waste time primping. She's wash and wear. Tie it back to keep it out of her eyes and she's ready to go. She's wearing a simple, white, sleeveless blouse with blue jeans and sneakers. She's not wearing a bra or if she is, it's a basic bra. She doesn't need a push up bra to make her breasts perky. She let's them sag and that's alright. She doesn't need to impress me.

There she is. Look at her. She hasn't done anything to "improve" her body. She doesn't hide her gray hair. Alright, maybe she puts a little color in her hair, some colorful highlights but she doesn't cover her hair in artificial color. The silver in her hair is precious to me. It's her badge of honor and she is comfortable with her age. She is happy to have accomplished a long life. She has wisdom to share with the younger women. She is to be honored.

There she is. Look at her. She's reading a Bible. She doesn't need a man to interpret it for her. She doesn't need a man to lead her to God. She approaches God all on her own. Look at her pray. Watch her study. Honor her wisdom for she is worthy of much honor. A husband is not her first priority.

There she is. Look at her. Now she's working with her hands. With a shovel in her hands, she plants a garden. She buys the supplies and she decides what to plant. With a rifle in her hand, she guards her home. She doesn't need me but I need her. What do I need to do to be worthy of her?

There she is. Look at her. She rallies the people together. She speaks up. She votes. Justice is her cry. "Make the laws right." She is courageous.

There she is. Look at her. I rely on her wisdom. I seek out her counsel. I may make the decisions but I want to make decisions that are informed by her. She is my lighthouse. She lights my feet so that I don't stumble. I'd be a fool without her. As I fight against the world and take a stand for justice, she's got my back.

There she is. Look at her. Making sacrifices to serve and help others, she's heroic. I aim to be her equal.
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