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by Logan
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Political · #2076207
A long political poem

If you’re not part of the cure
You’re part of the disease
In black and white so pure
You can do just what you please
If not with us, you’re against us
In the grey we plot conspire
No room for free thinkers
This space is not for hire
Just sign on the dotted line
No need to read the print
Trust us, everything is fine,
it makes sense if you squint
We’re going to gas a hornets nest,
and only wasps will die
They’ll disregard their martyrs’ deaths,
and peaceful doves will fly
It sounds like a good story
On the page it sounds so right
An entrance with no exit,
no strategy in sight
Whilst seeds sowed in our gardens,
await the bombs to drop
The fallout it will harden
An already too firm crop
Such wars, they have their seasons
Its ignorance we farm
Strange bedfellows, strange reasons
A pattern of self harm,
in ill advised rash rendezvous
That always seem to stray
Ambushed by the silverware
We sold back in the day
And at this time of spending
With funds already lean,
We can’t afford the gifts your sending
The hypocrisy’s obscene
As shepherds in flak jackets
Make such targets of their flocks
From the safety of planned private jets
Filled with pigs and cocks
Flying round in safety
With all their fat cat friends
Funded from the coffers
Of the sheep locked in the pens
As the babies, spit their dummies
Quite rightly out the pram,
situations call for bigger
A larger, greater man
They call for saner people
To hem a seam, so frayed
Darkness can’t fight darkness
That’s where shadows play
A game bereft of victors
With casualties unbound
Targeted they pick us
The media has found
Conscripted vengeful soldiers
On either side they weigh
Dodging mines in no-man’s land
The thoughtful people pray
Pray to gods of common sense
Fundamental beliefs lack
Blood debts mass in recompense
They want their eyes, teeth back
We pray that they won’t do it
We pray that they might see
In irony, we fight for peace,
… Fuck for virginity!
We bathe in oxy moron’s truths
Shells shower… mortar see
… If we’re not with you, we’re against you?
… That’s good enough for me!
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