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Good versus bad is one thing. But good versus evil is much worse.

Becoming a SpaceVillain – the Hard Way

     “In only a few more hours I’m going to become a SpaceVillain.” Kallan sat in a tall, beautify decorated with gems all over it, chair in the center of a raised stage overlooking a large room full of rows of chairs.

     At least half of those chairs were occupied. The other half was getting filled by the second. They entered from an open entrance in the rear of that room. When they do they find their seat with their names hovering above it. After they sit down that hovering name disappears.

     “You’re not going to become a SpaceVillain,” said Dallane. “You are a Super Villain. And you always will be.”

     The voice of Dallane came beside Kallan. Kallan had to look up when he spoke to Dallane. Which indicated Dallane stood beside Kallan. “After I take over this planet The League of SpaceVillains will have to make me a SpaceVillain too.”

     “I don’t even know how you because a Super Villain. You’re not evil enough to because a SpaceVillain.” That voice belonged to Pallan. He must had been standing on the other side of Kallan because he had to look up at Pallan too. Which he did every time one of them spoke to him.

     “You’re wrong about that. I am evil. I’ll prove that if one, or more, of the Representatives coming here today to surrender doesn’t show up. They will pay with their lives.”

     “How are you going to do that?” Dallane asked.

     Before Kallan could answer that question Pallan continued. “You don’t even have a weapon to use against them. They think that you do. But you don’t.”

     “They don’t know that.” Kallan smiled big, evil, as he looked out at the Representative of Gavim.


     When the Representative entered that room they had to come through the only entrance into that room. Two uniformed fighters, armed with long weapons, stood on both sides of that entrance. One had his weapon in hand. The other one had hers on her back. She viewed a monitor next to the entrance.
Vanic pushed one button on a small box on his side of that entrance. Then turned the one next to it. “We just got word. The last of the shuttles have arrived.”

     Up on the raised platform Kallan pushed one of the red gems that decorated each side on both arms of his chair. “That’s good to hear. The sooner they all get here the better. Did all of them chose to come up to my spaceship?”

     Borella tapped the monitor that had an image of a female Representative, that had just walked through that entrance, on it before she spoke. Another image appears as a male walked through that entrance. “Three didn’t come: Island twelve, eighteen and forty-three.”

     Kallan had another big, evil, smile on his face. “Good. We will start by destroying those islands. Once I do that the other two hundred and thirty-seven island will surrender without me having to kill any more Gavims.”

     “You can’t do that!” That shocked voice came from Pallan. “That would be mass murder.”

     “Yes, it would – wouldn’t it. But that’s what SpaceVillains do. They kill people.”

     For several minutes’ no one spoke. The only voices came from the Representatives. Who mumbled among themselves. Finally, Dallane did. “That’s over fifty million Gavims combined. Most of them females and Young Ones.”

     “How do you plan on doing that?” Pallan asked. “You don’t have the weapon you claimed that you have.”

     “The same way I did it when I first came here. I placed several small MiniBombs all over each island. They weren’t enough to kill too many Gavims. But it did kill a few – thousand. The MiniBombs were only to show the Gavims the power of the weapon I had to destroy their whole planet if I didn’t get what I wanted. Which was Gavim itself.”

     “You need to stop this madness before it’s too late. And you have to stop it now.” Dallane said with sadness in her voice.

     For about a minute Kallan didn’t respond to Dallane. Then he finally did. “The MiniBombs I have planted on those three island, and all the others too, are ten times bigger than the ones I already set off. They will destroy those islands, and the Gavims on them, no matter how big they are.”


     It’s almost an hour later before that discussion began. Kallan stood up to address the Representatives there. “SILENCE.” It took them several minutes before they did. But one by one they all did it.

     “All of you can see that three of your Representatives decided not to show up.” Kallan looked at each hovering name above three of the chairs. The Representatives around them did the same thing.

     “To prove the power of my weapon I will destroy those islands first. If you still choose not to surrender to me after that then your islands will be next.”

     Kallan sat back down. He tapped a blue gem. On a giant monitor behind him his spaceship appeared. Coming out of that spaceship a bright multi-colored lighted funnel descended. Kallan tapped a green gem.

     A few seconds later three very loud explosions could be heard. Next a silver gem got tapped. And the images of three completely destroyed islands appeared on that monitor. There was so much smoke, fires and destruction that it was impossible to see what they used to look like.

     “I will give you a few hours to discuss your surrender. I’m hungry and tired. I’ll see you then with your decisions.” Kallan got up and walked off that platform alone. No one else was on that platform but him. There never was anyone else.

     Just as he was about to leave Kallan turned back toward his chair. “Are you two coming with me?” Standing there were two individuals who looked exactly like Kallan. The only difference between them was one of them was a female.

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