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by Al.T
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What is the most serious Medical issue facing human kind.
Subject: The Most Serious Medical issue
25 Feb. 2016

Scientists and doctors have presented many topics as the most serious medical issues on the table in 2016. Issues such as Obesity, Cancer, HIV, Ebola, the list is endless. However the most underlying medical issue which is the root of all human sufferings has been mainly left untouched to the extent that it has been accepted as an unchangeable reality of human kind.
I recently paid a visit to India to see an old friend who teaches in a secondary school in Delhi. My flight landed at 2 am and by the time I was passed through custom and was shaking hand with my Indian friend it was 3 am. As we rode to his house in Nezamoudin St, I saw a scene which will never fade from my mind. As soon as we passed the beautiful boulevard leading to the Airport and reached down town Delhi the side walks where packed with a long row of people sleeping in a sardine like manner for miles. The teacher said every meter of these sidewalks is reserved!
The most serious medical issue in my view is POVERTY. If you take the lead and research the root cause of most serious diseases in recent years, more than 85% boil down to poverty as the underlying root. Serious medical issues such as: Drugs, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Violence, Environment, Immunization and Health Care have only one cause. I never forget the report of an incident in which an emergency patient was refused admission to the hospital unless the family proved they could pay for the hospital expenses. This case occurred in a country rich with billions of dollars in oil revenue. It's time to force our eyes open on realities around us.

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