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Callie and Lucy explore

Callie left her home, and went to visit her friend Lucy. She was delighted to update her about her boyfriend Lance, and their plans to wed soon. Lucy was happier about it than Callie had expected her to be.

“So did you finally fuck him?” Lucy asked, being outspoken as always.

“Yea, and it was incredible! So tender, so loving. I had the best orgasm ever!”

“Good for you. I hope you stay happy with him. You should introduce me to him.”

“I will soon, promise. Just keep you hands off him. I know how wild you are.”

No promises,” Lucy said with a smile. “Hey would you take a shower with me? Been wanting to ask, but never got around to it. And with you moving in with him, well...”

“Sure I guess. It's not like I've never seen you naked. We did shower in school gym class.”

Callie was a little apprehensive as she stepped into the shower with Lucy. The warm spray from the shower head felt great as she cleaned her body. It was different not showering alone. It reminded her of the school gym showers, and she recalled looking at the other girls and feeling some attraction. As they cleaned up, their bodies occasionally rubbed together in the small glass door shower. Callie became fascinated watching Lucy rub her breasts with soapy water. And when Lucy reached between her legs, Callie resisted the urge to do the same. She was relieved when Lucy did not touch herself sexually, and rinsed off.

After drying off, they went into Lucy's room and sat on the bed.

Lucy said, “I wish my parents could face the fact that I'm into having sex with women. I like it with boys too, but have a certain admiration for girls.”

“Oh . . . ” Callie blushed. “You never told me that before, but it's okay. I just never realized it for some reason.”

“I never thought you would be into it.”

“I have to admit some curiosity,” Callie replied.

Callie's words were stopped when Lucy kissed her. It started out gentle and hesitant, then quickly turned into mouth-grinding passion. It seemed to last forever as they explored with lips and tongues. Callie felt wonderful, and her excitement was tinged with just enough fear to heighten her arousal.

Almost without conscious effort, her hands began moving over Lucy's amazing body, cataloging each curve. Lucy had long blonde hair, and full breasted with a slender waist that emphasized her womanly figure. As Callie explored with delight, she wondered what Lucy thought of her own lean body with smaller breasts. She took Lucy's soft moans to mean approval as they kissed with a promise of possibly a lot more to come.

“This is so great!” Lucy said happily, “Just the way I imagined it would be with you.”

Callie smiled and replied, “Really? You have thought about being with me?”

“Since Junior High. Many nights in my dreams.”

Lucy kissed Callie again, this time moving her hands down Callie's back and cupping her firm buttocks.

“What beautiful skin you have,” Lucy stated. “So soft and creamy, I wish I didn't have to wear a bra. I like how perky your boobs are.”

“Thanks, but I admire your tits also. I wish mine were a little bigger.”

“Yea, I know some guys like to slide their cocks between mine. Sometimes they even cum while doing it. I actually enjoy that.”

She gently caressed Callie's hardened nipples, then bent and kissed one breast, sucking lightly at the crowning point. Her own breasts were already swollen with passion, with pink nipples that stood out asking for caresses. Callie held them, enjoying their weight in her palms. Callie brought Lucy back up for another long passionate kiss, the feeling of skin against skin being almost breathtaking.

“Do you remember the times we masturbated together that time?” Lucy asked.

“Oh yea. I really enjoyed that. Too bad we never touched each other.”

“I don't want to rush anything,” Lucy said. “But I really want to make love to you.”

“Then do it,” Callie replied.

Callie rubbed her face over Lucy's breasts, licking each nipple in turn. She hoped that making love with Lucy would be a continuing adventure, but she wasn't going to worry about it yet. Lucy brought her face up, and kissed her as their tongues danced together. Callie gingerly kneaded the firm curves of Lucy's ass.

“I am so turned on right now,” Callie remarked.

“Me too. And it will only get better, I promise.”

Lucy went down to her knees, and ran her tongue along Callie's legs from knees up to thighs. Callie giggled in delight, then backed away. She then guided Lucy back on the bed, and they looked at each other as more than just friends for the first time. Their arms wrapped around each other as they pressed together from noses to entwined feet. Hands moved sensuously over backs, sides, buttocks, and thighs. Then Lucy kissed Callie's throat from chin to collarbone. Callie loved the heat and passion of her new lover. She was breathing hard and each kiss, lick, and nibbling bite made her arousal higher.

“Do you know want to do?” Lucy asked softly.

“Yeah.” Callie moaned. “Hurry.”

“No way. I am going to make you wait.”

Lucy sucked on one nipple as Callie shuddered at the sudden shot of pleasure. She ran her hands into Lucy's silky hair, letting the strands slide through her fingers. Lucy moved lower, applying soft kisses and licks at Callie's firm belly. Callie's hips pushed up almost commandingly, but Lucy continued to take her time, causing Callie to breathe in sharp, hard gasps which then became moans. Lucy combed her fingers through Callie's thick pubic hair, pausing to remark positively at the softness of the dense curls. She then blew on them gently.

“Please don't tease me!” Callie begged.

Lucy replied with a giggle, “Teasing is fun. But I won't let you down.”

Callie spread her legs further apart as Lucy’s wandering fingers trailed up and down her thighs. She seemed to ignore the demanding movements of Callie's hips, causing even higher arousal.

“You have to know,” Lucy said softly. “Doing this to you is making me crazy. But I don't want it over too soon.”

They kissed for a while, maintaining the heat between them, but not fanning it any higher. Then Callie asked Lucy to let her up, and Lucy released her.

Callie said, “Lay on your stomach.”

Callie looked over her friend's beautiful body, and suddenly found it hard to breathe. Lucy's skin was all golden tanned, except where it faded to a lighter color in places that the sun never saw. Slowly Callie reached out and ran her index finger from the nape of Lucy's neck down to her firm ass. Then she bent over and began licking her finger's path, pausing shortly on occasion to explore.

Kisses at the curve of Lucy's waist brought giggles from each woman. When Callie reached the back of Lucy's knees, her female lover was quivering, and the moans grew steadily louder. She reached up and began massaging the perfect ass cheeks while her mouth continued its slow exploration. Callie eased Lucy's long legs apart and spread her labia gently with the tips of her fingers. She probed it softly and Lucy jumped as if she'd been shot.

“I guessed you might like this,” Callie said as she eased her middle finger into the wet furnace of Lucy's intimate orifice. “How does this feel?”

“Fabulous.” Lucy responded. “Please don't stop!”

“I won't,” Callie promised as her finger began to explore.

Lucy writhed and tossed her head from side to side when Callie touched her pleasure spot with the end of her tongue. Callie instinctively played with it using tickling touches, sucking, flicking and teasing. She was pleased and surprised when Lucy stiffened and cried out in an explosive climax. Callie waited until the pulsing slowed down, then started in again.

Lucy's fingers pulled at Callie's hair as Callie eagerly worked to provide a repeat orgasm that was not long in arriving. Lucy moaned as her body shivered from a second climax. With delicate care, Callie eased her fingers out of Lucy's tight cocoon, and slowly spread the moisture across her own belly, leaving a glistening trail.

Callie was desperately horny at that point, quivering with her own need, but she managed a sexy smile to respond to Lucy's dazed one.

“My turn.” She whispered.

“You're so amazing.” Lucy whispered. “I've never felt so good.”

Callie laid onto her back as Lucy started with a long, lush kiss, exploring Callie's mouth thoroughly. Eventually Lucy moved away commenting that she tasted her own juices on Callie's tongue.

“I'm gonna pleasure you, but in a little different way.”

Callie had an idea of what that meant, and was eager to find out. Each thought of what Lucy was promising sent jolts of sensation through her belly and between her legs. It was all she could do to keep from touching herself, even though the release from masturbation would be good. But she knew Lucy would give her that, and she surrendered her body to her best friend.

Using just the slightest touch, Lucy ran the pads of her fingers along Callie's collarbone, then to her shoulders and back. Lucy's hands moved so lightly they almost weren't touching over Callie's body using back and forth,motions, along with circles and other patterns.

“Hang on to the bedspread if you have to, but don't touch,” Lucy instructed.

Soft licks worked their way down Callie's small breasts. The sensual touches caused both nipples to harden to erect points.

“Lucy, this is making me crazy.” Callie moaned.

“I know. But you'll like it when I'm through. I promise.”

Each touch was like a erotic fire, and Callie felt like she couldn't stand it. After a long exploration, Lucy moved to Callie's waist and stomach. Callie could feel her muscles contracting under the delicate fingers. Her body felt alive, and she wanted to see how far Lucy would take it. All she knew was how much she needed sexual release from the gentle torture.

“Lucy, please... please do something."

“Not yet.” Lucy replied as her fingers traced Callie's arms, from armpits to the palms of her hands.

Callie realized that the ache between her legs had become a raging fire, and became the focus of all her attention. Callie didn't hear herself begging her lover for relief until she was nearly shouting for it. Her legs opened and her knees bent as Lucy's fingers reached their goal, touching everywhere but her highly excited nub. Callie thrust her hips up in demand and Lucy sent her tongue where Callie needed it to be, but never quite reaching the goal. Callie grabbed Lucy's hair to force the pleasure but Lucy drew away.

Callie's moans resembled sobs by the point Lucy took pity on her. It took just a few swipes of her tongue across the rigid clitoris until Callie's body exploded in orgasm. The throbbing, tingling, and pleasurable feelings surged through her. But it didn't end there.

Lucy began licking and sucking eagerly, and Callie's first orgasm was quickly followed by another, and another. Callie's moans changed to pleas to stop. Her body was pleasured way past anything she could stand. Her heart slowed, and her breathing calmed, as she wondered how she would ever again feel something so wonderful. Lucy's head rested on the pillow of Callie's abdomen, her fingers sliding through the silky pubic hair.

“Oh, Lucy, that was so wonderful.”

Lucy sat up and turned away so Callie couldn't see her face. “That was the greatest thing and this might be the only time we ever do it since you are moving in with Lance.”

“Well I am sure this will happen more. I can stay the night, and we can make out a few more times.”

“Sounds like a great plan Callie.”

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