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A poem comparing snowflakes and angels
Snowflakes and angels

Softly falling snowflakes
silent whispers surround,
like heaven’s angels
around you abound.

Snowflakes glisten under
moonlight’s platinum glow,
angels brilliant rays
radiating from halos.

No two snowflakes alike
nature’s intricate lace,
countenance of angels
each with a unique face.

A snowflake on face
one can gently feel,
the brush of angel’s wing
like snow is just as real.

Snowflakes adrift in winds
surround in flurries,
angels using same winds
make their earthly journeys
Snowflakes kissed by gray skies
give an ethereal glow,
angel’s imperceptible kiss
embeds in your soul.

A solitary snowflake
so pristine and white,
multitudes of angels
so pure and bright.

Face uplifted
to snowflakes descent,
souls uplifted
when angels are present.

Beauty of snowflakes
in comparison pales,
as celestial presence
will always prevail.

Snow on the wings of the wind
its cacophonic melody enchants,
scores of angels are heralded
through ageless Gregorian chants.

But snowflakes have finite days
warming makes snow go away,
while all that is Holy is infinite
winged messengers forever stay.

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