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Part two of A broken heart. I hoped you enjoyed!
Two surly bodyguards carried Mark and hurled him through the rocky surface. Mark rolled and land with arms wide open.
He shook his head and recalled that he need to defeat Bill again. He will not stop until Bill passes out. Mark stands and staggered in front of the pub gate. He scowls at Bill. Bill ignores him while talked to the client. Before Mark can enter, the two guards blocks him.

"Are you gonna disturb my business now?"
said Mark while hiccuping.

"Drunkards are not allowed." said One of the guards scowling at his gaze.

"He stole my wife! If it is not him, I would not be a madman!" Mark yells.

"She was precious to me, Shelia, lovely angel." Mark mutters in silence.

The guards stays stagnant and ignored the drunk man. Mark pointed his finger while nodding, holding the bottle, maybe trying to offer the guards a drink. The guards showed a chilling expression. Mark spits out expletives to them. He shoved them away but they are too solid to be broken.

"Don't block me!" Mark shrieked

"Sir, you are too drunk." one of them said

"I need to find my wife again!" Mark replied

"She must know that brat's real motive!" Mark raises his voice

"Bill is the boss and also the bartender here. We cannot betray him for a mere person. Stop or we will expunge you." warned by them.

"Do you know how he cheated Shelia? He is planning to marry her and...AND kill HER!" said Mark

"Your marital failure has nothing for us to care about." said the guard without a slight empathy

"How about if your wife got stolen by a friend that you trust in, how will she feel?" said Mark trying to explain his feelings.

"If she got to know that she had been lied, how will she feel?! Tell me!" said Mark starting to feel impatient

The guards resisted Mark from charging into the pub again. Bill went to through the back way with a sign "TOILET". Mark grasps the chance to brainwash the guards and ambush Bill. He talks again.

"Hey, your watch looks nice." said Mark while peeking into the entrance.

"This is the new Rolex watch. Look." said the guard while boasting to Mark and the other guard.

The guard with the watch showed the applications available. His partner asks more about the watch. Mark, at first pretended that he is fascinated with his watch and wait for the right timing. As the guard stands unsecured, Mark sneaked around them and pushed enter the pub.
Bill swerved and sat down at the counter to rest. He took his mobile phone and played some games. Mark went towards the table and salvaged a knife from a basket. As Mark slowly walked until he reaches Bill, the client there took his key and exits. Bill giggled.

"In your face, ninny." He utters.

Mark looked away when Bill glances around to watch the crowd. He scanned Mark's body and suspected him. He acted on with his mobile phone. Mark is uneased when Bill scowls at his back. Without walking back, he continues. Bill moves his eyes upwards a little to focus on Mark. Mark went into the counter nearby the toilet. He looked around to check that no one is aware of him and ran, trying to stab Bill. Bill ducked and Mark stumbled while putting his knife onto Bill's back. Bill kicks Mark arms and the knife flew away, clanking. Some people exclaimed and the music stops. All of them watched the siege starts.

"Are you crazy?! This is my place, I own it. You bastard, how dare you, making a joke here? You are defeated. Fuck off." Bill said in a pathetic voice.

"Shelia will never come to you. Stop dreaming. Get a life."

"You idiot! Shut the fuck up before I dice you!" said Mark

"No point them talking to you little dumbass. I will take you down."

Two guards outside rushed in and exclaims. Bill insulted them.

"We are sorry, boss. He is fast." said the one with the Rolex watch.

"Why I employed you guys for? For fun? Who do you think you are, playing a fool around and let an intruder in?" said Bill in full rage.

"Sorry, sir. We will take caution next time." said them.

"Useless silly guards." Bill said

Bill turned his gaze back to Mark. When he is unfocused, Mark landed a cross straight onto his cheek. Bill fall behind. Mark threw several punches. Bill blocks and speared Mark in the chest. He hit his back and bottles of liquor fell shattering shards of glass. He sweared and holds on to his pectoralis major. Bill lets out a sinful laugh.

"Mark, stand and fight like a man. Show yourself and prove to Shelia your ability! Hahaha.. Now, how are you gonna save her?! Tell me!" Bill said

"Such a man with no money and physical, which woman will choose? This also proves that Shelia is smart. Not like you, crying like a child." Bill said

"Enough!" Mark ran and launched an uppercut direct to Bill's chin.

Bill slams a hard punch on Mark's shoulder. Mark persisted to fight on. He swayed his left leg towards Bill's groins. It hit in perfect target. Bill guards his bong and summoned the guards. Mark got his arms locked behind and knelt down. Mark yells at Bill.

"Shelia will mot marry you! I forbid it!" Mark said, hardheaded.

"Argh... When Shelia comes, she will hate you more." Bill took his mobile and hit some numbers.

"What, you're calling her? Stop!" said Mark.

Mark had once gotten drunk and hit some other customers. Shelia married to him not long ago. When Mark called her to drive him back, Shelia reprimanded him. Mark stands while scolding the client there. When Shelia arrives, she saw him staggering to her while uttering words.

"That man deserves it."said Mark in the drunken state.

"You hit him? Why?" Shelia asked while frowning.

"I told him to give me a cigarette but he refused. So I hit him." Mark said with confidence.

"I am disappointed, Mark. You used to be able to control your temptations." said Shelia sighing.

"No. It is not that I wanted to hit him. I only asked a cigarette." Mark tried to explain.

"No more. I believed in you and you betrayed it!" Shelia raises her voice.

"I am not wrong! He. He does not want to give me the weed!" Mark starting to get enraged.

"He is not wrong. You are. It is his freedom to decide." Shelia said

"Why are you so hard on me now?!" Mark started yelling.

"Mark, please listen!" Shelia said

"You there! Come here!" Mark yells while pulling the injured man.

"Tell her. Tell her what have you done." Mark said

"I..I won't tell!" that man speaks with his final breathe.

"You twat! Darn you! I give you another chance. Say sorry and tell her." Mark commanded after slapping him

"Do not listen to him! I am innocent!" that man said

"Why you.." Mark almost jabbed that man's face while Shelia interrupted.

"Do not worry, I won't ask you to tell me. I had understood the situation." Shelia said, scowling at Mark.

"But he...he did not listen!" Mark blurted out.

"Enough. We are over." Shelia said.

Shelia slaps hard on Mark's cheek. He shouts at her.

"Why don't you love me?! He lied and you trusted him instead of ME! Shelia, where is your love for me?" said Mark, crying

"You. I warn you. If you come and disturb me again, I will call the cops." Shelia warned him.

"Bitch! Women are all damn fucking sluts!" Mark shrieked.

Without another word, Shelia exits the building and let out tears, afraid that Mark will notice. Mark knelt down and sobbed.

"Shelia.." Mark mutters to himself.

As Mark concentrated on his situation again: Bill hit him and planned to call Shelia over. Bill spoke some sentences and kissed the phone. Mark breathed deeply to stop the anger inside him. Bill crossed his arms and smiled.

"Shelia's here in no time." said Bill

I cannot hurt Shelia again, Mark thought. The guards pinned him down harder. A prick of pain strikes Mark's shoulder. He gritted his teeth. Bill searched the cars crossing with his eyes. Mark shook around to break the lock but his strength is not enough. As a Volkswagen car speeds, it stopped neaby a lamp post beside of the pub. Shelia exits the car and enters. Mark looks down to prevent Shelia from recognizing him. Bill laughed and walked towards Shelia. She crossed her arms and looked at Mark. He showed no expression.

"Shelia, my lovely girl. It must be a suprise as Mark also attended." Bill clapped.

"What do you want?" Shelia said

"Aw.. don't be such a drag. We are lovers, right?" Bill said while putting his arms over Shelia's shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Shelia said and shoved Bill away

"Shelia, I have a present for you. Barbara, bring the roses here." Bill said and a female waitress gave him the roses.

"You fatty ass, if you want to attract me, stop fantasizing." Shelia shot Bill's heart

"Come on, my girl. This is not an insult, right? Now, just calm down and give me a sweet kiss." Bill leans forward and pucker his lips. Shelia slaps.

"I had wanted revenge for a long time! Don't go overboard!" Bill said.

"Save it for yourself. What is your business, calling me here? Meet Mark?" said Shelia while peeking towards Mark.

Mark felt ashamed of what he had done to her; scolding her and made her feel bad. As he watched Bill scowling at Shelia, Shelia glanced at him. His heart pumped.
Does she still love me?, he thought. Mark prayed in his heart that his prediction will be true.

"You wanna meet that idiot? Sure. Bring Mark here!" Bill yelled

The two guards exited the counter with Mark and hurled him in front. Mark can, at least be concious of himself. Shelia, she is in front of me again, he thought. Shelia fixed her stare at him. He gulped from that. Bill breaks the silence.

"I am sorry to all of you, today the pub will be closed earlier than usual. Sorry also for the inconvienience." Bill waves his hands in the air.

Crowds roams out of the pub. One of them complained for Bill's trouble. Someone threw a bottle of beer and Bill chased him out. Shelia gestures for Bill to describe the siege going on. Damn this wet pussy, how dare her put her hands on my face, he thought. Mark watched both of them with malice. Mark approached Shelia and grined. He got shoved away by Bill yet Shelia starts getting impatient.

"Is he the "Mark" that you talked about?" said Shelia.

Mark open his eyes wide. Why is she so cold? I had realised my fault, Shelia..., he thought. Bill grips Mark's shoulder hard and flare his eyes.

"Shelia, of course. This man is the one that you hated the most. So, may my love be accepted?" Bill exposes his sexual behavior.

"Now, will you let me hold you hands? Give me a kiss." Bill puckered his lips.

"Bill. Please be serious. Why is Mark here and you called me for? If there is nothing, I have to go." Shelia said with haste.

"Wait! Before you go, this, your previous man had shown the values of a deceited one. Shelia, show him your power." Bill said

"Once after Mark had gone drunk, he kept mumbling something, or somehow your name. He had said that he regretted for disappointing you." Bill said

"Really? He, an arrogant person I knew far more than 3 years, would just be sorry to me?" Shelia said

"Shelia.. I.. I am sorry for that incident. Today, I stand here, ain't for making a mess. I am here to kill this evil man from marrying you!" Mark exclaimed.

"He is no one to be my man. Any man that proposes me should know my behavior already. You, Bill, me and you is totally impossible. Stop bothering me." Shelia said

"I have actually a mean for that. But, since that Mark had betrayed your behavior, I see this as an opportunity." Bill remarked.

"Damn you Bill. You know I actually have a lover already." Shelia said.

Shocked in his heart, Mark inquired her to tell him the man that she is with. Now.

"There is no need for you to know. Mark, you better make your distance." Shelia said

"Okay, fine Shelia! Come on and forgive him already!" Bill said while laughing.

"No way." Shelia said

"What do you mean by 'forgive him?'" Mark asked

"Shelia, he is feeling sorry already. Come on, this thing is frustrating, ya know?" Bill speaks in an amused way.

"Answer me!" Mark said

"Wow, hold on man. I am not gonna tell you because it is not me. Shelia.." Bill teased

"Shelia, ca..can you forgive me, please?" Mark said while hoping for a positive answer

"No without your apologies." Shelia grunted like a child.

"I am sorry. That day, the man that I hit, I helped him to the hospital. And also I had paid the fee for him as an exchange of apology. Please forgive me. I cannot stand it when everyday as I sleep, my side is empty. That hole...that hole.. only you can fill it!" Mark said while sobbing

"Mark.." Shelia let out tears.

"Shelia.." Mark holds out his hand and clasps Shelia's hands

"I promise that I would be a good man. Trust me." Mark said as to convince Shelia

"Only this last one time." Shelia said and both of them kissed and hugged.

"Hey, respect please? I am here." Bill said

"A minute." A mumble between lips of Shelia and Mark.

"Now, okay. Stop, man!" Bill turned

After the kiss, Shelia started her car engine and carried Mark into the car. Both of them waved to Bill. As the car sped away Bill uttered words.

"These couple are just interesting." Bill said

While Bill entered his pub again, he recalled something.

"Mark! You will pay for this!" Bill said while thought of revenging Mark for his wreckage in his pub.

"No more fights again." Mark said while looking at Shelia.

While reaching the traffic light, it turned red. Shelia stepped on the brake pad. They turned to each other. They kissed. A car honked behind and Shelia got scared.

"Damn that bitch!" Mark swore

"Nevermind. I will treat you when we reached home."said Shelia while giving Mark a sexy smile.

"You are just adorable as always." Mark said.

"Move! Don't you have eyes to see the light turning green?!" The car behind shouts.

Without wasting time they drove away. Passing through several buildings and a bridge, Mark thinks back the whole situation again. How would Shelia accept me without second doubt?, he thought.

"Shelia, I think something is not right." said Mark.


"Based on your attitude, you will just hit me and KILL me if necessary. Why is it so weird?" Mark scratches his scalp

"Miracles do happen, right?" Shelia said while giggling.

"You are suspicious. But luckily, you will tell me after I put you in the bed." Mark said

"Let's see who surrender first." Shelia finally laughed.

Women are indeed complex, Mark thought. As Shelia wanted to thank Bill tomorrow, she recalled the conversation when Bill called her to meet the special "Mark" thing.

"Shelia, I have a good news to tell you. Do not scare your ass off." Bill teased when Shelia answered the phone. At the time, Mark was arrested in the counter for his sudden ambush. The conversation continues.

"What it is?" Shelia asked

"I have a big present that had written the word 'Mark' on it. But, based on my deduction, the object is quite damaged. It is a human." Bill said while chuckling.

"He is there making a mess again, aren't he?" Shelia suspected Bill for Mark's attendance of wrecking havoc.

"Just come over. Even if it is you can smack him up with your fists. But this time you might not." Bill said trying to make a suspense story

"Tell me the truth, Bill. If he is troubling you, I will teach him a lesson." Shelia said

"If you want to answer come here." Bill said

"All right. Better make sure that present is available." Shelia said

"Come and you will know the answer." Bill said and closed his phone.

Shelia figured out the present. Mark was the one. She laughed at her own naive attitude in heart.

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