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by brom21
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A boy enters into a fog that takes him to a realm that he must save.
It was 8am and a strange fog enveloped the streets of a small South Ireland town. The fog had a different appearance than the usual kind that filled this rural, highland settlement. Small cars drove slowly with headlights that resembled ghostly eyes. Luke looked at them admiring them move about like rushing phantoms. As he continued to look out a window of his small old-fashioned house, Luke noticed the silvery sparkle and a nostalgic air. It made him curios and he felt as though something was calling to him from beyond the mist. He sprinted away from the window and up the wooden staircase to his room. He got out jeans, boots and a thick sweater. After going back down to the living room, he checked himself in a large oval mirror.

“My scarf,” he said as he pulled one off a hanger.

Just as he approached the door, his mom grabbed him by the sleeve. “You’re not going out. You can’t see four feet in front of you. You’ll get lost out there.”

Luke sulked. He didn’t know why, but somehow he had to walk through the fog. “What if I just walked along the wooden fencing for a few yards, just to see it close?”

There was a shift in her eyes. His mom tilted her head and deeply exhaled. “Alright, but do not go any further. Why do you want this so bad?”

“I just want feel what it’s like.”

“That is strange. I don’t see how fun it is to just stand in a fog for no reason.” She shook her head. “How long do you plan to spend outside?”

“Ten minutes.”

“Okay, off you go.”

Luke pushed on the door that had a circular stain glass window and emerged outside. Again something tugged in his heart to go into the sparkling fog. Abandoning any caution, he entered as though hypnotized. He went on and on until suddenly it was like he stepped off a cliff. Falling and falling, he plummeted past the cold wet fog. Then a freezing shock surged through his body. He felt the pressure of water pushing in on him and struggled to reach a surface. When he did, he saw he was in a clear lake surrounded by trees and grass and something else on a shore in front of Luke; staring at him was an old man with wise eyes and a metal cane that was crowned at the top with an emerald-green orb.

“You’ve finally come.” The man’s voice was slightly crackled but was of a calm tone.

Luke shivered and made for the shore. He was dripping and felt a tremendous cold radiate through his body. The man pointed his staff at Luke and a swirling red mist rose from the ground around him. His clothes fluttered and a warm, revitalizing current satiated his senses. Ten seconds later he was dry.

“Who are you?

“I am Nephaal, the Seer of The Wood. I summoned you to save my world.”

“Where am I?” Luke saw a spiraling structure that was heightened greatly above the tops of the trees. In the sky there was what looked like a small silver phoenix. Wonder overtook Luke.

“The fog was a portal to my realm of Khrine. Time is short so I will be quick. An evil wizard has taken the Citadel of Light that you see rise into the air. It is the center of the enchantment that sustains this world. For a reason unknown you are endowed with a pure, power that can destroy his hold on Khrine.” Nephaal again raised his staff and immediately they were transported to the foot to the citadel.

“What do I do?” Luke was baffled and a little overwhelmed with all that was transpiring. But like the initial drive that brought him there, he felt something inside him tell him it was okay.”

“In your world is centered a power that transcends all other realms. It is the place of the Great King who lives in the highest of all worlds. When you face the sorcerer I mentioned, the key to his undoing will reveal itself.”

A metallic grinding singed the air as a door opened in front of them. Luke went through doubting nothing. He entered a large hall with no one inside. At the end was a golden door. Luke ran for it and when he reached it he stopped. “No handles. Guess I just push.” With all his strength, Luke pried it open. There seated on a throne against a back wall was a man half the age of Nephaal. He stood. “How did you enter?”

Luke was calm but he did not yet know what to do. “If you think you can rule this world without there being more powerful force, you’re wrong.”

“A touch of my abilities will teach you respect!” A gust of wind threw Luke on his back. “Ack!” Then he scrambled to his feet.

“You defiant child!” The wizard raised his hand and icy spikes sprung up and caged him. One of them pierced Luke’s shoulder and blood ran down the cold protrusion. He broke it off and fell to the ground holding his wound. Then a righteous fury filled him and stood up and cried out in a loud voice.

“I call forth the armor, blade and sword of the Eternal Spirit of Heaven!”

In a flash of light he was covered in the battle attire he summoned. He held a shining sword which he used to shatter the ice. Then he lunged for the evil malefactor who shot fire at Luke but his shield extinguished it. Luke leapt onto the wizard and pierced his chest. He staggered as his face paled he choked on his blood. Then he was still.

Nephaal suddenly appeared to him. “You’ve saved Khrine! Your legacy will always be upheld after you leave.”

Instantly he was back in his town, but the fog had left. Would anyone ever believe him?”

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