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When musical notation doesn't belong just to the music.
NOTATION (crossed out)

In this piece, there are no notes and even there are no special effects or noises.
The word "notation" was crossed out because it is unnecessary. The score of this composition is absent at the present time and what is more it has never existed.
Musicologists will not find this score after 200 years.
In this case, there is no need to write descriptions or explanations of special playing methods due to the lack of music as such.
This piece doesn't deal with questions of using traditional or non-traditional instruments.
It doesn't use any instruments at all because of zero money available for performance.
This composition will not create any shock reaction.
This piece will not cause any material damage in the form of broken chairs, hairless bows, splinters of grand pianos, sawed off violins and destroyed singer voices .
This piece is not going to be a health hazard for you .
It will not cause you to cough in the concert hall, will give no headache, provoke no fainting fit, give no hangover
... and also cause no mental illness .
This composition is purely ecological and recycable.
It takes only one sheet of paper.
It doesn't throw any trash from garbage cans onto the stage .
It dosn't use any toxic gases ; it doesn't kill any animals or birds.
This piece is presented to you by a human being who, nonetheless, doesn't have a voice.
This composition will never be studied or be analysed by any musicologists because of the impossibility for them
to find any musical language or any musical material in principle.
This piece will never be included in the history of contemporary Russian avant-garde music that is flying the flag of the "Structural Resistance Group" because of its complete lack of resistance and its total absence of musical eroticism.
This composition is happy to avoid criticism since there is nothing to criticise.
This piece can't be performed or published because there is no clear score, no instructions to follow, no electronic music file to be produced and ,so, it has censured itself.
This composition spits on the public as well as on the author.
This piece is unoriginal.
It represents a shameless imitation of the Russian poet Roman Osminkin's poem "This poem".
This composition doesn't exist.

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