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Poem with musical impossibility

(attempt to say truth about
what you will never know at the concert)

Dear Friends!
Those who I never knew,
And I would spit on you...
But there is formality of greetings:
"Dear Frineds".

This stage was built, by the way,
During the time of crisis wave
With cheap material, so unstable...
To fail the concert just by standing
Would be so easy way...

To fall through the hole
Of underground... Before
Starting to play...
Crisis... Motherfu...

Musical notes are
Forgotten for a long time.
Old-fashioned survival
Was thrown out.

Hieroglyphes's origination
Instead of classical "presto"
Without adoration
To historical context.

Flourishes on empty space,
In one place,

Musician is contemporary
Virtuosic monkey
Who utters sounds
Obscene of his defects
Without taking out
His hands
With garbage from his pockets.

Bravo to the music
Which was squeezed biologicly
Into technology,
And public confuses
Me, perforner,
With visit
To dantist...

Critics fall into nothingness.
They write something useless...
Have a hot discussions,
Judge, regret,
quote, bleat...

All about
What is not in this music.
Always about
What is not there...

And for this case
I got my education?
The form of consciousness
Of abandoned elite...

In order to make
For your eyes clown faces,
Playing on the instrument
Computer mouse click?

To hold on what majority
Doesn't need
With enthusiasm of self-forgetfulness.
To hit my cheast
About cultural decadance
And spiritual ardour abcence...
At the same time
To gnaw chicken's bone
With beast's appetite...

But the truth is such a thing...
Which is not there...
May be, I just want to eat,
And for asking food I came...
Crisis on the street...
Give me bread...

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