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This is a very rough start, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Walking down the hallways at school, Kaden, hoped to get to the next class without any problems. Like every other day, she gets thrown into lockers, her backpack gets emptied and tossed in to the trash can nearby. It is all she can do to get to the next class, much less make it through another miserable day.

On the way home, Kaden is pushed into an alley and beaten up. The bully walks away laughing. Kaden picks herself up and continues towards the park to meet up with a group of kids trying to learn how to fight.

Rachel comes home from work to find a message from the principal telling her that Kaden was fighting at school again. Sighing and getting out stuff for dinner, the phone rings. Rachel picks up the phone "Hello?" the man on the other end stated "Is this Rachel Summers?" "I am" she replied. "Ma'am I am calling you from the police station, we have a Kaden Summers that was brought in for assault." Kyle knocks on the door and comes inside as he sees the frustrated look on Rachel's face. "Why does that not surprise me" replied Rachel. Slamming the phone down on the counter, Kyle asks "What is wrong?" Rachel says "What else... Kaden!" "She got herself arrested for assault!"

Kyle volunteers to go get her. The car ride home was quiet. Kyle started to ask what happened, hoping to get answers before they got home. Kaden told him that it was a big misunderstanding and they were sparring not fighting.

Once at home Kyle tells Rachel "Everything is okay, Kaden is okay." Rachel rants that "Everything is not okay." I do not know how much more of her I can handle!" "She is lucky I cannot afford to send her to military school!" Kaden storms upstairs after hearing what her mother had said. She sat in her room for a while crying and thinking about how much better off her mother would be if she were no longer around. Kaden ran into her mom's room and grabbed her sleeping pills and hurried back to her own bedroom and quickly closed the door. On a piece of paper she wrote "I'm sorry" and placed it on her desk and picked up the bottle of Jack Daniels from under the bed. She poured all of the pills into her hand, popped them all and washed them down with a half of bottle of Jack.

Downstairs, Kyle has managed to calm Rachel down enough to talk to Kaden, and hear her side of the story. They both go up to Kaden's room, open the door, and find Kaden unconscious on the floor with the pill bottle next to her and the bottle of Jack still in her hand. Kyle quickly rolls Kaden over to check and see if she has a pulse and is breathing. He sticks his fingers down her throat to trigger her gag reflex and make her throw up, hoping to get the pills and booze out of her system before it can do severe damage.

In a Panic, Rachel is trying to tell the 911 operator that her daughter had over dosed and they need an ambulance immediately.

Once at the hospital, Kaden is taken to have her stomach pumped and moved into a recovery room under a 72 hour suicide watch. Kyle comes in and sits with Kaden not saying a word as the doctor tells her how lucky she is that Kyle was there to save her life and things could have been a lot worse. As the doctor left, Kyle followed to speak with him in private about taking over her care upon her release.

Rachel came into the room with Kaden, not knowing how to act. She pulled the chair up next to the bed and sat down. The silence made the tension build more and more with every passing minute. Finally Rachel asked "Why would you want to kill yourself?" "Is your life really so bad that you cannot see any other way to deal with things?" Kaden lay there silently with tears in her eyes. The storm of emotions that had been brewing inside of her for so long is finally breaking to the surface.

Frustrated with Kaden refusing to talk, Rachel storms out of the room and meets up with Kyle as he finishes his conversation with the doctor. "How did it go?" Kyle asked. "She refuses to talk to me, she is being selfish and I am done with her." replied Rachel.

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