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by Mia D
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What happens when two strangers meet in a bar?
Chapter I
"Do you mind if I sit next to you?" His voice brought her out of her reverie and she turned around looking at him in surprise. A good-looking guy was standing behind her with a small smile across his face. She shrugged and turned back to her drink, sipping quietly and staring in front of her, lost in a world of her own. She felt him sliding on the stool next to her, however, she continued looking in front of her, fighting the impulse not to look at the good looking guy sitting next to her.
She let herself be carried away with the rhythm of the loud music swaying her head to the music, feeling the rush of the alcohol through her. She laughed inwardly as she saw her friends across the bar, dancing and staggering, trying to keep up with the beat of the music. A drink slid in front of her and she suddenly froze on her chair. A light flutter of excitement rose to her chest as she imagined the good-looking guy sitting next to her offering a drink. She looked down at the drink inquiringly, trying to perceive how she was going to act then turned slightly to her left to look at the handsome stranger. His eyes were focused on her and a light blush creeped across her cheeks as she saw him looking at good-looking stranger looking at her with such intensity. (She thanked the heavens that it was dark in there)
"So what's your excuse?" he said as he saw that she was not going to talk. She looked inquisitively at him, knowing that she was wondering why he was talking to her. The quiet girl sitting at the bar alone, looking in space, had captured his attention once he walked into the bar. "Me?" she replied, looking around her, expecting someone else to reply instead of her.
"Well, it seems that you're the only one sitting next to me," he replied with a slight smirk set across his face.
"My feet just happen to be tired of all the dancing, unlike my friends there," she said nodding across the bar to a group of girls dancing like there was no tomorrow. "Well, I should thank your feet then," he replied.
A shy smile crossed her face. She was wondering why the good looking guy was talking to her. She was never one to have the good-looking guys flocking over to talk to her. She continued to look at him whilst sipping on her drink. "I'm James," he said after a while. She didn't know what to say to him- she was too busy staring at him. His perfectly cut-jaw, his rough stubble, his light coloured eyes, brown hair- seemed like the guy that was perfectly good-looking- not like the movie star good looking but the real-life good looking guy; the guy which by his looks made her heart flutter and her mind wander.
"Amelia," she replied after a while, realising that he was waiting for her response- again! He gestured towards the drinks which was placed in front of her, "that's for you, if you didn't notice." She looked at the drink, recognising that it was the same as the one she was drinking, "so you want to get me drunk?" her reply did not only take him off-guard as she herself did not expect to reply so wittingly.
"No," he smiled, "I was just hoping to get you talking to me." She smiled at his response, "well, that seems to be working," and with that she took another sip of her drink.
James looked at the girl sitting next to him, with her dark hair pulled back in a high messy bun and big brown eyes that stood out with the perfectly made makeup. She didn't look fake like the other girls, she just used makeup to enhance her best features. She was beautiful standing there in all her simplicity- she stood out from the others.
"Are you around from here?" he asked her. He had just landed a few hours ago with his younger brother. They had decided to take a few days away from work as they both worked in their own family-run company. His brother had decided to sleep off the jet lag, whilst he had taken it up to himself to go for a stroll on the beach which was only a few minutes away from the hotel. It was then when he came up across this small bar that he decided to go in and have a drink inside.
"I am," she replied. "Actually, I have just finished my exams and we came out to celebrate." This got the conversation going as they soon started to get to know each other better. She told him how the exams would determine whether she would go into law school or not, how much she loved reading and how much she binged on TV-shows whilst studying, how she wanted to travel the world, have a great job and maybe one day soon have her own place. He stood there, mesmerised by her positivity and energy, listening to every little thing she said, trying to memorise her face. He knew that he was not the right person for her. He felt something around her which he couldn't explain- it could be her energy; the way she laughed at herself or the way how she would roll her eyes at him and reply sarcastically to one of his comments. It wasn't love or anything like that- far from it! It was a deep connection between them, which both of them felt.
The conversation soon turned to himself and he described how he ended up here with his brother and how they were just there to have a few days away from work. He confessed that he would rather prefer to stay in a place like this- surrounded with the sea and the lovely weather, rather than the glum and gray busy city-life.
"Mel!" a girl with blonde her shrieked from behind them and they both jumped off their seats. They turned around to look at the intruder who was now wearing a guilty look on her face. "Sorry!" she exclaimed, "I didn't mean to scare you!" Amelia raised a brow at her friend, silently hoping that she was not too drunk and have to whisk her away from her new acquaintance.
"We're leaving..." her friend told her, not sure whether she should invite her friend to go back home with them or whether she would leave her with the good-looking stranger. "This is James," Amelia said, taking it up to herself to show her friend (Ana), that the guy was not bothering her and that she was actually enjoying his presence.
Ana shook hands with James eyeing him thoroughly, "You know Mel is our baby right, you mess with her you mess with all of us," she told him with a knowing smile spread across her face, nodding towards the other two blondes dancing, or more likely staggering, on the dance floor. He smiled at her in response whilst Amelia did her best shut-up-don't-embarrass-me look.
"Well, We're going. You have a key right?" Ana asked. Amelia nodded at her friend, unsure on whether she should stay a bit longer with James. At that moment he put his hand over hers, "you're staying a bit more with me right?" he asked her. Just one look at him and she didn't have to think any longer. "I will see you back home," she told Ana with a look that would reassure her friend. Ana nodded and with a knowing smile made her way towards the others.
"Hey, do you want to go out for a walk?" he asked her as soon as Ana walked away. She happily agreed as she was tired of the booming noises and was longing for some quiet.
They strolled together on the beach- could this have been any more perfect? They laughed at each other as if they have known each other for a lifetime and would stop for a moment to stare at each other wondering how this could have happened. The words were never spoken but they both knew that nothing more could happen between them. Having something beyond this was quiet impossible.
She soon got tired of all the walking and slumped on the sand, pulling him beside her. Their bodies were so close that they could feel each other's heat coming from within, it was just as if there was some sort of magnetic field pulling them closer to each other. Her stomach quivered at the thought of his closeness.
"You know this seems like a scene from a romantic movie," she said breaking the silence. She felt him looking at her whilst she looked at the tide washing across the shore. "You would know," he said, referring to the fact that she had mentioned her un-dying love for romantic movies.
"Hmm... well you should know a fun fact about me," she told him as she turned to look at him. "Although I love these movies, I'm a realistic person. I know that these things only happen in movies. I don't really believe in the everlasting love and stuff. I think you have to make most of what you have and then you see. But no one is happy forever- there's too much going on in people's lives, you know? And some people although you love them, they are not worth fighting for."
He didn't expect such strong words to come out of her mouth. In that instance he didn't know what to say, he felt convinced that she was being true to her words, however, on the other hand he felt that there was more to her. He stared into her deep brown eyes, lost in thought, trying to decipher some sort of answer.
Convinced that there was no correct answer to this he put his palm against her cheek, and smiled as he saw her instinctively lean into his warm touch. They both stared into each other's eyes, leaning towards each other, moving so close that they could feel each other's breaths on their lips. Their lips stayed apart, just for a few seconds. "I know we will regret this," she whispered against his lips. He didn't even dare reply to her statement- he moved his lips against hers, slowly and softly, as they both relished in each other's touch. Her hands moved across his hard jaw, brushing across his rough stubble, pulling him closer as she playfully bit on his lower lip. A warm feeling of pleasure ran across her body as she felt him smile against her lips, slowly pulling her closer towards him.
Pulling across from her he smiled at her frazzled look- at her red lips and flushed cheeks; that cheeky smile which at that moment explained more than what a thousand words could. "Well, we have to make the most of it then," he said and with that he kissed her again.

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