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Can the detective solve the case and who's behind the series of murders, read to find out
Smash, there was a loud noise from down the hall unknowingly the victim was reading in his library at the time and heard nothing, the as the creaking of the floor boards seemed to creep closer he started to raise his head and began questioning to himself and went back to reading as he thought nothing of it, the noise crept closer and the door slowly began to creep open revealing a large black figure wielding a small pocket knife, the way the figure wielded it they had experience and favoured this sort of weapon. The victim looked up from his book he was reading and saw the figure instantly reacting with precaution he said "who are you?" no reply from the figure, all of sudden the figure lunged at the victim, the victim narrowly avoided the first strike but not so on the second and was stabbed in the back and after that the figure disappeared without a trace of evidence left. " this was a statement from an eye witness, detective, what are your thoughts?" asked an officer, the detective thought for a moment and slowly walked out the room leaving the officer without answer only to question what the detective may have said outside the room was the detectives right hand man, "any more information on the murder sir?" the man asked, "don't call me sir I don't like it and we have a more insight to how the death was committed the figure wielded a small pocket knife and seemed quite trained in that sort of area, I’m thinking of a person but I don't want to come to that conclusion just yet" retorted the detective.

The detective likes to wear a trench coat sometimes maybe even a hat, he's quite intelligent as well but has no social skills and comes across as quite blunt and there's me his companion me myself I'm quite the person who you seem to be dodgy but I'm just as plain and simple as everyone else, I like to keep myself to myself anyway back to the problem at hand. The detective and his companion who goes by the name Charlie it's not his real name as he doesn't like to use it anyway we arrived at the morgue and examined the body of the victim which had now been named, "Jonathan" said the examiner " he was well known in some industries and was fairly rich which may have made him a target" the examiner continues, "may we examine the body?" asks the detective "yes" answered the examiner, the detective slowly lifts of the cloth over the body quite clearly there was a stab wound to the back quite distinctive . The detective who goes by the name detective Hoyle no one knows his last name he likes to keep it a secret besides we left the morgue to go and investigate the scene of the crime.

We arrive at the scene and we make our way into the quite large house, we make our way to the library and examine the area, the detective picks at a set of markings on a table and photograph them to look into later we managed to find only that so we left the house and made our way back to our apartment in London. We tried researching into the strange markings that had been left on the table and found out only a couple of people can read them a translator and another unknown, we make an appointment to see the translator about trying to translate the markings, the translator had agreed to pay us a visit sometime. Over the next few days waiting, we managed to uncover a mysterious name but had no idea of who, we tried to get into contact and nothing so we gave up on the unknown person. The translator arrived just after noon, we welcomed him in and offered him a drink he graciously declined as he had seemed to not want to take too long he examined markings very carefully and said "Hello old friend" the detective quivered a bit at this for some reason unknown and we asked the translator who was this other person that knew how to read and write this language and he only gave us an address we looked into the address and made a point of going there later that evening.

We had summoned a taxi to take us there, as we were drawing close to the location it began to get dark and we could see that we were in the middle of nowhere but there was one lonely house we instantly had made this our target house and walked slowly up the drive and the detective rang the doorbell, footsteps were heard and the door slowly opened up reviling another man, he said "well it’s about time you got here I've been waiting for you and your teas gone cold" the companion said "who are you?" as the detective stood frozen on the spot, the man replied "has he not told you yet, how rude well let me introduce myself to you and my brother"
The end or is it
Find out in part 2
Part 2 due out for 2017
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