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by Queen
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little part of a scene I'm thinking of puting in my book
" Such fair skin." his silk voice flowed into my ear as the whip came down on my pale skin. My screams pierced through the air as he marked my skin. crows pecked at my flesh feeding on the bloody tissue. The whip comes down I let out another heart wrenching scream. I gaze up at the crowd that had formed around me. Tear's leaked down the faces of the women as they shield the children's eyes from the gruesome sight. I flinch as a finger dips into my open wounds I hear a sucking noise.
" Such fine blood," his sickly sweet voice reaches my ears captivating me. I lookup to gaze upon the striking blue eyes of my tormentor Lord Helix. " Scum take this as a warning disobey the council and face the same fate."
Silent whisperers pass through the crowd. The whip comes down again causing me to shriek in pain silencing the crowd.
" Do you understand!" his voice boomed through the hall murmurers of yes came from the frightful crowd.
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