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Time travel is possible. Only going into the past isn't something everyone should try.

A Trip into the Past

     Stevi flipped through the newspaper quickly. Barely seeing each page as she did it.

     “Would you stop doing that.” Hagal sat across from Stevi at the Eating Room table. “Every day you do that. You never read anything. All you do is scan it.”

     “I do read them. I’m just particular what I read first. You know I’m looking for something new to do with my life. That’s what I am looking for first.”

     “Why don’t you look for work like everyone else does – in the obituaries?” Hagal asked with a big smile on his face.

     “Because all the work that I qualify for there are several thousand others trying to get that work too. I’m looking for something that isn’t just work. It’s a new life for me.”

     Stevi continued scanning the newspaper. Then she suddenly stopped. “I think I finally found what I am looking for. There’s an ad here with an article about a new product that’s coming out. It states that they are looking for volunteers to test this new product. Once tested the volunteers will get five thousand Solid Gold Coins each.”

     “What kind of a new product is it?” Hagal asked.

     Mumbling as she read first the ad then the article. “It doesn’t say. There’s only one way to find that out. And that’s to contact them about it.”


     “What kind of a new product is this?” Stevi asked.

     “That depends on which product you are referring to.” Callis sat behind a big desk. Next to him also behind desks were three other individuals – two females, one on each side of Callis, and one other male. Who is seated next to one of the females. It’s male, female, Callis, female.

     “You have more than one new product to be tested!” Stevi sat in a portable chair in front of four individuals.

     “We have several. Which one are you here for?” Said the female, Pata, sitting in the center desk next to Callis.

     “I’m talking about the ad and article in today’s paper. The one that is offering five thousand coins.”

     “All of our product testing is worth five thousand coins each.” Said the other female – Waccine.

     “We have enough products to keep several individuals working for a lifetime. It all depends on if you are healthy enough to be a Product Tester. Some can be very dangerous. This isn’t one of them. It’s a time travel pill,” said the second male – Thium.


     All Stevi had to do was take a time travel pill before she went to sleep. Then think about where she wanted to go. And she would go there. Stevi could go anywhere – and any time. The first place she went to was her past when she was eleven.

     Young Stevi finished getting ready for her first group party by putting on her new black shoes. Before heading to the first level she checked herself in the full figure image reflector in her sleeping quarters. When she got down there her father was waiting to take her to her first party.

     Adult Stevi also attended that party as an Adult Watcher. She confronted young Stevi before she entered that party. “I know what you are about to do.”

     “What are you talking about? Who are you?”

     “It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m here to warn you not to go through with your invitation. You are here to meet a male you invited to this party. That can’t happen. It will lead you to your first group encounter you aren’t ready for yet.”


     The next place Stevi visited was her first meeting of her future Lover Hagal. It didn’t go as planned. Everything that could have go wrong did. Stevi went back there to change all that.

     Twenty-three-year old Stevi drove her transport down the road. From out of nowhere another transport hit her sideways. Older Stevi got out of the other transport shakily. She staggered over to younger Stevi.

     “Are you okay?” Older Stevi asked younger Stevi after helping her out of her transport.

     “What happened? Where am I?” Younger Stevi tried to get up off the ground.

     “I’m sorry about this. I don’t know how I lost control of my transport.”

     Younger Stevi sat up with a little help from Older Stevi. Very groggy younger Stevi said, “I’m supposed to be meeting with this male right now.”


     Another place Stevi visited during her three month, one hundred twenty days, time travel pill testing was someplace she always wanted to visit. Stevi had always been fascinated with war. Her favorite war was World War Five. And her favorite battle was the battle of Passick. A battle that the Red side should have won.

     Stevi adjusted her uniform she had on. She glanced down at the young almost naked male barely hidden behind a bunch of little trees. Picking up the travel bag next to the male Stevi opened it. And took out a bunch of papers within it. Stevi replaced those papers.

     “That should do it you Insider. Now the Red side should win that battle – and the war.”


     All the past visitations that Stevi went on were personal. She used those pills to try to change the past. After returning from her trips she discovered her life had changed. Sometimes for the better. But mostly for the worst.

     There was one place that Stevi wanted to go. She had always wanted to know what the future of the planet of Uron was going to be. That visitation would mean she would never see any of her coins – for that testing or future ones. It wasn’t that the future was bad. In fact, it was just the opposite.

     Stevi woke up on a metal floor. “My head hurts.” She rubbed the back of her head as she got up. “Where am I? How did I get here?” Stevi looked out a round window. She was on a spaceship.

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