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Not really but the minister played a Roman soldier for the sermon.
I went to Church and didn't see our minister. I thought he was home sick. The assistant minister had us sing "Where You There When They Crucified My Lord?" I remember how I listening to this song when Johnny Cash and June Carter and the Carter Family sang it. I always loved this song. Before we were done singing, our minister walked out dressed as a Roman soldier! It was a neat costume and looked like a Roman soldier. A white tunic with red trim,, brown boots and a gold braid tied around the tunic. Who ever made this costume, did a beautiful job. He started talking about being a Roman soldier crucifying people and he regretted what he did to Jesus. Just like Richard Burton in "The Robe." I was really impressed. He got the message across. I would have hated to have been a Roman soldier who did that to Jesus. I thought of Mary Magdalene. I am sure that she would have liked to punch out the Roman soldiers. I wouldn't have blamed her. She loved Jesus you know in every sense of the word. I wrote like I was Mary Magdalene a few years back for the Lenton Adventure with some members here and I found myself falling in love with Jesus. I really get into character just like our minister did today as a Roman soldier. I love Jesus. I think the Lento Adventure bought me closer to Jesus.

The Roman soldiers. I can't say that I like them. I know Jesus wanted it this way and this was how it was supposed to be. The Roman Empire put an end to the Celtics but their empire went down as well. I can't watch Jesus getting crucified without crying. I told my minister after the service, I don't like Roman soldiers but I like him and he reminded me of Richard Burton. He just hugged me. I have never seen a church service like this before. I am glad that I went today. With Easter coming, this gives me new meaning and hope for the world. Jesus was so brave about being crucified. How could anyone not believe he was the son of God and the savior?

I don't write many religious items but I felt compelled to do so today. We need world peace. I guess being at Church today reminded me I need to go to church more and read my Bible more. This is what I hope to do. Having communion today is always a good thing. We did have communion. I feel I did this with an open mind and I am glad I wasn't a Roman soldier. I couldn't live with what they did to Jesus. I am glad Jesus came to earth and died for us. I love Jesus. Today, seeing a Roman soldier at church, real or not, reminded me of this. Jesus is there for us.

Since this writing, I was baptized in January, 2019. I have been saved and am glad I am. I go to Church and Bible Study since I no longer work. It is easier to be a Christian when you aren't working. I am doing all I can to be closer to Jesus and God. I wish I could save everyone. We need Jesus and God in this world. I hope your heart is with God as you read this.

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Beautiful Mary Magdalene and Jesus Poser by best friend Angel
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