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A poem I was inspired to write after a very emotional and joyous reunion. Love you Jules.
The Theory of Everything Part 3:

Flower in Blue:

A Poem for Julia

And I see now that the greatest kinds of folks are those who know the grip of a vice, it's

The kind of person who's been through hell and really knows the pain of crisis.

Cause we all have to learn from riding our forefather's backs and

It's only then that you can really earn that name Bo Jackson

You felt it! You experienced it! Took backhands and slaps cuz'

You wanted to see,

The whole damn city!

But tears blur your eyes now...

Droplets fall, made of pity.

Falling from the top of the Ferris wheel below the horizon.

You want to be high above that glowing carnival,

But if you left here we'd never quite get to see it all,

I know that dawning realization is a song so beautiful,

And I'm glad you're back, not backed against a wall.

Every little person pressured you to get off as we finally neared the end of the ride,

But you stayed right on with me; we began to move up, no more downward slide.

And please! No more tears in your eyes,

I don't know if I can really watch you cry,

Because those droplets'll blur blue skies...

And those dreary, gray, overcast, dulled skies, that once filled my eyes!

Were all I used to see in the mirror...

I never want to see that reflected, I'd regret it, I'm indebted, won't deflect it, don't expect to,

See that in you! Ever.

Every single one those ending with you.

Goodbye Grant...

Goodbye Jules.

Why leave that ending? You said it was fuckin' stupid.

But I don't blame you, this isn't something you did.

So let's purify the standing water that we left putrid.

As the tears from your eyes, fall from blue skies,

To clean the ocean below and I can again see the blue in my own iris,

No more crisis, I'm no longer the victim of my own devices,

To understand you can slice this.

This whole structured collection of emotional, personal, passionate words into:

Thank you.

I forgive you.

You're family and I love you.

You said "I'm sorry" because you regretted "Goodbye Grant" but contrary to that fiction that they kicked ya, all it took to come back was:

"Hi Grant."

"Hi Julia."

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