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Living through darkness
How do I go on, when all the strength in me is gone

I’m stuck in limbo the in between,

Floating, not knowing, I can not see

The darkness surrounds and fills me completely,

I reach out and touch it oh so meekly

Not sure whether to welcome it or send it on its way

It heels and lurks awaiting my say

It’s quiet and dark, not uttering a sound

As I float in mid air gathering what I’ve found

To accept and go through my new discovery

The darkness accepts and offers luxury

A peace a quiet the calm before the storm

Short lived as it is I know it’ll explode

But to hang on just a little longer it hurts so fucking much

I just want to let go and let it overcome the muck

The muck of my soul the muck of my being

I’ve been a disgrace I am now seeing

For I’ve become weak unable to hold

No more warmth, all I feel is cold

Get out you filth you wretchedness

You’ll just engulf me with your treacherous stench

Instead of freedom you offer chains

Disguised in goodness disguised in grace

My eyes are open I finally see

The darkness is dispersed from all around me

“I don’t want you,” I say, “but you want me,”

To fulfill with rage and obscenities

You’re disgusting and I’m no better

But now I know I could be tethered
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