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A guide for the interactive "Ben and Jason: ENM Adventures"
This is only a guide for "Ben and Jason: ENM Adventures. These are not rules and there is no canon. However, there are recurring themes and patterns so this guide is written to explain those themes and patterns. Feel free to make minor deviations from these themes and patterns but avoid major overhauls. For example, if you wish Ben and Jason were brothers, feel free to change their last names to match.


The central characters of every story should either be Ben Stone or Jason Fletcher.

Ben Stone: dark hair in a short conservative style, typically wears red or blue in simple clothes like t-shirts and jeans, raised in a religious home and only now being exposed to new ideas

Jason Fletcher: sandy hair that is rarely combed, typically wears green or orange in printed clothes such as a dragon print silk shirt, raised by a family that travelled the world so he's already been exposed to new ideas and he handles these ideas smoothly

Rachel Hornsby: long dark hair, boyish features (small breasts and flat hips), wears brown rugged and practical clothing with little make up, is often involved in some social justice cause

Sarah Golden: long blonde hair, ultra feminine features (large breasts and curvy hips), wears pink with gold scarves and jewelry, uses her femininity to manipulate men

Paul Ralston: white whispy hair, dresses like a college professor or wears a lab coat, focused on science but oblivious to the feelings of others

Tyler Ralston: (new character) Paul's grandson, often parties or is drunk

Mark (new charcter) likes to push people outside of their comfort zone

Rick (new character) finds some of Jason's habits annoying


Time Machine

Morph Suit

Strip Chess


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