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Every planet has some weird laws - especially regarding their kids. Wekom is one of them.

Getting Ready for the Worst

     Vicktor blew on the window he was staring out. It created a small circle of frozen mist on it. “The air is pretty cold out there. It’s not save to be controlling a hovercraft in weather like this.”

     Hicktora walked up to stand by Vicktor. “That settles it. We can’t go.”

     “If it was up to me we wouldn’t be going there. Only it isn’t. We have to do it.”

     “I know. A little cold weather isn’t going to stop this from happening. It would take a Sea Storm to save me from a fate worse than death.”

     Vicktor took hold of his thirteen-year-old daughter’s hand. They stared out that window a few more minutes. “It’s time to go Hicktora.”

     Hicktora turned and walked out of that living room with her father right beside her. They still held hands as they headed for the front door. “I know. The sooner I get this over with the better.”

     Their house sat on top of a small hill. Vicktor and Hicktora stood on the porch in front of that house for several minutes. They looked at the sea first. Then at the family hovercraft hovering just above the water at the end of a small beach – and a long flight of stairs.

     Vicktor put his arm around his daughter. And they walked down those steps together. A series of sighs came out of Hicktora every few steps they took.


     Tallc stood in front of the image reflector above the water bowl in his personal care center. He picked up the soap. And placed it under the running water. Then he started rolling it around in his hand – until he lost it. It slipped out of his hand and bounced off the floor three times before it finally settled down.

     “The soap is slippery when wet.” Forrei said right after she entered. She got there just in time to see Tallc starting to bend over to pick up that soap.

     “You don’t want to pick it up like that. You’ve got to pick it up with your legs.”

     “That’s what you do with something heavy. If it’s small like this, you can bend over to get it.”

     “Normally that’s true. But not this time. You need to get used to picking up the soap by squatting down.”

     “What are you talking about? You’re not making any sense. And you only do that when you are worried about.”

     “I’m worried about you. We don’t know what is going to happen. But whatever it is it’s not going to be good.”

     “I’m not in that much trouble. It’s not like I killed someone.”

     “No, you didn’t kill anyone. You might be better off if you had though.”

     “You really are worried about me. Everything is going to be okay.”

     “I hope your right. You had better finish getting ready. Vicktor and Hicktora will be here at any time to pick us up.”


     Sefone checked herself in the full-length image reflector in her sleeping quarters. First she looked at her front. Then her back. Like Tallc she was twelve. She had just finished buttoning up her outfit when she heard a clearing of the throat from behind her. Sefone twirled around to face her father, Jasp, who stood in her doorway with a big smile on his face.

     “How long have you been standing there?” Sefone asked.

     “I just got here in time for your fashion show. You look very pretty in that outfit.”

     “Thank you, but you have to say that. You’re my father. I just hope they like it too.”

     “You need to make sure your buttons are neat. Straighten them up so you look nice.”

     “I thought they were straight.” Sefone turned back around to face here image reflector – to check herself out again.

     “Is that what you are wearing today?” Jasp asked.

     “What’s wrong with what I have on. You just said I was pretty in it.”

     “There’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m not the one passing judgement against you today. They might take offense of it. It does look a little on the wild side.”

     “You said to pick my best outfit to wear. This is it.”

     “I’m sure it will be just fine. Let’s go. Tallc and Hicktora will be here soon.”

     “What about Boltic? Aren’t we going to pick him up on our way there too?”

     “Boltic and his mother Arria are going to meet us there. He’s already on the main land.”


     Boltic, also thirteen, stood between Hicktora and Sefone. Talc stood beside Sefone at the other end behind a long table. Their parent stood behind them. Everyone else in that room was standing at the moment too. That included Morri and Pealom. Who stood behind a big solid table overlooking everyone there.

     “Everyone may sit down. Except for the accused and their parents.” Morri said that as she sat down. Pealom was right behind her. They could barely be seen once seated.

     “We are here today to pass judgement on you. First we will remind you what the complaints are against you. Then we announce our decision.”

     Morri and Pealom went back and forth talking to everyone there. “You have been accused of going to party after dark. All of you sneaked out to do that too.”

     “You came to main land without a parent. And you stayed out too late.”

     “Running when caught is also illegal too. But the worst thing against you is the dancing.”

     “All of you know that dancing and music has been outlawed for centuries because it leads to sex, drugs and worse. Even us adults can’t do that.”

     “If it weren’t for the dancing and music our decision would have been parental discipline. But because it is we have no choice but to place you in detainment until you are adults.”

     The four Young Ones weren’t the only ones with shocked looks on their faces. Everyone else there had them too.

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