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Being brave enough to tell my mother the truth.
People always make you think that life is easy, well its not. I never known I was that brave until that day.
One day, I was home with my mother and we was having such a good time. I had just received my phone back and I was so excited that I got out of control. I was having such as great day. When to town, hang out with friends and went to the movies. On my way to the movies, I saw a young man that i haven't seen in years. He opened he long muscular hands to give me a hug and with his lovely light brown eyes, he looked my in the face as he lifted me off the ground. I invited him to join my friends and I to watch the movie. When the movie was over, we all went to a restaurant named Purcell's and sat down, crack jokes and ate. After we called our parents to carry us home. When I got home it was really late and I was told to turn off my phone and go to bed by my mother. I did turn off my phone and went to bed because I did not want my phone to be taken away because I didn't listen. I went to church the Sunday morning and had such a great time. When I came home, my family and I had lunch and then we went to take a rest before going out for the afternoon. While everyone was resting, I was in my bed room with my little brother watching a movie and talking to my friend; who was asking me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. After, Dilan went to bed and I went out with my family. While we where out,my phone rang and my mother answered it because I was at the bathroom. When I came back, my mother watched me and smiled, then she ask me who is Dilan? At first I was scared because when I was 14 years old my mother didn't allow it but now at the age of 17 i think it was allowed but i was still scared. So I turned and said Dilan is my boyfriend and my mother smiled even harder and said to me he sounds like a very decent respectable young man and from what I can see he is very tall and very handsome. I wonder when she saw him but then I remembered that he was all over my phone wallpaper. I never known that I was so brave until that day that I told my mother I have a boyfriend.
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