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A husband and wife's dream vacation in Australia turns into a nightmare.

The Worst Vacation Ever

Darlene Wilson
1300 wd ct.
Helen and George Stevenson are finally going on a long-awaited vacation.

"Look, honey, I can see Australia."
"I see it too Helen, I can't believe we are finally here," George replied. "I've planned something special for us tomorrow."

"What?" What kind of surprise are you concocting now George?" Helen asks grinning.
George is always playing fun pranks on Helen whenever he get's the chance.
"You know I can't tell you now, it would spoil all the fun," George said.

"I just know that you're going to love me for it and we'll have dinner at a fancy restaurant, then maybe a nice walk in the Australian Gardens." He continued.
"Oh George, I love you so much already," Helen said.

As the plane comes to a stop, George stands up to remove their carryon's from the overhead compartment. They walk out to the long hallway over to the baggage pickup. George sees their two matching suitcases and grabs them up. He hands Helen hers and they head for the exit. Both of them feeling exhilarating that they are really in Australia.

Outside sits an Australian cab driver waiting to pick up passengers as they leave the airport. George and Helen walk toward him.
"Good day mates, is this your first time in Australia?" The cab driver asks.
"Yes, it is." Helen and George reply in sequence. They handed the driver their bags and he placed them in the trunk of the cab.

"Where might I be taking you, folks, this afternoon?" The driver asked.
"We are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, in the historic Rocks district."

"Ay, I know just where it is mates. It has a lovely garden and walkabout park."
Explained the driver. But George and Helen couldn't take their eyes off each other during the whole ride to the hotel.
"Here we are Sir," the driver said as he pulls up to the hotel.
The driver gets out quickly before them to open the cab doors and then he removes their luggage and places it on a carrier.

"I hope you and the misses have a fun holiday and welcome to Australia."
The cab driver says with his hand out for a tip. George hands him a twenty dollar tip.

The hotel concierge greets them outside and brings in the luggage cart for them. George says to the desk clerk, "Hello, I'm Mr. Stevenson and this is my wife Helen. We have a reservation for a weeks stay here and we are in need of some rest. It has been a long flight from America."

The clerk types their information in the computer and then hands George a hotel key.
"Well sir, everything seems to be in order here." The clerk makes a finger snap jester to the concierge to help them to their room.

"Please escort Mr. and Mrs.Stevenson to their room six~sixteen on the sixth floor. And welcome to the four seasons hotel. We offer a nice complimentary breakfast in our dining room." He points toward a beautiful wide open area overlooking a park-like setting just outside the windows. The lights are all aglow lighting up the walkway around the hotel just as the sun is beginning to set.

The concierge walked to the elevators and held the doors open as George and Helen step inside. He pushes the sixth-floor button and the doors close. They feel the rush as the elevator jolts upward to their floor. George hands the room key to the concierge to open the room door for them.
They are ah struck by the beautiful scenery of the room. Then George is handed their luggage bags and puts them on a nearby table.

"Sir, your room service menu is on the desk next to the phone for your conveniences.
We hope you two have a pleasant holiday with us here in Sydney, and if you need anything just dial zero on the room phone and someone will be able to help you if you need anything." Then he closes the door behind him.

"George says to Helen, "Honey I think I'll get a quick shower in before we go out for dinner. Do you mind, I'll only be a few minutes"? "Not at all George honey, I will put our clothes on hangers and in the dresser while you shower," Helen replies back.

"So, George, my wonderful hubby. What is the big surprise you have for me? I'm excited to see what you have planned."

"You'll find out soon enough honey, I promise it will be the biggest surprise ever," George says to her while he is getting undressed to shower.

"George, this is just so beautiful and wow, what a view of Sydney's harbor."
Helen said with joy and excitement in her voice. The room was quite large with a coffee table and loveseat and a large flat screen TV plus plenty of entertainment and restaurant flyers laid out to browse through.

As Helen takes in the beauty of the room and its surroundings. The bedroom is behind another door and she notices a lump in the center of the king size bed.
“I’ll be out in a few minutes sweetheart.” He replied.
"George honey, what is this lump?" Pointing to the large lump in the bed. "I'm not sure, maybe some extra pillows, that would be nice," George guesses.
Helen's curiosity it stirring up inside her thinking this may be part of Georges' surprise. She steps closer to the bed and grabs a hold of the covers. In a slow-motion she pulls back the bed cover then suddenly she sees a large harry leg and another leg and another. Her heart starts pounding feeling scared, then with one full motion, she throws the cover off the bed and lets out a scream that could be heard over the Sydney Orchestra.

In a frantic panic, she falls faint to the floor. Just then George comes out from the bathroom and sees a monster of a Spider in the center of the bed. It was as big as a large man with eight hairy legs. He lets out a scream as well so frightened he runs out of the room leaving Helen on the floor. He continues his screeching screams pushing the elevator button in a panic, the door opens and he jumps inside and hits the down button.

"Oh my God, Helen. I left her in the room. Oh my God! I half to go back and get her. But he is shaking so bad trying to push the elevator buttons to go back up to the room. By this time the Spider has crawled off the bed and on top of Helen, still in a faint. She slowly opens her eyes and sees this monster on top of her. She jumps up screaming and screaming looking for a way out and then runs right into the door, knocking her out once again. The Spider named the Tusk Earth Spider casually walks out of the room and out through an open window and disappears.

George makes his way back to the room and Helen is on the floor and he notices a bump on the center of her head and it's beginning to swell up badly. He looks around the room searching for the monster spider but, it is gone now. He rushed back to Helen and shakes her to wake up.

She slowly opens her eyes and sees George standing over her and suddenly she lets out another scream pointing to the window.
The monster spider is coming back into the room. They both begin screaming and shouting "Spider, there is a Spider in our room. George picks Helen up off the floor and rushes to the elevator still in shock at the size of the spider. The elevator door opens and he runs out of the hotel with Helen in his arms screaming all the way down the street. Helen yells out to George, " I want to go home NOW and never come back."

The End
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