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For the interactive called "Interstellar", a description of the different alien species
Guide for the interactive "Invalid Item.

Azatni amoeboids (having no permanent shape but able to change shapes), about the same size as humans, silver skin

The Azatni home planet is covered in trees that grow to hundreds of feet tall but they bend easily so that walking on Azatni feels like walking through a lawn after you shrunk. The Azatni have built millions of miles of raised walkways out of wood so that rarely does one ever see the ground. The Azatni sweat is so acidic that it harms any human that comes in contact with it but large flowers that bloom all over the planet produce a counteractive agent.

Zoa and Tia two species, both humanoid and both have long claws on their feet.

The ZoaTians come from two planets with orbits so close that once a year, the two planets cause earthquakes and other upheavals on each other. On rare occasions, an animal will get yanked off one planet to land on the other and survive the trip. (Both planets have large atmospheres.) Zoans have brown leathery skin. Tians have blue rubbery skins. They are fairly advanced technologically.

Danvi merfolk

The Danvi homeworld has no land masses, not even a rocky outcrop. They do wear clothes to cover their naughty bits.

Roddi giant apes

Basically a Planet of the Apes scenario but from the book and not from any of the movies. All the apes are chimpanzee like and at least twice as tall as a human. The humans on the Roddi home planet are human sized and completely indistinguishable from humans except that they behave exactly like chimps. They live in large cities with technology that matches Earth.
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