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by brom21
Rated: E · Short Story · Adult · #2078074
A couple finds themselves in a sudden misunderstanding.
Luke sat on the cushioned sofa holding a cup of vanilla flavored coffee. His feet were crossed and laying on a table before him. He took a drink and let it soak on his tongue then swallowed. His head jerked to the right where his wife Clare stood in the hallway with a steady unblinking glare. He knew what was coming.

“Luke, we need to move. We’ve lived in this awful place too long and I’ve grown tired of the neighbors and all the construction with the new housing complex,” she said arms folded and a deep frown on her forehead.

Luke was silent for a moment. He put his feet on the carpet and turned to face her then put his hand on his forehead and looked down. He sighed and looked up at her. “Honey, this has been our home for only three years. Our neighbors are a nuisance from time to time but that is something we’ll have to deal with no matter where we go. And the construction will be over soon.”

Clare shook her head slowly. Next, her face relaxed she spoke in a soft tone. “Hon, I know you’re comfortable here. But I’m not.” Her eyes became doughy.

Luke stood and walked to her with a smile then lightly applied his hands on Clare’s shoulder then took her hands. Luke rubbed them gently and spoke with a normal tone. “I’m just thinking about all the trouble it will be. There is the realtor, the pricing and the trucks needed to move. Plus, there is the problem of looking for another house.”

Clare replied instantly. “I know all that will be a problem, but I think I it is worth it.”

“But, You’re ready to pack up and go when we’ve have barely any time to settle in yet. Give it some time.”

Clare exhaled and hung her head. “I know. But I kind of went along with you because you liked it so much.”

“Luke pulled his head back as soon as she finished and contorted his face. “What? Really? Why didn’t you say so?”

“I saw how happy you were when you saw this place. Your eyes lit up when you looked at it. I did not have the heart to deny you.” Clare stepped back from him and stood completely still. Next she turned around and was silent for several seconds.

Luke approached her from behind and moved his hand towards her hair then froze and pulled it back. He hung his arms. “Clare, I’d never make a decision like this without knowing that you are happy.”

“I just thought I would have been selfish to say no to you.” Luke’s wife faced him and walked past his six-foot frame and sat on the couch. “I guess this is kind of my fault.”

Luke scooted next to her and put hand around her. “You were just trying to be kind. You were thinking of me and not yourself.”

Clare smiled and looked at Luke. She took his hand hanging over her left shoulder and squeezed. “I guess we’re just too kind to one another.” She giggled and leaned in his neck. “Would you just consider moving?”

“Honestly, I love this place. It’s grown on me. I really don’t want to move.”

“How about this, let’s look at some houses and see what you think. If you feel the same way, then we stay.”

Luke looked from the side of his eye and rubbed his chin. “Really? You mean it?”

Clare nodded.

“Okay then. Let’s go tomorrow.”

The next day the couple went to a housing complex called Hillcrest Peak.

They walked along the sidewalk lining the houses. Clare saw one and grabbed Luke as she ran to the door of a model home.

“It’s beautiful!”

“Yeah it ain’t bad.”

Look at the slanted ceilings. Oh, and that wonderful hanging light fixture! Look at the Victorian shape it has.”

“Let’s look at another.”

The couple went into the next house that was a two story that had a square window.

Clare ran up the stairs and looked through the window at the yard in front. She smiled broadly and yelled for Luke to come look too.

“Hmm…nice view. There’s a handle.” He pulled on it and a gust of cool air blew through their hair. “Let’s keep looking at others.”

For the next three hours they looked at homes. “I’m tired. What do you say we head home?” Luke said.

“Me too.”

Both of them drove home and plopped on the sofa. Luke was said nothing but looked at the floor. There were two minutes of silence. “So what do you think?” Clare said with and opened mouthed smile.

“We’ll” Luke cleared his throat. “I liked all of them.”

“Any specific one?”

Luke scratched the back of his neck. “Honey.”

Luke’s wife smile left her. “Yes?”

“I’d love to live in any of them, but I’m content here.”

Clare looked down. “I understand. A deal’s a deal.” She smiled and hugged him. “If this is what you want, I’m all for it.”

“Oh, thanks for understanding hon.”

“No problem. I’ll get used to it.”

The couple lived happily and in time Clare truly came to like their home and lived in it for many years to come.

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