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by Angel
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A Monologue from the point of view of a set of steps painted with different colours.
Ooh! Shiny! Well these colours weren't here yesterday, people are actually looking at me, have you any idea how many people just walk on me, up and down, up and down, every day, without even noticing me. I don't mind, after all, that is what I was made for, getting people from the bottom to the top or from the top to the bottom. I'm not actually sure what's at the top, I can't see, but I can see what's at the bottom. I listen to what people say and I've figured out that they go to the shops; I don't know what they are but people seem to like them. I'm still a bit vague about what's above me, home is the only word I seem to get, they seem to like that too, they do grumble though and wish that home were at the bottom, I don't know why.

Today is great, though, a rainbow of colour hits me as I look down, grey is what I usually see, apart, of course from the colours of the clothes that some people wear. You really have to see it sometimes, the incredible oddities, in colour and style, mind you, what do I know, I've never worn a colour in my life, except for today. Now I have a whole host of them, just shining up at me; do you think the rain will wash them away, it would be a shame. I could get used to being looked at and admired, mind you they'll probably get bored and stop looking after a while but I think I'll enjoy them just for myself until they fade away.

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