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by Naveed
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A sad description of my once great city.
To the south, next the sea,
there's a city, now ordinary.

The people there, no matter how they may see,
are as insignificant, as people can be,

for they don't think before they act.
They don't think at all, as a matter of fact.

They think and dream about hoarding money,
and never about using it, oh the irony!

The biggest taboo there is thinking about religion,
“God demands dogmatism,” is their justification.

So they fight and kill over religious beliefs,
not realizing that all religions hold love chief.

These people are divided by the languages they speak,
the future of this city certainly looks bleak.

Their biggest fear is going against the stream,
and this makes them their leaders' dream.

For their leaders are just like them,
and their promises are all a big sham.

These people can't differentiate between a sheep and goat,
and they sure as hell don't think before they vote.

These people think they control their own minds,
but actually, they are slaves of a new kind.

They never get to use their own brains,
and conformity is in their veins.

The city, once known as the city of lights,
is falling apart; darkness is reaching new heights.
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