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A girl who goes through many situations in life and falls in love in the end.
Not everyone in life that say they going be there for you is really telling the truth and not everything you say in life you mean it. Some times you have to go through the worst set of things in order to really get what people are trying to teach you. A beautiful girl named Tia, whom I think you all met before was going through some situations in her life and through it all she found love in the end.

It was a bright and beautiful morning, Tia woke up and was in a good mood. Went out for breakfast with her boyfriend, Alex and then left to go to work. Around eleven o'clock, Tia's phone rang; it was her sister calling to say that their mom was dying and Tia needed to get to the hospital right away. On her way to the hospital, Tia passed Alex at the best cafe' in town with his co-worker doing what we would called making out. This seen made Tia very upset but she couldn't do anything bout it at the time. When she got to the hospital they told her that her mother was slowly dying; she went into the room where her mother was and the had their last conversation in tears and with0in five minutes their mother closed her beautiful light blue eyes in peace. Tia who was the middle child also known to be the strongest child of the three children was there to comfort her brother and sister.

Her sister went home to her boyfriend and her brother left to go and pick up his girlfriend from work and went home; while Tia stayed at the hospital doing paper work and paying bills. Yes, Tia had to be the one to pay the bills because she was the only one that believed in working for what she wants in life, so she kept her head on and got a job where she was making a great amount of money. When she finished signing that last set of papers, Tia left and went straight to the home of some one she thought was her best friend. When she got there, Tia told her everything that happened for the day and her best friend boyfriend turned and asked Tia to leave. She left with tears in her eyes thinking on where to turn and how to get through her mother's death and that fact that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

There was this young man that Tia met at her uncle restaurant while helping out and he draw himself to Tia, never wanted to leave her side no matter how much times she told him that she had a boyfriend. Tia when home and as she parked her car in the driveway, her friend called her. His named was Trey but she would call him T because of how close they were. With tear running from her lovely grey eyes she answered her phone and says "yes babe." He said " this is something I been dying to hear from time we met cause I want to be there for you but you won't let me." Tia explain to Trey what all happened. Trey told her to go in the house and pack her clothes, freshen up from such a long day and he'll be there to pick her up. When he got there to pick her up he told her to make sure she has everything that is hers cause she's not coming back to live with Alex. Trey took Tia in and comforted her and loved her. They been close for so much years. As the days go by, Tia was getting ready to lay her mother to rest in peace and through it all she had Trey, her sister and brother by her side.

It was the day of Tia's mother funeral and every one cried but Tia remained strong cause she knew her mother would of wanted her too. Tia, Trey, her sister and her boyfriend and Tia's brother and his girlfriend all went out for lunch after the funeral. While they were having lunch, Tia's phone rang; it was Alex. She was afraid to answer so she gave the phone to Trey for him to answer it.

About six month in a relationship with Trey, they noticed that they were in love with each other and got married. Tia was very happy because she had finally find some one who had love her for who she was and some one who there for her when she needed him. Yeah they had arguments and fights but they stood by each other through thick and thin and it was just beautiful.

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