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The article aims to discover what truly makes us unique. Hope you enjoy!
I once read an article that said that you are you and no one else in the same way that you can't be anyone else.
But what truly makes us unique? I don't mean via a scientific explanation such as DNA strands, I mean it from a soulistic (if that is indeed a word) point of view. I don't think science should be considered in such contexts as it cheapens the integrity and value of our souls. If it were as simple as science (the irony), then our uniqueness wouldn't be as unique as we think because it can be classified according to science.

Everyone is different from one another in one or more ways. To put it into perspective, think of a situation where people meet you and form an opinion (whether positive or negative is irrelevant) about you. This is done because you as a person have a quality or set of qualities that sets you apart from others. If anything, that should prove your uniqueness.

The things you do, the skills you have, the blessings you have received, the way you do things your way, and the life you live is all dependent on your personality and experience which you get as you do things. This is also what determines your individuality. Once you as a person understand what sets you apart from others, this can be used for you to forge your path in life.

Your goals and dreams are also what make you different from others. Everyone has different aspirations in life, whether to be rich, or to be happy, or to be rich AND happy. These goals and dreams are part of your identity as an individual and as a result make you unique.

Your hobbies are also a part of your individuality as you do things that others wouldn't or don't do. These hobbies show the interests that you have and everyone is interested by different things. It is such things that can be considered as what makes you unique.

Your appearance also qualifies as something that makes you unique. I am not talking about your aesthetic body appearance but your dress sense. We all dress differently and are attracted to different styles which drive us to try them out for ourselves. This accentuates your individuality and makes you unique in your own way.

Ethics and morals also set us apart. While some people may think one thing is wrong, others might think otherwise. However, the extent of social norms is stopped when we are by ourselves. What is important is that the way you tend to see things, whether in black or white or shades of grey, is an individualistic choice and is a unique trait in you.

Your personality alone is what makes you unique from other people.

Your experiences in life are an important part of what shapes your individuality. What one person has went through is totally different to what another has. I am not speaking just from an experience point of view but I am also taking into account the emotions that are exerted during said experience. That also makes our experiences different. It has been suggested that personalities can be formed from experiences and I can agree with this theory to a certain extent. Where one person has gone through hardships and tragedy will turn out to be a cynic and pessimist in life (like me), another can go through life with roses and sunshine and be optimistic in life. These experiences mold our character and personality to a certain extent, thereby making you unique in one form or another.

But as earlier mentioned, the single biggest thing that makes us unique in one way or another is your personal thing, the first thing that people think about when they think of you. People can be boring, funny, exciting, timid, or adventurous and many more. Whichever one you identify with, that is the thing that most people will identify you with and while people may share a style, your individualism will accentuate that style, giving it at different flair from another person and making you unique from another

In the end, we are all unique in our own ways and we should be grateful for that for variety is the spice of life. Compare yourself to no one, no better or less for all our paths are different. You just keep doing you and just remember that your individuality and unique will shine and glow, making you beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for readingĀ¦

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