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by Pug
Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2078285
Jessie thought she had seen everything until now!
Jessie, woke up from her warm cozy cocoon still tightly wrapped around her. Something had disturbed her deep sleep “Was it a dream?... No.” Rubbing her eyes she blinked till as they adjusted to the strange glow seeping through the cocoon walls. “Hello?” but there was no response. Jessie started to dig her way out. She found a few books, a shoe, and a report for work a few weeks late she had been typing before finding the way out. “Finally I can turn in my report” Lately things have been getting lost in her apartment she has been making little burrows where ever she closed her eye’s. Using the usual things like bedding and pillows to the bizarre like books and office supply's. Which was OK since she was a good detective due to her years working for the city. After the long night shift, she had manage to get into her favorite baby-doll pj’s she noticed as she crawled further down her bed. She thought that maybe the neighbors cat ha gotten into her apartment once again. “Damn that Edgar he must of trained his cat to steel, ol bastard” with each visit from Edgar’s cat something else went missing, mumbling “ Jack you better not expect me to feed your sorry fuzzy butt.” But she wasn’t expecting what she found sitting on top of her bed. It looked like a miniature elephant with striped pink and purple fur, long floppy ears an short stubby legs. It wasn’t the little creature that alarmed her, no nothing could surprise her any more, after working as a city sewer trapper the things she found boggle the mind. What bothered her the most was the bright golden glow enveloping her not the room as she had assumed deep inside her cocoon but it was her own body. It wasn’t to painful it was more a zapping tingle. Instead of investigating the little creature Jessie slid to the floor and grabbed her mirror. It was true her whole body glowed even her eyes and her face was different more beautiful then she had been guys always hit on her in her job no matter how dirty she got, It was a running joke in her office to her chagrin. While she is examining herself she does not see the note hanging from a ribbon around the little creature neck. When she is less startled by her appearance she turns back to the creature on her bed As she reads the note she hesitantly snatched away almost choking the creature.
The note read:

Congratulations your time to rise has come.
Attached to this note you will find your groom.
Kiss your groom once and the contract will be sealed.

Shocked by the note Jessie jumped up hitting her head and knocking herself out for several minutes. Opening her eye’s Jessie was stunned to see a younger Edger kneeling with her head on his lap and the note hanging form his neck.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2078285