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by Jen
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Feminism and how we create it as a problem along with other things.
"Perception is reality." Have you heard this before and what does it mean to you? To me it means that whatever you believe is true. Whatever you think is your own reality. Examples of this are things such as; social anxiety and depression. You become anxious because you think that people are judging you, you think people are laughing at you, etc. But, they are actually not even thinking anything about you... At all. With depression you feel no hope, comfortably sad, that everything is going wrong and things of that nature. But if someone else had your life they would easily find things in it to be happy about. You just have a pessimistic perception. What I am getting at is that ultimately, you create your own problems.
I want you people to see a little insight on the disunity of genders. How we as one race- the human race-have made the choice to separate ourselves from others. Feminism. I used to be a feminist, but now I don't think I want to be known as that anymore. I have listened to the songs on the rap or pop station , yes. I used to see it as offensive, yes. I used to look for things in my everyday life that pertained to feminism ad degrading women. But, I also used to look for spiders everytime I took a nature walk. I would never find one spider, but multiple. Finding spiders was inevitable considering the fact that I was in nature and looking directly for them (so I could avoid them... A paradox). I think the same goes with feminism/degrading women (basically everything, actually) Since your perception is that feminism is a problem you have trained yourself to see the issues in the things that happen throughout your day, week, whatever, that will trigger this "problem." A lot of people don't realize that the things that they chose to put thought into, hear, or see is a big factor in your perception. It will definitely be a problem if you watch TV shows that degrade or listen to music that have a good beat but not a good message. Especially being friends/following accounts that talk bad about women. Everytime I see someone tweet or post saying, "I hate girls," or something like that, I immeditatley unfriend/unfollow them. I don't know if girls have seen the fact that we are the ones who are making girls seem lesser. If you carry yourself in a respectful manner you will get respect. I thought everyone knew that you have to carry yourself respectfully in order to get respect but I don't think so anymore. You get what you give. A big thing is showing off your body parts for attention. I don't think that there is a "problem" doing this if you just like the shirt or pants you are wearing but if you do it to attract attention you aren't going to get the good kind of attention I would hope you would want. The reason why girls feel the need to show off their bodies is probably because you want to be noticed for your body because that's what the media you take in makes you seem valuable. I am not saying don't wear what you want I am saying wear it because it is cute not for negative attention. Your thoughts have a huge impact on you and the world believe it or not. (I think the human body is over sexualized anyways... If it were up to me we would all be naked all the time.) You ultimately manifest what is in your life. Its all up to you what kind of things/people/problems you have because its YOUR life. If you don't-like it change it. Simple.
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