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The dragon planet is formed, and as one of the first dragons Esti hopes she's not alone.

Chapter 1. Mother Esti

In the beginning, an Earth-like planet called Draconis is formed. During these times the planet's surface was red and dotted with volcanoes for miles. There appeared a great dragon with deep blue scales that could blend within any depth of water. This blue dragoness would later become known as Esti. While her method of birth was unknown, some tell of legends that the world was her egg. Her home was the Origin Crater, a vast crater that is believed to be the pieces of her cracked egg. She was very kind to the other creatures around her and chose to feed on large leaves and berries instead. She stayed there and lived as the planet cooled from the events of its creation.

Once she grew into maturity, she went out exploring hoping to find another of her kind. It began to seem like she was the only one of her kind until one day. She awoke from her nap to hear something not far from her. Scurrying across the land was what seemed to be another dragon. Believing she still was the only living dragon here, she dismissed it as a mere imagination. Esti was charged at by the other being, and for a moment her face paled in disbelief that there actually was another dragon out here.

Esti let out a squeal! The other dragon looked up at her. He backed up in the same disbelief that Esti was surely feeling right now, which allowed Esti to get up. "Sorry, are you really startled? Another dragon? Of course I couldn't believe my eyes. What are you called, dragoness?" the dark dragon spoke to her. "I'm known as Esti, and I'm just as in disbelief as you are. Shall I ask you the same?" She looked at him as he paused and looked down. He clawed the ground and then shrugged at her. "There wasn't anyone to give me a name." Well now, what should he be called? Lets see here, she thought a second before speaking again. "How about Darken, for your darkened scales?" A light glimmer shined off the male dragon's dark blue scales that could almost be seen as black. Esti smiled warmly and let him think on it. "I suppose you were named by an estuary?" the dark one joked. "Yes, Darken it is!" He quite literally roared in proclamation his new name. Esti acquainted herself with Darken sniffing and nuzzling him, and she began to become fond of him. She had a feeling he felt the same way.

Over the days, Esti fell in love with Darken despite his meat-eating. She accepted him the way he grew up and assumed it was his home nature. They loved each other very much and they began to mate. After a fruitful mating season, they reproduced and Esti came to have seven eggs. It was a wonderful occasion, the birthing of the first dragon babies by the first ever dragons. Esti watched them with great love and as careful as ever. They were the future of their species and she was new to being a mother as the first one. Through instinct she knew what to do and she watched the babies while Darken hunted for himself. Esti stocked up leaves and berries early for her and the babies. It was not long until they hatched.

From birth to childhood the time would pass. She loved each and every one of them, and they were all different in their own way. She watched the kids roam and play with joy. However, she noticed it was about the time for Darken to hunt but he stayed near. She knew he wouldn't have changed his eating habits so sudden but maybe he was keeping guard of the kids and her. "That's sweet!" she called out to him cooing. She watched him draw nearer to one of the kids, a little dragoness that was shy and playing more by herself than with others. Esti got up to go be with her cute mate closer to the kids.

Suddenly Esti heard a high-pitched squeal and she looked to the source of it. She gaped shocked as she saw Darken with his jaws open wide enough to devour one of their kids. She charged in towards them. "Out of all the things you could do!" she ranted not necessarily meaning for Darken to hear her, but if he did she spoke in a voice full of shock and fury. She put herself between Darken and her kids, separating him from the little dragoness and the other kids. She may have accepted him for his meat-eating of smaller creatures, but her young was crossing the line. She saw Darken's sinister look in his eye as he went to attack her. She fought him back and forth for a bit; this resulted in her throwing him over the crater's edge. When she returned to her dragonlings to console them, they had looks of confusion and fright throughout, especially the one shy, little dragoness. Esti brought that one close and comforted her until she fell asleep. Then she laid her next to her with the other dragonlings, and hoped this was the last she and her kids would see of Darken.

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