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Storyline Excerpt
Antonia De Madia Villa walked into the elevator and pushed the numbered button. She started going through her purse as the elevator glided up one, two, three floors. The elevator came to a smooth halt, the doors opened. As she stepped out she bumped into another woman. Antonia said excuse me, they looked closely at each other for a minute. The other woman said that's okay stepping aside. Grace Foster watched as she walked away.

Blair Kast and the other witches were sitting around the fire. The flames began to intensify for a few minutes. Finally the flames simmered. Daisy spoke disturbing the unsettling silence. "There's evil under the sun placing." "Amaranth," Blair said motioning her head in her direction. Amaranth held up the cylinder to see if they could get a reading.

Miranda Solis woke up. She was laying in the woods by a tree. On the tree was the word Unwind. She was vaguely trying to focus around an obstruction of her sight. It was something covering her whole head she realized. She felt her head. A mask was covering her whole head. It was metal or iron.

Sickness, a feeling of nausea assailed Amaranth. The rest of the witches began grabbing their stomachs, I feel like I'm going to throw up one of them said. Daisy did throw up, stepping away from the group. Rachel went to check on her. "Whatever where channeling is causing this Daisy told her."

Luce was standing by near the hotel reception desk waiting for Grace who had just called him. He was thinking about the next experiment they had in development.

Miranda frantically grasped around for the clasp on the mask. Finally she stopped and slowly searched around the iron casing. She found how it was locked and unattached it. she removed the mask. She looked at it. It had gargoyle and demon like images on the surface, there was writing on a side of it. To replace, your vanity, your face, recite--wind up, wind-up, restore whats undone, bind-up bind-up, She touched the iron a mirror appeared.on the surface.............................

Daisy had her head down her arm extended grasping a tree as she finished throwing up and her stomach settled down. "There is a core of evil emanating from this that would cause illness." Rachel put her hand on her back, "Should we continue?" she asked. "A physical manifestation like this means something very strong is present, what well need is more witches for the circle of power."

Luce dialed the bar. Luna was still sitting at the bar, she was remembering performing a song, Hidden Operator, she remembered standing behind the microphone doing a very tame performance--like a bandit, poster-boy, you steal my heart...........she hoped it would get the attention of the club owner, but she was very nervous, after the performance he gave her a peck on the cheek and then she had seen him leave with another woman. She heard her cell phone ring, she answered it.

Velma had produced a holographic image she was trying to remember her appearance after she had been repaired at the home planet. She went through a few of her physical developments, temporarily pausing on her comatose form and remembering her despair and confinement to the lair. Finally she remembered here final formation before she became this.

Amaranth called to Daisy and Rachel they were receiving a reading, Linda walked up she saw the fire and the disheveled way the witches were strewn about, Daisy was standing by a tree she looked as though she were ill. Images began projecting around the fire with the smoke from the cylinder. Everyone stopped what they were doing and situated back around the circle. There were four images that flashed they were performing an incantation, a curse. 2 of the women were foreign to the girls, one was Sofia Hernandez, last was Velma, she looked like she was saying something; only Daisy could hear her. "What's happening Linda asked out loud," directed toward no one in particular. Daisy asked Linda for a pen. Linda took one out of her purse and handed it to her.

"Papi," Luna said comically into the receiver. Luce was irritated by this, but ignored it for now. "Grab a pen and paper, I'm going to give you an agenda to do." Luna muddled around the back of the bar grabbing a napkin and pen. "So how is your field trip going," she asked. Luce was in a hurry he was on sort of a stakeout. "Just take this down," he said trying to stay on the lookout at the same time. I want you to go to the club and make your report. Tell them there is another act I want added to the show list, and tell Kara to compare notes with Sofia." Kara was Luna well sister so to speak, although they were completely different. Kara was tall and blond, while Luna was short, raven haired and olive complected.

Allena wok up. Rich was not beside her. She heard the doorbell, she could hear voices it sounded like room service. Allena grabbed a mirror from her purse she checked her appearance. Rich walked into the room fully dressed. He sat on the edge of the bed. "I have things to take care of today, you can stay in the room for the rest of the morning, order what you want for breakfast, I will see you at lunch.

Luce met up with Martha Carral at the Hotel desk, she had shown up before Grace. They sat down at a hotel table in their lobby. "I had to take over for Grace because she ran smack into De Villa." De Madia Villa Luce corrected. "This is your gal she" asked placing a photo on the table. Luce looked it was her she was wearing lingerie. Yes he confirmed. I followed her into this place, they thought I was one of the girls and directed me to wardrobe to change, I grabbed one of these pictures and left." Luce called Anderson.

Helen was absorbed in an ipod game she was playing. Abby was prattling on about all her irritations with the human species while eating something more like home planet fare. She bit into monkey brains. "I really needed something with more nutriment," she said. "You know humans do eat that, and make quite a show of it in some countries." Abby wiped her mouth, I have numerous plans for the human species and food service in mind she said. "Really Abby don't you see them as somewhat of a microcosm? Abby sampled some eyeballs. "What I see is that our world order is threatened, by their attempts to place their world order." Helen ate an alien version of an egg, maybe that requires learning to fight on their level." As far as I'm concerned the whole human race can perish along with the planet Abby said.

Miranda shrieked at the sight of her face. It wasn't even a face it was an almost face as if her features had melted and veins started to protrude. She dropped the mask, then fell grabbing for it again. She lay on the ground. She started to remember the cell and the nightmares and the demon that had been in her house. She became in tune with her witch practices suddenly. She realized what this was about. Then she saw it something moving among the trees and bushes. Moving in a way a human does not. she wondered if this was another nightmare. She didn't like to go to a certain depth of darkness, but this time she would have too.

Anderson knocked on the door. A woman answered, she saw his badge and called for Antonia. Antonia came to the door, she saw Luce, Martha, and Grace who had finally shown up after going to contact Magnum. Antonia came out and closed the door behind her. "I know what you think? You have the right to remain silent," Anderson said. She put her hands up as if in protest, "the feds have no case here, I am legitimate." You have been very hard to find" Luce said. "Generally when people are hard to find it's because they don't want to be," Anderson stated. "I deal with lots of money and I have highbrow customers," Antonia explained. "I bet you do Martha threw in. Antonia looked at Grace, You all are staking me out here?" Who is behind this Anderson demanded calmly. "Well it would have to be Lucifer wouldn't it? Antonia said.

Monty North was going over music tracks with Alec Campbell. Alec started playing one of his new tracks--I'm talkin bout that, Pale Yellow Tan/peter pan, panning for gold, rush rush, never grow old..................Mr Jameson was with Mr Smith first name Addison at the Club they were preparing for a performance, Avaya Ability had just finished singing and performing a song about Unmistakable sacred love--My love is Unmistakeable............... Now Rich Aldin was performing--Get your mix at 6 Muse 6, from Indianapolis to Mexico................, Later Luce was talking with Chris Fargo and Luna, while Allena was with Ella, Rich was off with Jessa, when a surprise performance caught everyones attention. It was Laana she sang, This is a season, ---------------, Make your mark, Make your mark, I'm tossing a grenade, if you challenge then your brave, careful invoking my name, cause I'll flood you like a wave, a circle dark and deviant, ----------------------It may maybe crowded but you'll still have to make room, .......................What led to this
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