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Things I Wrote...
Title: In 10 Months
By: Me

In 10 Months I will climb aboard my spaceship and depart from this lonely, desolate, forgotten world upon which I currently reside setting sail on a crash course for a planet known as "Earth", where things such as Smart Phones exist to spread news of just such an event as this, though you should not fret if you hear nothing of my arrival nor should you dispose of all things concerning me inside of a file marked with a large "X" because it is commonplace for your government to hide such events from the eyes of the viewing public. But make no mistake In 10 Months I'm coming to conquer the world...

I've done an extensive study of your culture, I've watched such movies as ET and Armageddon, and such cartoons as Invader Zim. I know all about the Men In Black and Area 51. I'm prepared...

I know that In 10 Months a heavy resistance will be set up to ensure that I like so many of those who come before me do not succeed in my quest for world domination. I know this...

I know that your government In 10 Months will have countless traps set and waiting for me ranging from hard times to easy women... From impatient landlords to unsatisfied bosses.... Your government will make it so easy In 10 Months for me to get my hands on a bomb and attack the block all so that they can capture me and send me back to this lonely, desolate, forgotten world which I barely escaped from and this time there will be no return. But I am much too smart for that... Im a more intelligent form of life and from what I hear you have yet to see anything like me...

In 10 Months I will disguise myself as one of you, going to work everyday faithfully to a dead end job which barely pays the rent but behind the expressionless mask and veneer of acceptance I have not forgotten my goal. So slowly I will begin to rise from on platform to the next excelling while bringing fresh and new ideas to each endeavor before moving on to bigger and better things. And eventually you will realize that I am different!

But by then it will be too late to stop me, and I will be a mere breath away from accomplishing that which was considered impossible 10 months before... I try to be fair so I warned you... In 10 Months... I get out of prison...

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