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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2078671
Girl with depression and anxiety goes through life changes and finds love
Chapter 5: Action! ~1~

It takes forever before they call for quiet on the set. Being near Shae is killing me. She has done nothing but bitch and moan since she sat down. My claws are about to come out when I hear Jay yell “places everyone, aaaaand, ACTION! ~2~

I start walking up to the booth Shae is in with a drink in my hand. ~3~

Shae as Charley: Oh my gosh, Emily Rose, is that you? I haven’t seen you in ions. ~4~

Me as Emily Rose: Hey Charley – how have you been? ~5~

Charley: Good, good. Hanging in there, you know. What have you been up to? ~6~

Me: Nothing much, the glamorous life of a stay at home mom doesn’t allow me much time for things like this. I’m just here blowing off some steam with my girlfriends. Who you here with? ~7~

Charley: Henry. Do you know Henry? We went to school with him. Tall, dark, eyes that transfix you. He was the goalie of the varsity hockey team. ~8~

Me: Oh my God, YES, be still my beating heart!! ~9~

Charley: I know, right! Oh, my gosh, did you hear that Sam, you remember Sam, is going to ask Claire to marry him? ~10~

Me: What, no way! I thought they broke up. (taking a sip of the drink in my hand. BLUK, what the hell is this?) I can only imagine the look on my face when I tasted whatever was in that glass. ~11~

“Cut! Stella, honey, you don’t wanna drink that. It won’t hurt you it’s just water and food coloring, but we’ll need it for reshoots. Are you thirsty, do you need something to drink? At this point you and Charley are just setting up a scene for later in the movie. ~12~

“No, I’m good Jay, just thought it would add to the scene. ~13~

“Ok...ACTION!!! ~14~

We started over from the top, then got to the meat of the conversation. ~15~

Charley: They did, but apparently they got back together and he’s head over heels in love with her. He said he knows now that he can’t live without her and it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past between them. ~16~

Me: I’m assuming that means he doesn’t care that she cheated on him with Joe? ~17~

Charley: I guess not. Did you hear about Claire though? Do you think he’d still want to be with her if he knew? ~18~

Me: I haven’t heard boo about her, I’m pretty much out of the loop unless it’s been posted on Facebook. What happened? ~19~

Charley: Oh, shit, I thought you knew, I can’t tell you. Let’s just say, I hope they have conjugal visits in prison. ~20~

Me: WHAT? You have to dish, what’s up? ~21~

At this point Henry walks to the booth and sits next to Charley. I start staring like he’s one of those pictures within a picture, what are they called again, illusions? I need something to help with my memory problems. ~22~

Matt catches my stare and gives me his famous lopsided smile that I enjoy so much. ~23~

“CUT! Stella, can I have you just glance at Henry when he walks up and then glance down at Charley and wiggle your eyebrows, then move on with your lines? ~24~

“Absolutely, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry. ~25~

Jay waived his hand at me and told me to relax, that everything was fine and that he’ll stop filming when he thinks something will work, or if he changes his mind on the script. I felt a little better, I hope he didn’t realize I was totally transfixed on Matt’s face. ~26~

I look back over at Matt and he gives me a full blown smile, my heart races. ~27~

“Let’s take it from Henry walking up to the booth...aaaand ACTION! ~28~

Me: Oh, Hi Henry, I haven’t seen you in forever. How have you been? ~29~

Henry: Excellent, thanks. It’s good to see you. ~30~

Me: you too. I better get back to my friends; they are probably wondering what happened to me. It was great running into you guys. Charley, we should get together for lunch. Share secrets. ~31~

Charley: yep, take care, I’ll call you. ~32~

I walk away toward the bar and I hear “CUT! ~33~

My legs were wobbling; I couldn’t seem to walk straight or without trippin’. ~34~

“Stella, can we have you go back to the booth, and start walking away again, you looked uneasy and while you have been drinking in the scene, the script doesn’t have you stumbling. ~35~

Shit, I’ve been walking in heels since I was 14, there isn’t a reason I shouldn’t be able to do this without looking hammered. I’ve got to get it together. ~36~

“You bet, is there anything else you’d like to see? ~37~

“We’ll be going through the scene again, let’s just finish up through the entire thing one time and go from there,” Jay said. ~38~

I felt so out of my element, I was completely relying on the expertise of Jay and his crew. I hope I was doing better than I felt I was. ~39~

We did the scene several times, each time with Jay asking us to try this or that. I have to admit, once I got the hang of it and Jay explained that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I had fun! ~40~

Working with Shae never got better, but Matt was so sweet. There were a couple times during a “5” that he gave me tips and some ideas he thought would look good. ~41~

Each time he touched me I’d shiver. He thought I was cold, bless his heart, I couldn’t tell him he was the real reason I was a shivering mess. ~42~

After we wrapped our scene, I went looking for Pinky. The club was huge and there were certain areas I wasn’t allowed in. I didn’t have the faintest idea where to begin looking. ~43~

We’d driven together, which was a mistake. I hadn’t even thought of it, but two scenes couldn’t be filmed at one time – so one of us was going to have to wait for the other. My scene had been filming all day, well, what felt like all day, it was only 2pm. ~44~

After a while, I gave up looking and asked a production person who had been with me while filming if he knew where Pinky was. Turns out she and the other extras were set to film shortly. ~45~

I could see they were starting to tear down the set I was working on, so I figured they’d start filming Pinky’s scene in the same location. I went in search of a location to rest my weary ass until Pinky was done with her scene. ~46~

“Couldn’t get enough of the set, so you thought you’d stay around a bit longer? ~47~

When I turned around I beamed at Matt and said, “Well, it’s my first time on a big movie set, a girl has to do what she can to soak up the glamour.” He chuckled, it was low and deep and it reverberated throughout my entire body. I would give my right arm to be held in his again. ~48~

“You did a fantastic job today; have you been acting long? ~49~

I guess if one thing was going to go right today, I’m glad it was the actual filming. ~50~

“Are you kidding? No, this is the first time I’ve ever done it. I was so incredibly nervous I thought for sure I’d break my leg or do something else embarrassing. ~51~

“Oh, you mean like showing everyone your underwear, or lack of them? ~52~

I looked up at him with a question mark on my face, then it dawned on me, I had made an ass out of myself when I fell into the booth. I didn’t have any problems remembering my lines, but spaced that, really, how does a person forget something like that? ~53~

“Awww, you saw that. Grrrrreat! I tend to have two left feet when I’m nervous. Ok, I have two left feet all the time, but especially when I’m nervous. In my defense, I didn’t realize there was a table leg there.” I replied with a smile. ~54~

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I actually thought it was pretty cute. Your face couldn’t have been any redder and you managed to recover quickly. So anyway, what are you doing hanging out here? ~55~

“Oh I’m waiting for my friend Pinky, she’s also got a scene today, but I truly have no idea where I could find her. We drove together, so I’m here until she’s done. ~56~

Matt looked at me, timidly and said, “I’m done for the day, why don’t I see if I can find out where she is, then you and I can go for a late lunch, early dinner – however you want to look at it. I can bring you home after. ~57~

My heart was beating a million and ten miles per hour. I was doing the Snoopy dance in my head, while simultaneously wondering if I could somehow say YES, OH MY GOD A MILLION TIMES YES, without Steve finding out. ~58~

“I’m sorry, I really can’t, I have a boyfriend. Besides, I wouldn’t be comfortable going out to eat in these clothes. ~59~

He smiled, “I’m not asking you to marry me or anything, just go out for something to eat. As far as your clothes, I think you look great, you aren’t popping out like most of the girls these days. I could lend you my coat if you want to cover up until we get seated. ~60~

I was wondering if he could hear my heart beating. I could, loud and clear. Trying to sound normal I answered, “Thank you so much for the offer, but truly, it wouldn’t be right. ~61~

“Okay, I understand. Can I at least find out where your friend is and then give you a ride home? ~62~

“Ummmmm,” I didn’t want to let him go, I knew I’d never see him again, my filming was done. “Sure, that would be great! ~63~

About 20 minutes later, I found Pinky and told her I was done for the day and was heading home. “Oh, how are you going to get home? ~64~

“You promise to not tell a living soul? ‘Pinky’ promise me! Nobody, not even my family. ~65~

“Geez Stell, are you going on a governmental top secret spy mission or something, why the secrecy? ~66~

I gave her the eye and she immediately put her pinky up, I laced my pinky through hers and we said, “Pinky swear,” in unison. ~67~

“Matt is going to bring me home – AAACK, can you believe it? We had a great time filming, he offered me some excellent advice. Then while I was sitting there waiting for you, he stopped by and talked to me. He even asked me out to linner! ~68~

“Linner?” Pinky asked puzzled. ~69~

“Ya, linner, you know lunch or dinner, linner. ~70~

She shook her head, rolled her eyes, but then went on, “Shut the front door, he asked you to linner? Girlfriend, are you going? ~71~

“Ya that would go over like a ton of feathers with Steve are you kidding me? I’m taking a huge risk even letting him drive me home, but I just don’t want it to end. I’m done filming and we don’t need to come back. I’ll never see him again, and I just think he’s so...you know, dreamy. ~72~

“Oooooh, somebody has a crush. How would he even find out, the chances of him showing up at the same place you are having dinner, I mean linner,” sporting another eye roll, “with Matt is highly unlikely. Besides, who wants a Steve when you can have a Matt? ~73~

“I can’t take that chance, plus it would be wrong, I wouldn’t like it if he did that to me. But then again, if he did I’d have a great reason to break up with him. I’m terrified he’s going to be at the house when Matt drops me off. ~74~

“Stella, at some point you are going to have to dump him. You have enough on your plate without him adding to it. This isn’t a healthy relationship. Carey and I will be there for you. We’ll help you through anything, you know that. ~75~

Pinky was always setting me straight on my relationship, but I was just too afraid of what might happen. In a way I felt sorry for Steve. I think he was a good person, but he had his own demons to deal with. His family was fucked up with a capital “F” and he definitely has some kind of body dysmorphia. Having my own mental health issues, I knew the hell he was going through internally. ~76~

At that time, Matt walked up, put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I was ready to go. ~77~

“Sure thing. I’ll talk to you when you get home Pinky, we can share notes on how our days went. I hope you have fun, I did.” I winked at her as Matt and I turned around, he put his hand on my lower back and we began to walk out. How can just a touch, an innocent touch, drive my hormones into overdrive? ~78~

Chapter 6: ~79~ Who’s that girl

As with any movie set, things were going at a snail’s pace. A bunch of hurry up and wait. It makes no sense for us to get here so early when there isn’t anything to do. I could be hanging out with Jed, or sleeping in. ~80~

Bored, I check out different places in the bar, then decide I’m going to head outside for some air. The movie sets tend to get warm with all the equipment and it’s stifling. I’m just about to walk down the stairs when I see what could very likely be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen walking up them. ~81~

I stand near the top of the stairs spellbound. Watching her look at everything, her eyes big and round in amazement. I suppose all of this would be amazing it if wasn’t part of your life all the time. ~82~

She’s not looking where she is going until she’s at the top of the stairs. Once she looks up I hear her gasp. She turns and whispers something to her friend, who hasn’t started looking forward yet and WHAM...she runs right into me. Great reflexes and the fact that I was watching every move she made had me catching her at her waist before she tumbles to the floor. ~83~

It took her no time at all to recognize me. It took no time for me to realize she’s so little, so beautiful. She was all agog and said, “you’re Matt Johnson.” It always makes me laugh when people tell me who I am. I couldn’t help but smile. “Matt will do. ~84~

It was mere seconds after she tumbled into me that her friend looked up at me and again, told me who I was. While I’m used to it, it still makes me smile. ~85~

I was still holding onto this beauty; I couldn’t seem to let her go. She felt so good, and my God, her eyes. I was fascinated by them, by her. I didn’t want to let her go, unfortunately, she was pushing away from me. ~86~

Her friend introduced herself. I don’t think the girl I was holding was able to speak, she just stared at me. I know her name is Stell, but only because her friend said it. They both apologized profusely for “gushing” over me, and Stell thanked me for saving her ass. And what an ass it was I thought, as she was walking away. ~87~

Who is that girl and what is she doing on the set? I don’t recall seeing her before, is she an extra? They don’t usually hire such hot women as extras, it makes the actresses jealous when and extra is better looking than they are and the last thing you want it is actress being pissy through the shoot. ~88~

I’m going to need to find out who she is. I need to spend some time with her. She felt so good, I can’t help but wonder what her lips would taste like or how she would feel straddling me. She’s so small, I’m afraid I’d break her if she were under me. ~89~

Lost in thought, I finally hear Jay yelling about where Shae was. I have a feeling she’s seen Stell and isn’t happy about it. ~90~

Looking over I see Jay talking to Stell. Holy fuck, I’m in the scene with her and Shae! ~91~

Shae is an Amazon, well, not really, she’s just really tall, but she doesn’t have an ounce to spare on her body. I have to admit, while others find her attractive, she doesn’t do a thing for me. ~92~

I walked to the other side of the set, waiting for my cue. Just as I got there, I look up and see Stell’s legs in the air and what has got to be, yes, the most perfect ass. She wasn’t wearing much for underwear either, thank you God for her two left feet. ~93~

She pulled herself up and pushed her dress down. Oh, the poor girl, her face is ten shades of red. Everyone around was laughing behind their hands, but all I could think of is getting my hands on her body. ~94~

Watching the scene, I could tell she was incredibly nervous. Aside from that, DOH MAN, she just took a sip of her drink, YUK. What was I saying, oh yah, aside from the nervousness, she was doing a great job. She had awesome body language and her facial expressions were out of this world. ~95~

I finally heard my cue and walked up to the booth to sit next to Shae. Looking at Stell, I could see she had tunnel vision and the tunnel ended at me. It was obvious she wasn’t expecting me. I couldn’t help but smile. She is absolutely adorable, even more so, because she seems like a bit of a klutz. ~96~

Jay called her out on it, and we started the scene over again. She again, despite the admonishment, did wonderful. She pushed through like a pro, until she walked away. ~97~

She either got tanked between the time she ran into me, or she’s more nervous than she’s let on. I’m enthralled. ~98~

Jay calls her back and has her walk away again. I’m amazed at how she’s able to correct herself. ~99~

We go through the scene a few more times and you can definitely see when she’s got into her groove. She’s loose and able to take on the scene without any correction necessary. Now granted, it’s not a long difficult scene, but here she is with me and Shae and damn it if she’s not holding her own. ~100~

We wrap the scene and I’m a little bummed. I’ll likely never see her again. She doesn’t need to come back, she only had one scene and it’s complete. I decide to go to my dressing room and get changed to head to my hotel. ~101~

I take some time to relax before leaving, just to get my wits about me. When I finally change and hit the road, it’s a half hour later. I’ll head to the hotel, play with Jed then get a bite to eat. I start a bit later tomorrow, so I should be able to get a workout in and then maybe watch some tube. ~102~

Walking through the set, I quickly talk to Jay, say my good-byes and start heading for the door and what do I see, fate sitting on a stool in front of me. ~103~

“Couldn’t get enough of the set, so you thought you’d stay around a bit longer? ~104~

She turned around with a big smile on her face. “Well, it’s my first time on a big movie set, a girl has to do what she can to soak up the glamour. ~105~

I asked her what she was doing here, and apparently she was waiting for her friend, Pinky I think. Funny, the one who introduced herself, I barely remember, but I’m not having a hard time remembering Stell’s name. ~106~

She told me they had ridden together and she couldn’t leave until her friend was done but she didn’t know where to find her to see what was going on. I knew that could be any length of time, and being on a set is anything but comfortable. ~107~

I wonder if I could ask her to dinner, if she would be offended or think I was a player just trying to get into her pants. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting into her pants, but the truth was, I wasn’t ready to give up my time with her. ~108~

Getting my nerve up I offered to find her friend and then asked if she wanted to go to dinner. I held my breath hoping she would say yes. The look on her face said YES!, but the words from her mouth say no. ~109~

Fuck, she has a boyfriend. I can at least give her a ride home. I’d feel guilty knowing she was sitting here all night waiting for her friend. ~110~

After some consideration, she accepted. I found Pinky so she could tell her she was leaving. Watching them talk, I could see Pinky was razzing her about leaving with me. Girls, I swear, so funny. Sure enough when Stell turned back to me, her face was bright red. It did something to my heart and my pants. ~111~
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