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First case of puppy love
I remember when I was in seventh grade. I had a crush on a gal. Every time I saw her I got flustered, words wouldn't come out right and I would shake and sweat.

She was so pretty. She had long brown hair and shining brown eyes, lovely lips, a nice shape, and unfortunately, a sort of boyfriend. I say sort of because they had lockers next to each other, and were together before classes, and at lunch, and after classes before everyone went home. She and I were not in any classes together, but I saw her every day. So very pretty.

My locker was just down the hall. I would see them every day so close, talking, looking into each other's eyes, smiling at each other, looking at each other like there was no one else around. Oh how I envied that guy.

My friends used to tease me, and tell me I had the hot's for her. They would tell me I got all stupid when I saw her, and that I was like a little puppy every time she was near. I really liked her a lot.

On a Wednesday afternoon one of the guys I hung around with said he had heard Margret say Friday was her birthday, and her folks were taking out to dinner at a nice restaurant.

I couldn't wait for school to end. I was going to buy her a birthday card. I was going to let her know I cared, and maybe she would be impressed and like me. Maybe she might want to be my girlfriend.

I must have looked at fifty or sixty birthday cards, trying to find just the right one. I knew it had to be there, I just had to go thru them until I found it.

At last I found it. It was the one. It was not mushy, or silly or romantic, it was just down to earth, simple and to the point.

Thursday was just a blur at school. All I could think about was getting home and practicing what I would say, and practicing my hand gesturers and practicing looking into her eyes. Over and over I said the words, holding out the birthday card.

Friday morning came, I was early, in fact I had to wait for the janitor to unlock the doors so I could stand by my locker. Finally she came down the hall. Oh, she was so pretty, her hair so shiny My heart was beat hard in my chest.

I watched her and her friend standing there. Just talking, looking into each other. I couldn't move. I was kind of frozen in place. They got their books, and headed off to class.

The same thing happened at lunch. I saw her at her locker, and I could not move. I just stood there shaking, and gasping hard for breath.

In the last class of the day, I made up my mind it had to be done. I had to do it before she left school.

The bell rang ending the last period and I raced to my locker and waited.

Then there she was, opening her locker. Her friend standing next to her. I walked up and shakenly said:

"Margret, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.: My hand shaking as I held out the Birthday card.

She looked at me and said "It's not my birthday".

I thought I was going to faint. My knees were weak, and the room was sort of spinning.

Margret smiled at me and said "Thank you for the wonderful thought. What's your name?"

Somehow I squeaked out "My name is Tom."

"Thank you Tom. I will save it until my birthday" she said turning and grabbing her books, locking her locker, and leaving with her friend.

Thus ended my first case of "puppy love". There were many that followed, but I will always remember Margret who was so very kind by accepting my Birthday card on a non-birthday day, and not laughing at me.
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