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Being overweight can be a health problem. Now it might be the solution to good health.

Alien Fat Cures All

     Oppoin always wide smile grew even wider when he saw an overweight female squeezing through the door of his clinic. She must be at least three hundred pounds over the legal limit. How did she get that much overweight without the government knowing about it?

     Ellana walked up to the clinic Welcome Window. She glanced at the others there as she did it. They were all staring at her. Some even whispering something to their neighbors. Once she finally got to that window she dug into her pocket for a piece of paper.

     “I am here because I am too fat to be a Uotonian.” Ellana handed the paper to the female sitting at a desk behind the open window. She squatted down to get the papers that fell on the floor when she sorted through them to get the piece of paper she gave to Avaini. Instead of picking them up she bumped her head on the window panel.

     Oppoin quickly rushed over to help the overweight female. He first helped her up. Then he scooped up the fallen papers. And handed them back to her.

     Avaini looked up from the paper Ellana gave her. She gave it to Oppoin. “She’s here to get her fat sucked out of her by order of the local government.”

     After looking at the paper for about a minute Oppoin spoke to Ellana. He mumbled as he read the paper. “Come with me. We need more information before we can help you.”

     As he walked Ellana to a door that slid open as they approached it Oppoin glanced over his shoulder. “I will be right back to help you Ianan.” Oppoin addressed the male he had been talking to when Ellana entered.


     Ellana stood in front of a desk that Oppoin sat behind. “Do you know why you are here Ellana?”

     “I’m here because The Law dropped me off here on my way to Detention. They said I had to be checked out by you first.”

     “You do know it’s illegal to be overweight on Uoton?” Oppoin asked.

     “Of course, I do. Everyone old enough to understand knows that.”

     “Then why did you do it. Now I know how you got so much overweight. But not why it happened.”

     “The Love of my Life died twelve years ago. He’s the one who kept us like everyone else on Uoton. After he died I went on an eating ride. Once I started eating I couldn’t stop. That’s how much I missed him. Within five months I was like this. I have been like this ever since.”

     “How did you survive all these years without anyone noticing you? You must have left your residence to go to work, get food etc. over the years.”

     “Actually, I haven’t. I haven’t left my residence since the Love of my Life died.”

     Oppoin had a shocked look on his face. He looked down at the papers in an open folder on his desk. After a minute he spoke. “According to this you work out of your residence as a Records Keeper. How have you been eating all this time?”

     “I still have a few friends. They have been coming by a couple of times a week to bring me food and to make sure I’m okay.”

     “Who has been helping you? You do know that they have broken the law by helping you.”

     “The Law have already asked me who they are. I refuse to tell them. What are they going to do - put me in Detention for the rest of my life? They are going to do that anyway.”

     “No, they won’t. That’s an old Uoton tail. The most you are going to get is a year in Detention.”

     “That a year out of my life I will never get back again. For a crime that shouldn’t be one.”

     “I don’t disagree with you there. But it is the law. Do you have any idea how The Law found out about you?”

     “Why are you asking me all of these questions? You’re not The Law.”

     “It’s all part of the Sucking process. I’m going to be asking you a lot more questions before all this is over with.”

     Ellana thought about that for a minute. “About two months ago I had a minor heart problem. Luckily for me it happened only a few hours before one of my friends got there. And my heart problem had already been taken care of because of me being so much overweight. My friends didn’t like it. They wanted me to get medical help. One of them must have contacted The Law.”

     Oppoin had been entering everything Ellana said to him into a Data Monitor on his desk. It took him another minute to catch up to her ranting. “I only have a few more questions to ask you.”

     Suddenly, Ellana’s head popped up. Ellana leaned forward and put her hands on his desk. She looked at him directly. “I thought I was here to be checked by before going to Detention. Why am I really here? What is this Sucking that you are talking about?”

     “You’re not here for a checkup. You are here so that all of that fat within you can be sucked out.”

     Oppoin waited for a response from Ellana. All she did was stare at him with anger in her eyes. When she didn’t say anything he continued. “You are going to be a very wealthy female when all of this is over. High five, maybe even low six, digits after it’s done. Didn’t you know you get paid for donating fat.”

     “That’s why everyone is out in my waiting room. Whenever someone gets a little overweight they come in here to get paid for getting rid of it.”

     “There are numerous Uotons who have a killing disease that your fat is going to save. Not to mention all those in an accident or a serious injury.”

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